Police Chief Suspended In Latest Scandal To Grip Detroit

Detroit has yet another high-ranking scandal this week. This time it is the Police Chief Ralph Godbee who has been suspended with pay after a subordinate officer Angelica Robinson was seen on Twitter with her service weapon in her mouth. Godbee replaced Police Chief Warren Evans, who was fired in 2010 after . . . you guessed it . . . he had an affair with a subordinate officer. By the way, Robinson worked at Internal Affairs, the office that investigates misconduct by officers.

Godbee who is married reportedly placed Robinson under surveillance and Robinson has publicly accused Godbee of being a “sex addict.”

To make matters worse, Robinson reportedly claims that she wanted to end the relationship with her ultimate boss but that he would not let it end. Robinson is also married and says that she was in the affair for about a year. Godbee has now separated from his wife.

News reports indicate that the prior chief Evans was romantically involved with Lt. Monique Patterson. Now it is claimed that Godbee also had a sexual relationship with Patterson before she began her relationship with Evans. At the time she was Godbee’s direct subordinate. Godbee then replaced Evans who was fired in part due to the relationship with Patterson, who Godbee also had a relationship.

None of this seems to produce any serious changes in Detroit which continues to elect and appoint officials who are corrupt, incompetent, or depraved . . . or all of the above. (here and here and here and here).  Unable to pay bills, the city has left whole areas without street lighting and even proposed allowing buildings to burn rather than spend the money on fire fighters.  The city is slowly drifting back to a pre-industrial state and yet the only growing industry is political scandals and criminal investigations.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. You’d have to go some to beat Chicago for corruption, I mean it’s the poster child for political corruption!!

    The whole country jokes about it…even while Chicago was trying to get the Olympics…(“You mean there’s a vote Chicago can’t fix”)

    The whole country is now going down the tubes….

  2. pete9999 1, October 4, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    paging dr. freud

    looks like hopefuly soon to be ex chief godbee is a bit confused about which gun is for what.
    Yep, the olde army drill sergeant comes to mind:

    “This is your rifle, this is your gun, this is for fightin’, this is for fun.”

    All punnage intended it would seem.

  3. paging dr. freud

    looks like hopefuly soon to be ex chief godbee is a bit confused about which gun is for what.

  4. There was a blog on the WSJ yesterday “Big Lawyer cops to stealing $10 Million from Clients”. This was in Manhattan. I looked him up on the official listing of attorneys in New York and he was not listed.

    Scott W. Rothstein was a lawyer in Florida who pulled a big scam selling interests in the outcome of non existent lawsuits. He was not reported until like a week before the whole scam became public. It was supposedly a $1.2 Billion scam.

  5. Kay S, the attorney and judge regulatory agencies are just theater; they take down a lot of money to keep incompetent corrupt people working “full time” on doing things to alternately cover up or trump up charges against lawyers and judges. If you work for a big law firm or if you’re a judge who has klout among the judges, they take complaints and pretend to hear them, while functioning like representatives of the lawyers/judges against who the complaints have been made. They gather from the complainants all the information they possibly can gather; this fills the function of letting the lawyer or judge know just how much has been found out. After the whole charade is over and they have made the layperson spend time and money, they throw the thing out. If, however, a complaint comes in against someone who is NOT connected with a big firm or someone who’s got an enemy they want to kiss up to, whole different story. They go apeshit on the guy and destroy him and there is no appeal or action that will save him. Appeal after appeal will take up HIS money and effort and be thrown down the toilet of court-approved corruption. EVERY STATE OF THE UNION!

    The way to complain against an attorney is…oh nevermind.

  6. Many organizations have anti nepotism rules and rules against sexual relations between colleagues would be similar.

    I can’t remember all the details but there was something about the former U.S. Attorney in Colorado, Eid, being married to a Colorado Supreme Court justice. I know some people in Colorado who complain bitterly regarding the Colorado Supreme Court.

    The Colorado Supreme Court is supposed to administer the Colorado Attorney Regulation Counsel. That organization is headed by a John Gleason and has been for about 25 years. You know the old saying about a clean broom. Will Gleason can’t be a clean broom if he has been in the same position.

    I will tell you for a fact that I complained to OARC about violations of the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct after I studied the Rules and referred to them. Anything involving dishonesty is attorney misconduct. Anything involving misrepresentation in Court is attorney misconduct. Anything involving prosecution without probable cause is attorney misconduct. If an attorney appears in related matters for a government agency and for a private party he is supposed to get written permission from the government. So I know for a fact that I had legitimate complaints. I complained that I was criminally prosecuted in Routt County Colorado by Elizabeth Wittemyer without a written criminal complaint or affidavit of probably cause. That is really cut and dried no evaluation needed.

    Anthony Lettunich, city attorney for Steamboat Springs, his two person partnership represented the Haymaker Golf Course, which was privately owned, and he got the City of Steamboat to guarantee their debt and after the adjoining real estate was sold off presumably at a premium price, he got them to buy the golf course because it was losing money and needed a big annual subsidy. The current owner of my home in Steamboat Springs, Cari Hermacinski, an attorney who was at the time president of the city council, did an addition on the house. I wrote to OARC and complained that I was absolutely positive that the setback area went within 6 inches of the previous footprint and that the addition went into the setback area and therefore violated the zoning and they didn’t get a variance. I complained that Christopher Beall asked Judge Nottingham to put me in jail without a criminal charge or a bail hearing and that he and his employer Faegre & Benson claimed to have a Rule 11 judgment from me even though he didn’t file a Rule 11 motion or get a Rule 11(c)(6) order. I complained, I think, that a law firm named Feldman, Nagel & Oliphant claimed to have a Rule 11 judgment on me even though according to the Colorado Secretary of State they weren’t even formed as a law firm when the work was supposedly done and Oliphant, who had bought my house for 100K less than appraised value after threatening me for complaining about the blockade and conversion of the road adjoining it, had entered a pro se notice of appearance. I complained that Edward Nottingham had threatened and extorted me and my husband by threatening us both with imprisonment unless we filed motions in other courts that he dictated to us. I complained that an attorney represented the Colorado AG against me and then went to work for Hall & Evans and appeared representing them against me and that I had contacted the Colorado AG and they didn’t have a record of giving her permission to work on a related matter. I complained that Faegre & Benson sent me pages of bills showing that they were billing a law firm in D.C. for litigation in Colorado for insurance purchased from a company based in Bermuda, Mutual Insurance, and that the Colorado Division of Insurance claimed to have no record of Mutual Insurance. They also filed a notice of interested parties in the 10th Circuit that didn’t show the insurance even though local rules require identification of the insurance companies. Hall & Evans also didn’t notify the 10th Circuit that they were billing Lloyds. etc. etc. Every single time they sent me an identical letter saying that my complaint didn’t show an infraction of the Rules of Professional Conduct and therefore they would not investigate. Now I hear that that is their standard line. And Sean Harrington submitted a complaint alleging that former judge Nottingham engaged in conduct unbecoming of an attorney when he contracted with prostitutes and called prostitutes from his court issued cell phone — information made public by the 10th Circuit — but they made no attempt to censor Nottingham and he is still at attorney in Colorado advertising basically that he knows how judges will rule.

    A couple of lawyers or former lawyers I know in Colorado claim that they lost their licenses without due process for minor offenses. So it seems that Gleason might be taking bribes or is at least not ruling consistently and not consistent with state statute. His organization actually wrote to me and said that they would not accept complaints from me and there is nothing in the State statute that recognizes that.

    When I was imprisoned by DOJ in Colorado without a criminal charge or a bail hearing, I had written to the U.S. Attorney in Colorado many times and they claimed to have absolutely no record of my writing to them. The FBI released to me faxes I had sent to the U.S. Attorney in Colorado only that their office forwarded to the FBI so obviously they did have records but they lied about that.

    Of course, this all may be related to the fact that I sued the Colorado Bar Association, a privately owned organization which filed in Court that they had no duty to the public at all. A pro se litigant sued the Quebec Bar Association and the Supreme Court of Canada upheld her complaint and praised her as a heroine. Finney v. Barreau du Québec, [2004] 2 S.C.R. 17, 2004 SCC 36 but I was imprisoned for filing virtually the same complaint. That would link the Colorado Supreme Court and the U.S. Attorney in Colorado, who were, like I said, married.

  7. You know, I can see a reason for limiting the “fraternization” among police officers and military personnel WITHIN ONE UNIT or department. If you’re going to be in a situation where there is high conflict, it is best for there to be only transparent collegial relationships among the agents, so nobody has any untoward amount of control of another’s work or accountability. You cannot maintain a hierarchic structure properly if you never know who’s doing what to whom. I’m not saying don’t have an affair; I’m saying if you want to have an affair, get a transfer out of the unit or department or otherwise remove the possibility of intradepartmental difficulties because you’re supposed to be able to function in a clear, open and visible manner, and each person’s oath is only to the agency, not to any other individual.

  8. I am wondering why an allegation coupled with a photograph looking suspiciously like the old “Stop or I shoot the puppy!” merits a suspension without more.

  9. So did any money change hands? Did Robinson receive promotions because of her sexual relations with Chief Godbee? And according to an ABC News account, “The alleged affair was exposed when Robinson, 37, reportedly discovered that Godbee was in San Diego for a police officers’ conference with another woman, according to ABC News’ Detroit affiliate WXYZ-TV.” http://abcnews.go.com/US/detroit-police-chief-ralph-godbee-jr-suspended-amid/story?id=17384826#.UG3CUE2H1GQ

    How does this affair have any connection with the observable fact that white Michiganers abandoned Detroit for the suburbs, took the jobs with them. or opened Ford, GM or Chrysler assembly plants in anti-organized labor Southern states, and let the city die?

  10. It seems that adultery, prostitutes, alcohol, drugs and gambling are frequently associated with corruption. They were apparently factors in my abuse by former federal judge Edward Nottingham. Search on line for the Denver Players. They were also apparently factors in the Department of Interior’s MSS scandal. Reportedly MMS employees were having sex and going to wild parties with oil industry employees and one oil industry employee sent a prostitute to a Department of Interior MSS staffer. MMS was responsible for leasing government oil fields and may have been a factor in the Gulf Oil spill.

    There is probable a system of records associated with Detroit’s Internal Investigations Unit and it may be subject to a Michigan open records act. It turns out that the United States Marshals Service Internal Investigation Unit has its own systems of records and I am trying to get its report on my complaint that the USMS entered non existent criminal charges for bail violations for my arrest into the NCIC and WIN, according to documents supplied to me by the FBI. My theory is that the USMS guards accompanied Nottingham to strip clubs and brothels because they were assigned to him as a security force and that they became compromised. Maybe they were blackmailed by cell phone photos.

    Blackmail and provision of prostitutes is probably a lot less expensive than straight bribery with cash. One reason that prostitution is usually illegal is that it is associated with other crimes. Even in Nevada where there is legal prostitution, prostitution is associated with attempts to bribe local government officials and prostitution by minors.

    Most of the escort services these days charge debit and credit cards sometimes calling it investment advice. DOJ prosecuted Brenda Stewart the manager of the Denver Players for income tax evasion but no action was taken against those who paid and their names were kept officially secret even though DOJ had the credit card numbers. Stewart’s docket report is on-line through PACER in the District of Colorado case 10-00580. Everything was all sealed up.

    Someone might want to look at whether or not the U.S. Attorney in Michigan prosecutes public corruption cases. The U.S. Attorney in Colorado does not. RICO cases against local governments are filed in some districts but not others. My husband complained about local government corruption to the FBI in Colorado and they supposedly were investigating it but after 911 the feds moved their resources to terrorism so government corruption flourished. It’s not exposed through section 1983 cases because most of those are pro se because litigants can’t get representation and almost 100% are dismissed without findings. Usually the defendants just claim they have “immunity” and that is granted without an appealable order and then there is retaliation against the pro se plaintiffs in the form of “filing restrictions”, attorney fee shifting, and summary imprisonment without criminal charges.

  11. Ah, just what’s needed a paid vacation just after a marital breakup.
    Casinos pay a lot of taxes to the city, the only problem is they get most the money from the local citizens.

  12. This is a sad, tragic and destructive situation. One fact caught my eye in this posting that is the existence of casinos in the City. Many cities force these “facilities” down the throats of citizens with the claim that they will bring Jobs and tax revue but they rarely do. This is not to say that the casinos caused the reported situation but the juxtaposition of the neglect of city services with the existence of casinos is telling.

  13. at least these things are coming to light and being dealt with. after living on this planet for over fifty years i have no doubt the same things happen in every major city but a light is never shone on it and the corruption goes on and on.

  14. I don’t get it. Who posted the picture? Who did what to whom? Maybe I’m just dense; there’s so much to figure out. I am assuming, of course, that there is and was rampant corruption in the Department — I had some experience with that Department and there is no alternative explanation.

  15. The electorate chooses from the candidates that are available. Pretty clearly, nobody sane runs for office in a place that’s in the condition Detroit’s in.

  16. Detroit is our Haiti. I took my daughter to a weekend series in Detroit a few years back. She loves Jeter so we went to see the Yanks v Detroit. I’ve been in just about every major city in the US. Detrot is worse than Newark and Gary combined. The incongruity is there are glitzy casinos right in town. Sort of like Atlantic City in that regard.

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