Meet Janis Lane: Tea Party Leader And Anti-Feminist

Janis Lane is the Tea Party leader in Mississippi and she appears to long for the days when women were happy chattel. Lane had made headlines in complaining that women are inherently poorly suited to not just serve as bosses but to vote.

Lane explained that “Probably the biggest turn we ever made was when the women got the right to vote. Our country might have been better off if it was still just men voting.” A former marketing director who now leads the party in Central Mississippi, Lane further observed that “There is nothing worse than a bunch of mean, hateful women. They are diabolical in how than can skewer a person . . . I do not see that in men. The whole time I worked, I’d much rather have a male boss than a female boss. Double-minded, you never can trust them.”

Once again, it is remarkable how some of our radicalized citizens share striking similarity with our enemies like the Taliban who would agree wholeheartedly with Lane on her view of women.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Whats striking to me about Tagg, as Bron pointed out, is he was a marketing exec for multiple high profile companies. He must have been fantastic at those jobs if he hasn’t learned that he should avoid sabotaging his own brand.

  2. Tagg Team: The Romney Family Recipe for Crony Capitalism
    Lee Fang
    October 10, 2012

    Marc Leder, a wealthy investor, played host to Mitt Romney last May at a private fundraiser at his $4 million home in Boca Raton. Little did Leder know at the time, however, that someone would videotape the event and later leak it to the world, revealing the GOP standard-bearer in the act of caustically dismissing 47 percent of the country as too “dependent upon government” even to consider voting for him this year.

    Leder attempted to duck the ensuing storm of media attention, telling Fortune that he had simply “hosted a fundraiser for an old friend.” But Leder’s ties to the candidate run deeper than campaign contributions or an old friendship. As an investor, he is part of a network of links to the Romney family business empire that will acquire enormous relevance if the GOP nominee manages to ascend to the White House.

    In 2008, soon after Romney ended his first bid for the presidency, his eldest son Tagg and his chief fundraiser, Spencer Zwick, formed Solamere Capital, a private equity firm named after the exclusive community in Utah where Romney owned a vacation ski lodge.

    What Tagg lacked in experience in the world of high finance, he made up for with a vast network of political connections forged through his father, who seeded the firm with $10 million and was the featured speaker at its first investor conference in January of 2010. Romney also reportedly gave strategic advice to the company, which secured prominent campaign donors as some of its first investors.

    Unlike most private equity firms dedicated to analyzing and buying companies, Solamere specializes in something else: billing itself as a “fund of funds” with “unparalleled networks,” it provides investors with “unique access” to an elite set of other private equity firms and hedge funds. Sun Capital Partners, the fund founded by Leder, is one of at least thirteen Romney-linked firms in Solamere’s network, according to a prospectus circulated among potential investors and uncovered by The Boston Globe last year. Solamere also has an investment relationship with Bain Capital, the pioneering fund founded by Mitt Romney.

    Solamere, a firm predicated on its founders’ relationship with Romney, presents a channel for powerful investors to influence the White House if he wins. Private equity executives looking to lobby a Romney administration may very well have a leg up if they are already doing business with the firm that the president created for his son.


    Tagg Romney’s Company Misled Reporters About Its Relationship With Ponzi Scheme–Linked Firm
    Lee Fang
    October 12, 2012

    The private equity firm run by Tagg Romney—Mitt’s eldest son, who is now taking a leadership role in guiding his father’s presidential campaign—misled reporters last year about its involvement with a company run by men accused of taking part in a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.

    Last year, I reported that Tagg had formed a business partnership with several North Carolina investors who are still facing a lawsuit for receiving bonus pay for selling CDs as part of the $8 billion Stanford Financial Group Ponzi scheme.

    In a nutshell, Tagg helped these investors form a company—called Solamere Advisors, a nod to Tagg’s firm Solamere Capital—shortly after their boss, Allen Stanford, was caught by law enforcement for his elaborate Ponzi fraud.

    When I interviewed him in Las Vegas, Tagg told me that his associates were “cleared” of any wrongdoing associated with the Stanford Ponzi scheme. Court documents directly contradict Tagg and show that the lawsuit has not been dismissed.

    The New York Times followed up on my story with its own report and confirmed that Tagg’s business partners received incentive pay for selling bunk Stanford CDs. They wrote about one Stanford victim, a local Charlotte businessman and philanthropist named Herman Stone. Stone was pressured by Brandon Phillips, an executive working now for Tagg’s firm, into putting $2 million into a fraudulent Stanford CD and lost everything.

  3. Something quite sinister, even in addition to the obvious racism and “privilege of immunity” Tagg adopts to even fix his mouth to say that drek:

    He said there were basically two reasons he wouldn’t actually assault the President of the United States. ONE of them, the FIRST ONE, was that the Secret Service would prevent him from being ABLE to do it. 😳

    So…you’d like to assault the President but law enforcement officers won’t let you? Ahem? But those law enforcement officers DO allow you to SAY that, don’t they? So on top of arrogance, treasonous tendencies and a confessed desire to engage in violence, what other wonderful family values has your father instilled in you, boy?

    And the reason for these disreputable desires you vent so openly without apology or shame? Mr. President — YOUR President — said to your father that something HE said was “not true” — so. Do you think that with President Obama’s inherently inferior status he was required to stay mum and obsequiously refrain from pointing out his position that your father was not in fact telling the American people the truth? Was he supposed to say, for instance, “Well Senator Romney, may I respectfully disagree?” or was he allowed to say, with authority, “Not true”?

    You’ve set yourself on a rather high horse, kid. You have actually shamed yourself and your parents but you’re apparently not humble enough and not smart enough to realize it and apologize.

    MY parents raised me right. Even if I DID want to take a swing at you, I wouldn’t say it on national television. 🙄

  4. Gene H,

    What ever it was, Romney and his wife mixed the batter and baked the cake that is Tagg.

    The dude wasn’t even smart enough to figure out that his comment might cause grief for the campaign and as a totally unnecessary utterance was best joked about privately over drinks with his mommy and daddy.

    But then that story about the dog on top of the car was considered a touching family memory when first related to an interviewer. In fact … it was Tagg again … “Reading the original mid-2007 Boston Globe story, it seems clear that one of the sources was Romney’s eldest son, Tagg. The anecdote presumably was proffered as an amusing childhood reminiscence (Tagg was 13 in 1983) ….”

    Yep … there’s a lot strange baked in that cake.

  5. “It’s true that the differences between the major parties are not nearly as large as they and their candidates claim, let alone what we would want. It’s even fair to use Gore Vidal’s metaphor that they form two wings (“two right wings,” as some have put it) of a single party, the Property or Plutocracy Party, or as Justin Raimondo says, the War Party.

    Still, the political reality is that there are two distinguishable wings, and one is reliably even worse than the other, currently much worse overall. To be in denial or to act in neglect of that reality serves only the possibly imminent, yet presently avoidable, victory of the worse.

    The traditional third-party mantra, “There’s no significant difference between the major parties” amounts to saying: “The Republicans are no worse, overall.” And that’s absurd. It constitutes shameless apologetics for the Republicans, however unintended. It’s crazily divorced from present reality.” Daniel Ellsberg He said it so well………

  6. Blouise,

    Ahh. An inside reference. Thank you for the elaboration.

    I still think Mittens has been hittin’ the mercury though. Maybe lead.

  7. Bron,

    It’s from WWII onward, And figures can’t lie but liars can figure…

    Funny thing about it though, the times where the numbers are higher is right after tax hikes. And look at that, a couple of famous tax cuts make the revenue as a % of GPD drop. Which is what you’d expect,

    But that’s a digression right? Because tax cuts make the economy grow enough to offset that. Otherwise, the revenue wouldn’t increase.

    Hey, let’s look at the economy around those tax cuts and hikes. Say 1980-2000 (because we all know what happened in the 00’s)?

    Well. The tax cuts\hikes may have had an effect on economic growth, but it sure doesn’t look like much.

    It looks to me like… well the economy grew fast enough that as long as the tax cuts weren’t too drastic, it made up for the tax cuts. The flip side to that is, it grew when taxes were raised. It looks like revenue just grew because the economy grew.

    Of course that doesn’t really support your theory about cutting taxes raising revenue (revenue was increased, but it wasn’t the cuts doing it), so that’s probably why the economic growth of the years surrounding the tax cuts always seems to get left out when people make that claim. Unless of it gets included in the growth caused by the tax cuts.

  8. “He looks good but inevitably the racism will be seen ’cause it’s part of his very being and nothing can undo a baked cake.”

    maybe not.

    “What is brain plasticity? Does it mean that our brains are made of plastic? Of course not. Plasticity, or neuroplasticity, is the lifelong ability of the brain to reorganize neural pathways based on new experiences. As we learn, we acquire new knowledge and skills through instruction or experience.”

  9. Gene,

    Well, back in the day when I was running from the cops and rednecks who were trying to beat on me for supporting civil rights for persons of color, I would occasionally run into the “pretend” liberal offering to give me shelter. There was a code phrase my brothers and sisters in the movement would use to warn me (and others) about such pretenders … “it’s baked in his/her cake.” Meaning racism has been well mixed into the early batter and baked in his cake. He looks good but inevitably the racism will be seen ’cause it’s part of his very being and nothing can undo a baked cake.

  10. Romney is the oldest son of Ann and Mitt Romney, born when both were undergraduates at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.[1]

    He graduated magna cum laude with a BA in economics from BYU and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.[1][2]

    He has worked as the head of marketing for the Los Angeles Dodgers,[1] VP of onfield marketing at Reebok, and director of strategic planning at Elan Pharmaceuticals. Romney founded and subsequently sold Season Perks.[2]

    He also worked for several years as a consultant at both Monitor Group and McKinsey and Co.[2]

    Romney has been a partner in the private equity firm Solamere Capital, together with Spencer Zwick and Eric Scheuermann.[3]

  11. Blouise,
    It is interesting that Tagg seemed to forget his Daddy comparing Obama to his boys who kept telling lies at the first debate. I think the Secret Service should make a visit. (raff)

    Chuckle … I know there are a few million heterosexual he-man fantasies going on right now about ol’ Tagg as a … ahem … sparring partner. He’s left his mark on the history books and that will, more than likely, be the most he ever accomplishes in his otherwise meaningless life.

  12. “So Tagg Romney fantasized about he-manning Obama … then he was dumb enough to talk about on the radio. We all know what’s been baked in his cake.”


  13. Bron,
    The private plan is not only more volatile, it is also more expensive because of the fees taken by the wall street bandits.
    It is interesting that Tagg seemed to forget his Daddy comparing Obama to his boys who kept telling lies at the first debate. I think the Secret Service should make a visit.

  14. So Tagg Romney fantasized about he-manning Obama … then he was dumb enough to talk about on the radio. We all know what’s been baked in his cake.

  15. “One of the hallmarks of White Privilege is the unquestioned and largely unchallenged assumption that white people can say heinous things about people of color without blowback or even mild criticism — things that people of color rarely dare to say about white people, for fear of serious retribution. Tagg — aka Mr. White Privilege — proves the point perfectly. He feels totally comfortable fantasizing about committing physical violence against an African-American man. And remember, he’s not just any white guy pondering such grotesque dreams. On the contrary, he’s one of the public faces of a national presidential campaign appearing in a public media interview, meaning White Privilege has made him feel so comfortable airing such notions, that he didn’t hesitate to whimsically broadcast them to thousands of voters.” David Sirota, Salon

  16. Bron,

    Did the financial meltdown of 2008 affect the amount of money retired people got in their SS checks? No. Did it affect my private retirement fund? Oh, yes–in a very negative way!

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