Thirty minutes ago, our blog passed the 13,000,000 view mark. The fact that we passed 12 million recently shows how fast the blog continues to grow. Congratulations everyone.

We are expanding at a remarkable rate not just in the United States but abroad. In the last twenty four hours, our five biggest international participants became from England, Canada, Australia, Sweden, and India (in that order with England as the number one contributing country).

I wanted to thank our weekend bloggers: David Drumm, Mark Esposito, Gene Howington, Michael Spindell, Eliane Magliaro, Mike Appleton, and Larry Rafferty. I wanted to particularly thank our contributors. This blog offers a unique mix of views from people committed to civil discussion of the major issues of our time. While we often disagree, we offer a place for reasonable and respectful debate. I am incredibly grateful to all of our regulars. In the last 24 hours, the most active commentators were Idealist707, Matt Johnson, Nick Spindelli, Malisha, Dredd, Elaine M, and Darren Smith.

Thanks everyone and congratulations on reaching another milestone!

71 thoughts on “13,000,000”

  1. Mike,

    As stated she was run off by one that continually attacked her stance on blasting Obama…… She is not here…..She is not posting under any other names…… I called upon the spirit of Harry Houdini….. He told me…..lol…

  2. I miss her too. I think she is posting here another name but it is not my place to reveal the name but her presence is felt.

    1. “I think she is posting here another name but it is not my place to reveal the name but her presence is felt.”


      If you’re right that is good news.

  3. I miss AnonNurse as well…. There was a certain element that challenged her statements when they disagreed….. So be it….. That’s the way it is…..

    One person missed Elaine….. Is Empire Cookie……but she could stand on her own…..

  4. ElaineM,

    Here is an uncensored response aftet one second’s thought time:

    The essence of evil has no face.*** It is only a puckered anal opening with only one message to all.

    S**t on you all!

    But I can see him showing us that.

    ***You did nit say it did, of course.

  5. idealist,

    “I wonder when I’ll have the “pleasure” of seeing him grasp
    his scalp and pull off the mask. What will we see?”

    The essence of evil–what else?

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