Philadelphia Woman Arrested After Stripping Naked With Adult Children In Front of High School To Prepare For The End Of The World

It appears that stripping naked is becoming something of the rage around the country. After a Michigan State Professor stripped naked in his math class, Sarah Butler brought her three children to a high school and stripped naked in what she believed was a logical response to the approaching end of the world.
Her attorney insisted that the incident in front of the suburban Philadelphia high school was triggered by an adverse response to a prescription drug. I can accept that but what I find intriguing is the fact that her two adult children and teenage son also stripped naked in front of the school.

The attorney said his client was taking a medication for lupus and had an adverse reaction to it. The 44-year-old mother became convinced that the world was ending and everyone knows that in such a circumstance it is better to run to a local high school and strip naked in anticipation of the apocalypse. Apparently, “[i]n order to please the Lord, Miss Butler felt that she needed to exit the world in the same manner that Adam and Eve entered the world, and to do so she needed to be naked.”

She appears to have wanted to pick up another children but Butler was not the custodial parent. According to reports, she appeared with her two adult daughters, Joanne, 23, and Bessie, 22, and her 14-year-old son. What is not explained is the decision of the adults to go along with the idea of stripping in preparation for the end of times.

Police say all of family members then stripped and became to chant religious phrases.

Butler and her adult daughters pleaded guilty to indecent exposure and related charges. None were jailed and are now on probation.

Source: Daily Mail

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