13 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest”

  1. Yeah, that was the first “cat” I found, but when the other wss so obvious and the task was find THE kitteh…….!

    The lower one is nnt looking at a booty/bird, but is wondering if it must/can climb higher. I am a cat mindreader. I am sure many here are.

  2. i’m not absolutely certain of this but if you look at the limb above the cat (where the cat appears to be looking) i believe there is another cat.

  3. Oh I LIKE this one, my eyes went right to him, first thing. Like took me about 1 second. Yes, the one behind the car grill was the totally evil one! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

  4. You know the difference between a kitteh and attorney? There are skid marks in front of the kitteh.

  5. Cats in trees, that’s where you CAN see them usually.

    But the one in the bookshelf was hard. Mine never read books.

  6. I agree with Dredd that this one was one of the easier ones to find. It is also a beautiful setting. Any idea where the picture was taken??

  7. I’ve got to agree. No comparison to the bumper photo, but then again, they can’t all be that evil.

  8. That was much easier than when the Kitteh was in the car bumper or sunbathing on the beach.

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