Just Say No To Drugs Daisies: Canadian Police Pull Up Man’s Daisy Plants in Drug Raid

Police in Alberta Canada announced a major drug bust in ripping up 1,600 marijuana plants from the back yard of Ryan Thomas Rockman. It was the work of the Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT), which has dropped the charge of producing a controlled substance after they found that they had pulled up the man’s drugs daisies.

Rockman has been growing that fall-blooming perennial for a decade. The police however are still going to charge Rockman, 41, with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a controlled substance (697 grams of dried marijuana and 6.3 grams of cannabis resin), and possession of proceeds of crime relating to cash found during the investigation. He is also charged with production of a controlled substance with respect to the resin.

What is interesting is that they decided to pull all of the plants in order to test them. Presumably, Rockman can now sue the police for the unnecessary damage. However, the police could argue that, given the other drugs found, this was not excessive or unreasonable. What do you think?

Source: The Star

28 thoughts on “Just Say No To <del datetime="2012-10-05T11:31:57+00:00">Drugs</del> Daisies: Canadian Police Pull Up Man’s Daisy Plants in Drug Raid”

  1. My father used to have a corny pun:

    “You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make ‘er think.”

  2. Looks like silliness and insanity has infected our neighbor to the north at last.

  3. After returning to the scene the police discovered that there were marijuana plants, but they had mistaken them for daffodils in the first search

  4. Something is wrong if these cops cannot tell the difference between cannabis and a daisy plant. Sounds like police arrogance to me to make a point. How much government money was expended in dealing with this marijuana bust?

  5. What with the blasphemous pineapple (other thread) and the contraband daisies, our current state of public law and order is beginning to look weird…

  6. Darren S, “what a blunder with the flowers, borders on stupidity.”

    Yeah, and that’s an unguarded border!

    What about the chain of custody of the daisies?

  7. I remember an ad on TV many years ago. In it a young girl was pulling petals out of a daisy. Counting backwards from ten, when she pulled the tenth one out a nucleur explosion occurred. Why isn’t this guy being charged with terrorism ??

  8. Mike, Plus, NOTHING smells like a marijuana plant. Ah..that’s what I’ve been told! Actually, when we are in San Diego, where growing is legal for folks w./ a script, you can walk by houses and smell it strongly coming from inside houses. Cut and dried buds certainly smell, but a plant is exponentially more pungent. You don’t need a dog to find a plant, a human w/ a sinus infection can smell it.

  9. Now I only know this on a theoretical basis but growing daisy plants don’t look anything like growing marijuana plants.

  10. doh!

    Yeah, the defendant had other marihuana in his possession such as the packaged kind, but what a blunder with the flowers, borders on stupidity.

    Haven’t these guys ever thought of using a NIK field test kit or perhaps “smelled” the plant first? I would venture to say if the NIK test kit indicated negative on one plant, all of the other plants exactly resembling it probably are not as well.

    I could see if the marihuana plants were interspersed within the daisy crop to hide them ripping out a daisy here and there to access the marihuana might be reasonable.

    Seems like common sense is now pushing up daisies there.

  11. Stop the insanity! And the tyranny of these stupid laws, for god’s sake.

  12. I guess it’s not so bad in light of the previous Duluth Police video. If they pulled up basil, oregano, etc. plants that would be another story.

  13. daisies be d*mned…from horticultural to Cultural assault by KeystoneKops:
    Breaking: German customs seize a second violin from Japanese artist
    October 4, 2012 By Norman Lebrecht
    Days after the customs authorities at Frankfurt airport
    returned a confiscated Guarnerius to Yuzuko Horigome, the same group of officers have grabbed a Strad belonging to the Dresden concertmaster Yuki Manuela Janke and demanded a $1.5 million ransom…

  14. Canadian law applies here.

    If it happened in the U.S. there may have been a defense of a warrantless search or an improper warrant / search.

    Not enough details to conclude IMO.

  15. But Wait, there’s More!
    Police State 2012: Drug Squad Confiscates 1624 Daisies in Suburban Garden Raid
    by JG Vibes:
    “…Unfortunatly for Mr. Rockman, his well-tended back yard garden wasn’t the only casualty in this act of theft, vandalism and home invasion.
    Rockman freely admits smoking pot to alleviate back pain,
    and says he’s applied to the federal government for a medicinal marijuana license…”

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