Rough Start: New Democratic Council Member Arrested For Stealing Signs and Destroying Farm Field

Alburtis Councilman Kyle A. Bower has gotten an early start as a politician in trouble with the law. The Democratic city councilman has been arrested for allegedly stealing GOP campaign signs and damaging a farm field. Such violations would usually result in bail but he is on probation for other charges.

Bower is only nine months into his first borough council term but previously pleaded guilty to escape and stalking — leading to a two-year sentence of probation. He allegedly violated that probation when he stole campaign signs for Republican candidates Mitt Romney, Charlie Dent and Ryan Mackenzie on Oct. 3. His car and the signs were then found in a farm field with two bottles of beer. Bower allegedly drove around the field causing nearly $600 damage to an acre before ditching the car when it became disabled. Bower seems to have missed the campaign memo: You are not allowed to engage in such act until you enter higher office.

Bower is now charged with theft and receiving stolen property in the borough as well as agricultural crop destruction, agricultural vandalism, criminal mischief, abandoning a vehicle on public or private property, damage to real property by operation of motor vehicle, travel on cultivated land and restrictions on alcoholic beverages.

In the meantime, he will presumably continue to serve the public in his elected office.

Source: Lehigh Valley

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  1. GeneH,

    Of the ones I’ve known, that is true. But the definers may make different evalualtions on who is bonkers.

  2. Gene, thanx, I’m going to make that quote into a little sign to put next to my computer for those sleep disrupted/over caffeinated days when ranting becomes a reflex: I thought Eastwood’s chair bit was kinda funny, I have days like that but then I get some sleep and feel a lot better šŸ™‚

    Darren, my state has a law about defacing political signs. What you might see on ‘public’ land is one sign right in front of and obscuring a different sign. I think it depends on how persistent the sign posters are and how choice the location is. I know a guy that had his own route staked out for sign placement and ‘maintenance’ against an equally persistent worker from the opposing camp, they would develop a string of signs in the run-up to elections.

    Blouise, I asked elsewhere (but forgot where!): Is your new (G)avatar another picture of the lake you live near? It’s a very nice picture.


    All is well, don’t rock the boat.

    status quo ante bellum “the state in which (it was) before war” (indicating the withdrawal of enemy troops and restoration of power to prewar leadership), as well as other variations such as status quo itself.

    This is the tea party version, “before the war”. Guess which one they mean?

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