21 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest”

  1. I get pictures of the cutest dogs and cats on my fb page posted by my fb friends. At least 2-3 / day. One nephew and wife are really into great danes – they have 2 or 3, just had a huge litter, all adopted out. Another into bit bulls with a chihuahua to keep them in line; also do pit bull fostering. Another who manages a pet store and does grooming. A sister into rescue, mostly dogs but sometimes cats; training her dog for rescue work. And a sister-in-law who adores kittens. If i go there first, I’m all awwwwed out by the time I get here.

  2. YAY! I found this one easily! Did ya’ll see the kitty looking partial head in the very lower right corner? That was the first thing I saw, but knew that couldn’t be it or the whole thing would have been photographed! Pretty black baby! But for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out where the rest of him is!

  3. Maybe GeneH’s way of addressing Woosty helped reinforce expectations. You will almost always find the things you seek. With no limits I guess that could apply.

  4. My first time. They say that it is always special. Will savor it forever.

    First the ears, (too close to be true), then the single eye staring.

    Isn’t there a famous story about thie particular solution?
    Purloined letter pops to mind. My nose does not stretch as far as the cat, but it does point in the general direction.

  5. Thght I saw one too in what I guess would be called the rear gear. Had to enlarge, definitely

  6. Been a while since I spotted one right away (or at all – last one I still can’t find!). For some reason this one just leapt out at me

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