Deputy Attorney General in Pennsylvania Charged With Abuse of Two Children Adopted From Ethiopia

It really does not get worse that this in terms of allegations of misconduct. Pennsylvania deputy attorney general Douglas B. Barbour, 33, and his wife, Kristen B. Barbour, 30, have been charged with child endangerment and assault of two children they adopted from Ethiopia just this year. There is also an aggravated assault charge against them both for the abuse of the 18-month-old daughter. The other child is a six-year-old boy.

The daughter experienced abusive head trauma but Mr. Barbour insisted that she has a history of banging her head. However, the hospital found no support for their alleged history. The doctors found evidence of extended abuse of the boy including lesions that they believe resulted from contact with urine. Notably, while he was underweight, the boy gained weight quickly at the hospital.

Doctors say that the girl may have suffered a stroke from the alleged abuse and showed five different bone fractures and the injuries. She may now be permanently blind as a result.

Given the age of the children, much of the case may be circumstantial as to the cause and age of injuries. Since the kids were adopted this year, there may be claims of preexisting injuries.

A review of Barbour shows that he is mainly listed in prisoner cases representing the state.

Source: Post Gazette

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  3. Well we had a case of a baby dying by supposed abuse by a sitter. The sitter was held for TWO YEARS until trial.

    It then came out that a procedure used at birth is KNOWN for causing the same results in infants.

    The jury took 20 minutes to find her NOT GUILTY…..

    So this woman went through 2 years of hell & bad publicity and then when the facts came out, was quickly vindicated….”OMG” does not even begin to cover this…

    I think I’ll wait for more info….

  4. malisha:

    who are the people, I have heard of nothing like this going on in Fairfax County. Who is this woman you are talking about, I have probably heard of her.

  5. malisha:

    I lived in Fairfax during the 90’s and have no recollection of even hearing about that. I did a web search and could find nothing.

    Can you supply some links to this?

  6. By the way, I really really REALLY love your idea about the anti-corruption agency. I do not see it happening because there are people with vested interests who would oppose the establishment of such an agency with their life’s blood. Those people have already cornered the market on power. So enabling legislation could not succeed. 🙁

  7. Darren S, not only was there “no justice in the end,” but the woman running this illegal cabal became more and more powerful and got into higher and higher office and the judge working it with her as well as they — and those who work similar scams WITH THEM and who protect them and are mutually protected BY THEM — control the state agencies of Fairfax.

    They do so with the full support of both the Republicans and the Democrats in Fairfax and the rest of Northern Virginia AND with the full support and protection of the Attorney General’s office as well. There is no way to bust them because the federal court with constitutional jurisdiction over this area, the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, has highly placed judges who are “assigned” any cases that reach it claiming that someone’s constitutional rights were or are being violated by the cabal operating in Fairfax — such cases are dismissed and the court simply claims either that no cause of action has been stated or that the court “lacks jurisdiction” to hear the claims.

    The adoption scam was never revealed and never busted. It probably still operates; that judge is appearing in the Circuit Court “pro tem” for a couple thousand bucks a day, but he is otherwise officially “retired” now — I’m sure he still has his fingers in a hundred corrupt pies into which are baked four and twenty blackbirds.

    Fairfax is not unusual; it is just richer than a lot of other counties.

  8. Malisha.

    Thank you for taking the time to bring this to my, and our attentions. What a horrible state of affairs. Not that I don’t trust what you say completely, but given what I have seen over the years this situation is sadly believable in the sense it matches so many things I have witnessed myself and read as in articles here.

    I had for several years advocated for establishing a state agency that delt only with official misconduct and corruption issues. The agency would only report to the Washington State Supreme Court and would have full Law Enforcement powers as well as the authority to investigate regardless of executive privledge or exemption from public disclosure the target of the investigation might have. The agency would have jurisdiction over any state or local employee, volunteer, contractor, or elected or appointed official. The agency can file information / charges in Superior Court in a different county from where the official is stationed for possible criminal charges or a declaration of ineligibility for office and the person’s subsequent removal if warranted.

    The charter of this agency would be to actively pursue corruption, misconduct, or ethics complaints as free from political influence as possible. Every year events lead me to believe an agency of this type is greatly needed.

    Terrible how this adoption scam you mention went on so long. Hopefully there was some justice in the end.

  9. If true….. A special place in hell is being preserved for these scum….. Question as to the wife’s role in this….

  10. Darren S, there are so many things wrong with the adoption structure. Here is, unbelievably (I hope) yet one more. In Fairfax County, VA during the 90s there was a social services worker (with supervisory power and lots of connections) who would open the office in the evening to host well heeled upper class folks looking for babies. She would make appointments for them and they would come in and get “social services” during non-business hours for the agency. Then, within a few months, there would be some young mother who had a baby without a named father, and if that mother was already “in the system” because of welfare, contact with Juvenile Justice, or some other reason, she would suddenly find herself facing neglect charges (usually within days of the birth) and the baby would go into foster care — with the pre-screened couple, who had plenty of money and no prior history of fostering children. The case would drag on, be continued, end up with probationary periods, generate reports, etc., and after perhaps six months or a year, the mother would find herself in a termination of parental rights hearing with court-appointed counsel and a guardian ad litem paid by the county to represent the baby. Invariably, there would by that time be a lawyer (private lawyer) representing the foster parents as well, and they would end up adopting the baby when the rights were terminated. A few half-hearted useless appeals would be filed for the purpose of generating a little more revenue for the agency, and then the case would be closed. The woman who arranged this little private pipeline had a low salary and a high lifestyle. Strangely, the juvenile court judge who ALWAYS caught these cases had advertised ON THE WEB (no idea how this happened and by the time I investigated it, the ads had come down) as a private adoption lawyer. His ads were up for over a year, though, before they got scrubbed.

    Unfortunately, the way things have become hijacked by government corruption and private greed, it is only the folks trying to do things RIGHT who end up with the biggest problems and the most pain and frustration.

  11. My wife were going to adopt but decided not to due to all the problems associated with it. At the time, there were many reports of the Russian mob being associated with some agencies there, lies about the child’s medical issues such as FAS, China would not allow us to adopt because my wife was too old, American mothers after the adoption taking place want the child back and takes him away, and finally getting a social worker with a wild hair who makes it difficult for us during the “approval” phase. Not worth it.

    Sad. The child gets left in limbo while opportunists take advantage, and bureaucrats work to get their egos inflated.

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