Tennessee Fraternity Member Hospitalized After Using Alcohol Enema

University of Tennessee student Alexander Broughton, 20, was hospitalized after he used one of the free alcoholic enemas passed out by the Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity. He was dropped off in an unresponsive state at a hospital due to alcohol poisoning. The case could present a rather unique tort action and, in the meantime, the entire fraternity has been wisely suspended over the incident.

Several members of the frat reportedly handed out rubber tubing for members to give each other alcoholic enemas that increases and speeds up the effect of alcohol. Having a friend deliver alcohol anally appears preferable to waiting a bit longer for a buzz with the Phi Kappa Alpha members. Police are looking into the possibility of a hazing connection.

A lawsuit by the student would face obvious difficulties from a plaintiffs’ conduct standpoint. Anyone stupid enough to try one of these things is not likely to generate much sympathy with the jury. Issues of contributory negligence and assumption of the risk abound. Of course, if this is part of a hazing system, it is possible to maintain an action. We have seen such lawsuits in the past. For example, the parents of Chad Meredith, 18, received a $14,000,000 judgment after the Miami college student and baseball star was induced to drinking heavily as a pledge and then encouraged to jump in a cold lake to swim across with other members of the fraternity. While he cried for help, no one came to his aid.

Likewise, the parents of State University of New York College student Walter Dean Jennings III received a $1.5-million award in a wrongful-death lawsuit against a frat leader after Jennings was forced to drink huge amounts of water and alcohol as a member of the Psi Epsilon Chi fraternity. He was forced to consume drinks that members urinated in and was forced to continue to consume water and alcohol until he vomited. He was also kept in a small room at high temperature while doing exercises. The family was awarded $400,000 in compensatory damages and $100,000 for wrongful death and another $1-million in punitive damages for “arrogant and uncivilized” conduct.

These actions are stronger when they involve pledges but can be brought on behalf of members who feel pressured to endure degrading and dangerous treatment. Some states have also passed new criminal laws dealing with frat deaths and injuries. Florida passed its law after the Meredith case.

Source: CBS

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  1. Apparently this was not about hazing at all — just stupid and getting drunk quicker certainly qualifies for that.

  2. Malisha, coffee enemas are supposed to do lots of really good things for you. You have to go to an expert to get them though. But they’re for real, whereas THIS stuff! Sheeesh! I’m with Zarathustra! I don’t know HOW they keep coming up with this kind of thing!

  3. Gives new meaning to the phrase, “going Greek”!

    Those whacky Pikes still haven’t learned a thing from the late 80’s.

    I knew of guys in the Army required to take Antabuse (orally administered), who thought taking an alky-enema would bypass the intended use of the drug, which was to cause severe nausea. Nix, nein, Frankenstein, baby!

  4. What is with kids today: the beer bong and shotgunning not enough?

    My second year of college I took a traffic law / collision investigation class and I heard about this alcohol enema business for the first time from our instructor. Everyone in my class was not only revolted but bewildered that someone would do this. That was in 1987, guess attitudes have changed.

    I suppose as far as civil liability goes perhaps it could be argued the handing out and administring enemas which would result in a much higher likelihood of alcohol poisoning and it is not an ordinary manner to consume alcohol by shoving into one’s rectum there could be a claim of recklessness on behalf of these self proclaimed proctomixologists.

  5. Dung Ho in fraternity. Dung Ho in fraternity to meet fraternity chicks. Dung Ho learn no chicks in fraternity. Dung Ho learn lots of roosters in fraternity that do strange thing with cocks. Dung Ho then go. Dung Ho learn this no place for Dung Ho, as dung ho are all around.

  6. I was in a Fraternity at the turn of the century…Darwin Award runner-up’s like this gave/give us all a bad name.

    Most of us were relatively responsible and we heard far more stories about rental house kids getting alcohol poisoning than we did fraternity guys. Far more stories of hazing on the athletic teams than in the Fraternities. Far more stories about sexual misconduct off campus than in Fraternities…but that doesn’t make for as good a story as ‘Frat boy gets hazed’.

    Some houses are just stuck in the 1960’s Animal House days when Fraternities went from social & intellectual societies to drunken party houses. The national organizations of many Fraternities have put the focus on moving away from childish notions and alcohol, others have continued their partying ways. PIKE (as seen in this story) has a reputation as one that has not evolved.

  7. I mean, do you know how paranoid a person would be considered if he insisted that the crime lab faked the evidence used to convict him? They’d mock him, carry on about how poor his credibility was, on and on. Think of it. And all that time he would have been right.

  8. Puzzling, yeah, I was expecting a blog about that ever since I heard of it. It actually does what we all call “boggles the mind.”

  9. Years back I had heard of some folks on a “back to the earth” kind of farm in Oklahoma who ran a business of giving COFFEE ENEMAS! People would apparently GO THERE and pay to get a coffee enema. I don’t know the cost, the reason, or whether the coffee was French Roast or not. I found myself strangely uncurious about the details. They apparently made the big bucks, though.

  10. Jack and sonny boy drink wine and smoke pot on a regular basis. Just tell these frat boys to leave their rear ends for other uses. And no abuses.

  11. As a person who was, for two years, a member of a Frat, I read this article and look back on those years to try to recall any kind of up the ass pranks or get drunk too activities. Of course in my day we were doing acid and smoking pot so no one thought of an acid enema or pot enema. My gosh we have made progress in the frats of AmeriKa.

  12. Zarathrustra: I would have thought from your name that you knew where or from whence, or why, things were thus thrust. Of course you asked where did they come up with these things and I think that the enema was probably a fraternity ritual that would, after this frat prank, be left behind– so to speak– in frat speak.

  13. Obviously, in Tennessee, where Evolution is frowned upon, this knucklehead was a willing participant, in proving, once again…… that Evolution stopped at the border line of the state….All kidding aside though, Fraternities need a lot more scrutiny in this country. I am reminded of an incident, back in 1967, when my own brother nearly died after a fraternity party prank, where one of the things that fraternity pledges had to do was to drink an entire bottle of scotch in one night…. We, later that night, recieved a call from the police that my brother was unresponsive and in the hospital…. It took him two days to recover….This Alcohol enema thing, though, is completely new to me. Where do they come up with these things?

  14. Why is it that so many abusive, authoritarian, ignorant institutions like fraternities and the military are totally focused on the anus and penis? Enemas, things that would make people piss gallons… Their latent homosexual urges are SO clear. They act like they hate those naughty bits because they want them so much…

  15. Remember, these children are our future!
    Swaddled by their parents well into their college years, steeped in crap like “Jackass” and its youtube wannabes and totally oblivious to the fact that the world does not care if they live or die and that people just like them do die every day after doing stupid things they just do stupid things without thinking them through.

    Why is there never a giant asteroid when we need one?

  16. I was a “Frat Dog” at some place best described as a cathouse with some books laying around at a so called “university” which is referred to as “Mizzou” which is a/k/a “went in dumb come out dumb too”. One of the members or “Frat Boys” went blind over some alcoholic drink made of the wrong kind of alcohol (something to do with methanolnot ethenol) and I was hence a “guide dog” and moved to a blind housing complex next to this marina where I have Dogalogue privileges on this machine which translates the bark into humanoid print. This story demonstrates that we Americans are innovative. I hope the guy dont go blind. Getting blind drunk is one thing. Going “all the way”, in fratboy phraseology, is another.

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