“Why Are We Killing Kids That Don’t Need to Die?”

Respectfully Submitted by Lawrence Rafferty-(rafflaw)- Guest Blogger

A short time ago, our country and its military reached a sad milestone in the war in Afghanistan. We have now lost 2,000 members of our military during our almost 12 year war in Afghanistan.  In light of that sad news, a Republican Congressman, Rep. Bill Young of Florida, received a letter from an Army soldier on his third tour in Afghanistan that caused him to change his mind about our continuing involvement in Afghanistan.  That soldier, Staff Sgt. Matthew Sitton wrote the letter to the congressman, shortly before he and a comrade were killed by an IED that journalist Bill Moyers recently discussed.

“BILL MOYERS: Matt Sitton knew the war in Afghanistan was going badly. He knew because he was fighting it. 26 years old, with a wife and child back home, Staff Sergeant Sitton was on his third combat tour there. His third.  Time and again, he and his men were sent through what he called “A minefield on a daily basis.” His comrades were being blown apart. At least one amputee a day, he said, “Because we are walking around aimlessly through grape rows and compounds that are littered with explosives.”

Morale was low. The men struggled to remain alert. Sitton said he asked his officers to give them a break but was told to stop complaining. “I am all for getting on the ground and fighting for my country when there is a desired end state and we have clear guidance of what needs to be done,” he wrote. “but when we are told basically to just walk around for a certain amount of time…not sitting well with me.”  At home in Florida, Matt Sitton had attended a Christian school run by the Baptist church attended by Congressman Bill Young. He wrote Congressman Young and told him what was happening. “I’m concerned about the well-being of my soldiers,” he said. “… I just want to return my guys home to their families healthy.” He ended, “If anything, please pray for us over here. God bless.”  Crooks and Liars

As a father of a Marine Captain that served in Afghanistan from November 2010 to June 2011 and was embedded with Afghan National Army units, I can understand Sgt. Sitton’s concerns.  To Rep. Young’s credit, I commend him for breaking with his party’s and many in the Democratic Party’s steadfast policy of maintaining our troops in Afghanistan.  The recent surge in killings of our military members and the personnel of Allied nations by Afghan National Army and Afghan Police officers along with the constant IED attacks should be enough to convince anyone that we can no longer do much good for the Afghan people.

Rep. Bill Young has long advocated and voted for increasing our military presence in Afghanistan and he now thinks we should get out of the country as soon as feasible. “On Aug. 2, less than two months after he sent the email, Sitton, 26, was killed by an IED blast. He left behind a wife, a 9-month-old son — and an 81-year-old Congressman with a new perspective on Afghanistan.  Young is the longest-serving Republican member of Congress, and he has continuously voted against troop drawbacks from Afghanistan, or even for setting a timetable for troop withdrawal. But after Sitton’s death, Young noted a change of heart.  “I think we should remove ourselves from Afghanistan as quickly as we can,” Young told the Tampa Bay Times this week. “I just think we’re killing kids that don’t need to die.”  ABC News

It is sad that politicians have to wait until 2,000 of our finest have died, and thousands more maimed and injured, before they decide that enough is enough.  However, in light of Rep. Young’s prominent place in his party, I am hopeful that a bipartisan effort can now be made to leave Afghanistan even prior to the deadline initiated by President Obama.  How many more have to die or be injured before politics is no longer important?

I am saddened by the 2,000 deaths and the many injuries and I offer my prayers and condolences to the family of Sgt. Sitton and all the other families who have lost loved ones, but I also pray that Rep. Young can be the start of a movement to extricate our men and women from Afghanistan well before the announced timetable.  How can we wait when the people who we are trying to help are killing us?

The Republican nominee for President has backed the Obama withdrawal timetable, but his Vice Presidential pick has criticized President Obama’s withdrawal timetable including the decision to withdraw 22,000 more troops in September as endangering the troops that are there and as a political shell game.  Paul Ryan

Do you think that a prominent Republican Congressman can help move his party and the hawks in the Democratic Party to get behind an even quicker withdrawal from Afghanistan?  Do you agree that we need to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible?  Savings the lives of our brave military men and women should be a non-partisan issue, shouldn’t it?

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  1. Also, Bron, if you dislike Obama’s foreign policy, Romney is a train wreck waiting to happen that’ll make you pray for a bumbler like Obama.

  2. Bron,

    “Arab spring – big fiasco”
    Bound to happen in the information age.

    “Syria – big fiasco”
    Military dictatorship taken over by a second generation incompetent. Bound to happen.

    “Libya – big cluster fox trot”
    Nature abhors a vacuum and Gadhafi was going to be killed by his own eventually.

    “And who knows how many other foreign policy blunders.

    Are those troopers kidding?

    Obama is the one who is in over his head and he just keeps digging.


    I’m hardly a defender of O, but the above were hardly his fault and fall under the category of shit happens. Now if you want to talk legitimate foreign policy blunders, let’s start with pressuring Spain over wanting to prosecute Bush, Cheney, et al. with war crimes, move to letting Hillary bungle Russia and the almost complete capitulation to the machinations of the Chinese. Again, you’ve sensed a problem but you’ve failed to diagnose the actual causes that can be connected to State Dept. failures under the Obama Administration. Syria, Libya and the Arab Spring all have their roots firmly in their domestic soil.

    The troopers have a point.

    You? You’ve almost got a point.

  3. Bron 1, October 9, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    He did more than that. How do you think the Kennedy family got their money? Use a pen point instead of a gun point. How about a combination? Don’t forget about the lobotomy.

  4. “These contracts were the crucial third leg of an enterprise that was also balanced on medicinal liquor permits—legal throughout Prohibition —that Kennedy had obtained in Washington,”

    So Joe Kennedy just sold “medicinal” liquor during prohibition. Some things never change.

  5. Justice Holmes 1, October 8, 2012 at 1:15 am

    Dear Matt, if we bring our treasure home, we could repair our infrastructure rather than the infrastructure of other countries for starters. Just to make myself clear as I am only referring to tax dollars that are spent on these wars. Wouldn’t we be better off as a country if we did not waste our money on the destruction and rebuilding of countries and focused on the needs of our own people instead?
    Wise Justice. The United states is the richest country in the world. We’re wasting it.

    You’re not going to get their oil without a certain price. I said earlier that Joe Kennedy Sr. was a bootlegger. Somebody checked me on that. It depends on how you approach the question.

    The Europeans and certain other countries need Middle Eastern oil a lot more than we do. Let them deal with it.

  6. Arab spring – big fiasco
    Syria – big fiasco
    Libya – big cluster fox trot
    And who knows how many other foreign policy blunders.

    Are those troopers kidding?

    Obama is the one who is in over his head and he just keeps digging.


  7. Here is a powerful new ad put together by the Truman National Security Project. The people seen in the video are all veterans. It is currently playing on Ohio television, and may soon be seen nationwide.

  8. rafflaw:

    it is years past the time we should have left those festering s-holes.

  9. raff,
    It has a lot to do with the fact former Senator Pressler has been there and done that. He knows what it is like to be shot at and wonder if each day is going to be his last. Romney ducked the draft and hid out in Paris as a “missionary” and says his own sons have supported national security by helping his campaign.

    We both know what it is like to put our sons on an airplane and watch it take off, not knowing if they will come home walking, in a wheelchair or in a box.

    rMoney has not a clue.

  10. OS,
    That is a great endorsement from a Vietnam era Republican who understands that supporting the military isn’t something you do on national holidays or by wearing a flag pin. It is how you support them before going into harms way and how you back them after they return.

  11. Great song OS. Former Gov. Romney will rattle all kinds of sabers, but don’t expect his kids to fight any of the wars he starts.

  12. Former Senator Larry Pressler (R-ND) endorsed President Obama for reelection. Here is part of what he said:

    As a combat veteran of two tours in Vietnam with twenty-two years of service as a Republican member of the U.S. House and Senate, I endorse President Barack Obama for a second term as our Commander-in-Chief. Candidates publicly praise our service members, veterans and their families, but President Obama supports them in word and deed, anywhere and every time.

    As a Vietnam vet, one of the reasons I support President Obama is because he has consistently shown he understands that our commitment to our servicemen and women may begin when they put on their uniform, but that it must never end.

    Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/larry-pressler/larry-pressler-obama_b_1948415.html

  13. Romney spoke on these things today at Virginia Military Institute (VMI), where Stonewall Jackson once taught as a faculty member. Romney entered the stage to a military march. According to radio reports, the audience was almost all white faces. The guy who dodged the Vietnam draft spoke about military matters.

    Short version: The US should do more saber rattling and make more threats. What he neglected to mention that it is easy to get into wars. It is a lot harder to stay out of them. And it is even harder to end a war than to start one. He did not talk about this, because it is a subject about which he knows nothing.

    The Corries:

  14. For all you chump parents out there who think that you will “make a man” out of sonny boy by getting him into a Marine uniform I ask that you reconsider your thought process. Yeah, you wont have to spend money on college, or put up with more youth pranks after he is out of high school. The Marines will make a man out of him!

  15. There is an allegation that seven to ten guys boarded commercial airplanes armed only with boxcutters, hijacked the planes, forced them to crash into the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon and some other place. That there could be a home conspiracy to archestrate these events so that the country could duplicate the defecation of our laws like the Krauts did with the Reichstag Fire Decrees requires all Americans to delve into. We passed the Patriot Act and all sorts of acts taking away our civil rights and allowing our government to kill anyone anywhere in the world. We are at war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and across the Middle East and Asia.

    If the purpose is to stop terrorists from boarding planes with box cutters then we have gone too far. If we think that we can destroy organizations and change the thought processes of turbin heads around the world we are crazy.

    One would think that we learned some things about the world and our limits back in the Vietnam War. We might have learned but we sure aint go no memory.

  16. pro-abortion + anti-war is inconsistent.(see Obama/D’s
    pro-life + pro-war is inconsistent. (see R’s/Romney, when he feels like it)
    It is only right to end a life in self-defense.
    End abortion and the wars of aggression.
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