10,000 Blogs and 300,000 Comments . . . And Going Strong

We often follow milestone on the blog such as our recently passing the 13,000,000 view mark. Today we have another such moment to mark. The “Hunger Games” blog below is our 10,000th blog! We also hit today our 300,000th comment!

I want to again thank our weekend bloggers: David Drumm, Mark Esposito, Gene Howington, Michael Spindell, Eliane Magliaro, Mike Appleton, and Larry Rafferty.

Of course the greatest thanks goes to all of our regular contributors. In the last 24-hours, the top commenters were Idealist 707, Malisha, Matt Johnson, Rafflaw, Anonymously Yours, Dredd, and bettykath.

The blog generally places within the top ten most visited legal blogs in the world, though we are currently at 12th on AVVO. There are certainly bigger dogs on the blog but we still view ourselves as a breed apart.

29 thoughts on “10,000 Blogs and 300,000 Comments . . . And Going Strong”

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  2. Raff,

    Nothing wrong with Chicago math so long as you’re on the receiving end…..

  3. A troll and and his all-wise cousin have arrived. Each imparting much needed wisdom. Flush!

    Buting dicks are OK here.
    And instable minds, you say. Where is yours.

    The unofficial greeter. Betcha won’t get any other answers. And I’m just stoking up for the day here. That’s why I bother.

  4. Some talk a lot and say nothing of value. It’s called narcissism.

    Others impart a good deal of wisdom through well crafted words.

    Read a few threads on this blog and you’ll know who is mentally stable and who isn’t.

  5. Thank you to Professor Turley for giving us an opportunity to express our views!
    What is tong with Chicago math? As long as I am not the one doing the math! 🙂

  6. Malisha, We’ll gather in a tavern and we’ll be too happily intoxicated to attack anyone. However, in order to keep a few folks separated so as to not have an intramural attack, we’ll need to keep them @ opposite ends of the bar, distracted by games of darts, pinball, chess, cards, etc. The veterans here can sort that out and appoint chaperones.

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