The Al Smith Dinner: I Have To Give This One To Romney

Having watched the Al Smith dinner last night, I have to cast my vote with Mitt Romney as the better delivery and jokes though President Obama had some good material as well. You decide, but let’s put ideology to side and for once just focused on what matters: the jokes. While we are not selecting the comedian in chief, at least we have a common measure of success in a roast.

Below is President Obama’s remarks.

Of course, neither man wrote these jokes but, judging on the raw material, I am afraid that I have to give it solidly to Romney on this one. What do you think?

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  1. Elaine, Geeba says Obamacare is terrorism. I guess Romney will have to get rid of Romneycare to stop the terrorists

  2. Blind, Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m as laid back as they come. Except when I see toes!!

  3. Magginkat

    On a related note to your comment, Romney wen to Asheville, NC last week to see Billy Graham. The day before Romney arrived the Billy Graham website still had a page stating that Mormonism is a cult, along with Jehovah’s Witness, Islam, Scientology, Spiritualism, etc.(ie anything not Evangelicals) . The day he arrived all claims that Mormonism=cult disappeared while the others mentioned still hold cult status.

    For the record, I don’t have an opinion on the matter; I’m atheist. I live in the area and it was talked and written about.

  4. To Whom: Romney’s stance on terror is a couple of things:
    1) When he sees it happen in his admin, he will call it as it is and not make bad attempts to cover it up.
    2) Most of the terrorism he sees is Obamacare. Mr. Bowles, Clinton’s former Chief of Staff and hardly a Republican, states that Obamacare will suck every last elective dollar out of the budget (if the Senate will ever pass one). It is a behemoth of massive proportions and will ruin everything. That alone is terror enough … and we can easily avoid it. If Obama wants to keep this killer he isn’t my guy.

  5. Nick, you gotta relax, buddy.


    I love that Joe Biden is getting cracked on from both sides. I bet he’s totally laughing and having a good time about too.

  6. I thought romney said one thing that was funny and that was the comment about Joe Biden. Obviously someone forgot to tell the great smirk that this was supposed to be jokes not a roast. He was hateful and condescending as usual. He sure enough tried to impress the Cardinal, trying to suck up Catholic votes. I wonder if anyone has told the Cardinal that Mormons think Catholism is an abomination. Yep… it’s in the book of Mormon. But then I’ve heard that many Catholics think Mormonism is a cult. I agree and for once people should educate themselves about Romney’s beliefs. The arrogant, holier than thou way he acts I suspect that he may think that his god has already awarded him his promised ‘godship’ and that planet earth is his first planet.

  7. Bron,

    I don’t enjoy watching the White House Correspondents’ Dinner or the Al Smith event where a bunch of rich media folk and other ultra wealthy people hobnob with politicians.

  8. nick–They are both two-faced inveterate liars who would be right at home in a travelling snake-oil show from the 1800s and that is just plain fact and has nothing to do with ideology.

  9. In any case, when one of these two corporate-controlled clowns ascends to the imperial throne next year, the joke will surely be on us and the rest of the world. (Insert supreme deity here) help us.

  10. They were actually both out loud funny, but I did prefer Romney’s deliver…wait for it…y.

  11. yeah nick, chill. you know how mean rich republicans are and how they bully people.

    dont you know Romney isnt funny and cant be funny as a rich uptight white man. I mean, look at the man, his magic underwear is on way to tight and he probably has Asbergers.

  12. nick, I watched the whole thing, and don’t agree. My husband said that Romney confirmed for him that he really is a bully.

  13. You idealogues are shooting yourself in the foot. This post isn’t about issues, it’s about comedy, timing. delivery. Geez. Now, it’s not how you should elect a president but this is our culture. Pols going on late night talk shows, Comedy Central, The view, etc. It may not be the way it should be..but it’s the way it is. Both these guys are good in these venues. Obama is generally better. But, in this dinner event, Romney was better.

  14. Absolutely agree that Romney’s lines were funnier. But in most likelihood, neither Romney nor Obama wrote their own material. The applause goes to the copywriters.

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