“Study It Out”: Woman Calls Obama A Communist and Then Can’t Explain What A Communist Is

This video of Chris Matthews confronting a woman calling President Obama a “communist” pretty much sums up how our political discourse in this country is now devoid of any intellectual content. The woman repeatedly tells Matthews to “study it out” but then seems incapable of explaining what a communist actually is.

Matthews was right to confront the woman and there was little need to editorialize on the scene before the Vice Presidential debate. The further statement that Obama is not an American further captures the blind hate directed against this president. I have been a vocal critic of President Obama but this type of senseless and vacuous rage is an embarrassment to the entire country. While I am not willing to give up on democracy just yet, this woman makes a powerful case for oligarchy. Fortunately I think we can do better despite all evidence to the contrary.

75 thoughts on ““Study It Out”: Woman Calls Obama A Communist and Then Can’t Explain What A Communist Is”

  1. One would hope the last comment was a parody, but I suspect it was an unintentional illustration of my prior observation.

  2. ignorant, racist white woman behaving badly…yawn. matthews should have just ignored instead of giving her a most undeserved 15 minutes of fame. is it a surprise that a segment of the us population is racist and bone ignorant? no. that’s why it is so important for the people with half a brain or more to vote, i am not a supporter of literacy tests, but it clear to me that people like this woman could never pass a basic civics test. anyone who thinks obama is a communist, a socialist, or “foreign,” doesn’t deserve to vote. and what’s the other option? a blue-blooded, real, live oligarch, and his church lady running mate. i wish we could split the country and let the birthers and baggers have their vulture capitalist government. let rmoney take away their mortgage interest deductions, medicare, and social security. let them overturn roe v. wade, and allow all-male legislatures to ban all forms of contraception. they’d be flocking to our country in droves. until then, we cannot let these ignorant lemmings hijack our country ever again. yes…obama is a centrist, but given the choice, i’ll take a centrist over and oligarch any day. rmoney is the classic example of a person who was born with every advantage imaginable, and he is still stupid as a stump, and he has no class or character. another poster boy for white, male affirmative action, just like dubya.

  3. Hopefully that day will never come ,but if somehow it does you can be assured obama will announce to America that he is a communist! Most Americans are’nt stupid as this administration blatantly implies! If a person is nurtured all of their life in a certain ideology they dont lose that ideology by becoming potus! This women was right! Americans have been beat down by the progressive communist to the point that they cant voice their opinion without beibg ridiculed! chrissy mathews knows damn well that obama is what this women is saying he is,chrissy mathews among all of the other guilt ridden white communist liberal followers are’nt ready to take that guilt back! And as to jerryball,you are among the most uninformed idolaters that I’ve seen, you cant hide the truth by ridicule and intimidation,yes jeryball grow a brain and research it!

  4. In my opinion, this woman is a Fascist Pawn. WTF does “study it out” mean? She can’t even speak good English. What shade of Red does she think she’s touting? Red State? Red Ass?

  5. She demands that we “study it out”. “It” being the premise that Obama is a Communist. So I studied all night and found no evidence of this accusation. It is all out. Now that I have done so I wonder what she is. Perhaps a McCarthyite. Perhaps a Mormon (it is a Mormon term), maybe just a dumb complainer with bad sunglasses.

  6. Calling Obama a communist seems just like the overheated partisan rhetoric of calling a Republican (Bush or many others) a Nazi or a fascist. If one is the occasion for deep analysis of the moral and intellectual failing of a particular side of the political spectrum, then so must the other. Or maybe the man or woman on the street occasionally says dumb stuff.

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