Murder at Kent State

Submitted by: Mike Spindell, guest blogger

This blog post is the result of our well known regular contributor Blouise sending me a link, sent to her by one of our other long time contributors GBK. I thank them for not only the vital information they shared with me, but also for the inspiration it gave me. When people ask me what kind of blog to I write for, I explain to them that it is the creation of the well-known Constitutional Law Professor and Civil Rights Advocate Jonathan Turley. The common thread that links most of us here is our support for Jonathan’s work and our belief in upholding the Constitution. The topic raises is vital to all of those purposes.

On May 4th, 1970 I was twenty-six years old. I worked for NYC’s Department of Social Services (welfare) as a caseworker in Brooklyn. Was active in the Peace Movement and had in the last year lost in my bid for the Presidency of the radical welfare caseworkers union. Long haired, full bearded and habitually wearing shirts open to almost my waist, with tight-fitting bell bottom jeans. I was a happy and carefree imbiber of psychedelics and had a great social life. I had failed my Draft physical four years prior due to high blood pressure, which would later turn into severe heart trouble requiring me to have a transplant, but back then I was just grateful that I didn’t have to make the choice between my ideals and the Selective Service Law. So many young men whose lives were drastically changed for the worse by being drafted into that conflict, were less lucky than I because they were my contemporaries, I felt I needed to help bring them home.

Even with the 60’s decade of assassinations, Civil Rights protests ending in violence, Nixon’s election and the Viet Nam escalation, I was still hopeful that my generation would really change things for the better in this country and that the future would bring great changes in economic freedom and social justice. So hopeful was I, that I was attending my first year of Law School at night and envisioned myself becoming a Legal Aid attorney in the future. Then I heard the news about Kent State, the murder of four students and shooting of nine during what was a relatively peaceful protest. Suddenly, this brought home to me the reality of what we were facing in our country. My optimism for change died that day, but not my commitment to fight for it.

As the news proliferated the story just didn’t add up. Supposedly the young National Guardsmen heard sniper shots and in a panic returned fire. That the students shot were at a distance of at least three hundred feet and the ammunition was armor-piercing rounds. It was claimed that there was no order to fire given and that the young National Guardsmen thought they were firing in self defense. As it turned out these were lies and propaganda foisted to cover the fact that those in power in the administration and their follower, the Republican Governor of Ohio, wanted to send a message to those opposing the War, that we were in mortal danger if we dared to try to thwart their murderous rampage in South East Asia.

“The killing of protesters at KentState changed the minds of many Americans about the role of the US in the Vietnam War. Following this massacre, there was an unparalleled national response: hundreds of universities, colleges, and high schools closed across America in a student strike of more than four million. Young people across the nation had strong suspicions the Kent State massacre was planned to subvert any further protests arising from the announcement that the already controversial war in Vietnam had expanded into Cambodia.

Yet instead of attempting to learn the truth at Kent State, the US government took complete control of the narrative in the press and ensuing lawsuits. Over the next ten years, authorities claimed there had not been a command-to-fire at Kent State, that the ONG had been under attack, and that their gunfire had been prompted by the “sound of sniper fire.” Instead of investigating Kent State, the American leadership obstructed justice, obscured accountability, tampered with evidence, and buried the truth. The result of these efforts has been a very complicated government cover-up that has remained intact for more than forty years.”

You will find the article the paragraph above is quoted from if you follow the link below. The link will lead you to an article entitled: Kent State: Was It about Civil Rights or Murdering Student Protesters?” This was written by: Laurel Krause with Mickey Huff and is from a forthcoming book: Censored 2013: Dispatches from the Media Revolution.  “Laurel Krause is a writer and truth seeker dedicated to raising awareness about ocean protection, safe renewable energy, and truth at Kent State. She publishes a blog on these topics at Mendo Coast Current. She is the co-founder and director of the Kent State Truth Tribunal. Before spearheading efforts for justice for her sister Allison Krause, who was killed at Kent State University on May 4, 1970, Laurel worked at technology start-ups in Silicon Valley.”

By the way, my Law School was one of the schools shut down in response to the Kent State Massacre and I was active in the movement to shut it down for the semester as a memorial to those dead and wounded students. Then as now, I saw these killings as premeditated murder in the service of stifling dissent in our country. I urge you to take the time to read this article linked below and its proofs that these murderous shootings, were done under orders and with malice aforethought. As much as our Presidential contenders extol America’s unique status in the world, they are mute to the barely hidden agenda that is destroying what we purport to be our ideals of freedom and justice. The article below gives lie to one wicked truth of our history and should be a sobering reminder of the way things really are:

Submitted by: Mike Spindell, Guest Blogger


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  1. Here are the lyrics to the kid’s song in the video:

    Imagine an America
    Where strip mines are fun and free
    Where gays can be fixed
    And sick people just die
    And oil fills the sea
    We don’t have to pay for freeways!
    Our schools are good enough
    Give us endless wars
    On foreign shores
    And lots of Chinese stuff

    We’re the children of the future
    American through and through
    But something happened to our country
    And we’re kinda blaming you

    We haven’t killed all the polar bears
    But it’s not for lack of trying
    The Earth is cracked
    Big Bird is sacked
    And the atmosphere is frying
    Congress went home early
    They did their best we know
    You can’t cut spending
    With elections pending
    Unless it’s welfare dough

    We’re the children of the future
    American through and through
    But something happened to our country
    And we’re kinda blaming you

    Find a park that is still open
    And take a breath of poison air
    They foreclosed your place
    To build a weapon in space
    But you can write off your au pair
    It’s a little awkward to tell you
    But you left us holding the bag
    When we look around
    The place is all dumbed down
    And the long term’s kind of a drag

    We’re the children of the future
    American through and through
    But something happened to our country
    And yeah, we’re blaming you
    You did your best
    You failed the test
    Mom and Dad We’re blaming you!

  2. Virginia is looking good for Obama and Kaine. Maybe, they don’t want George “macaca” Allen back.

  3. Romney’s people have been told to put on a happy face and Obama’s team want his supporters to worry so they will work harder, Nick. My husband is calling into Florida as I type. It is too close too call.

  4. If I listened to my kids @ that age they would have been staying up all night, eating candy, and watching MTV. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and desperation. I love to read body language and listen to nuances in language. I’ve been watching both campaign’s operatives and the Sunday morning shows. The Obama campaign is sweating. Gnash your teeth and call me an idiot, but that’s my read on the campaign @ this moment. It could change. The hurricane could work to Obama’s advantage. But as of 10/28/12 5:02p CDT, that’s my take.

  5. Here is a new ad featuring children singing. Listen to the lyrics closely. This is a powerful message. If the wingnuts happen to win, these kids have reason to be concerned.

  6. I am not a capitalist, nor an investor but I figured this out recently. It may help others or may be disproven.

    We mostly focus on the company execs who we believe
    are the overpaid drones who do terrible things to the detriment of the employees and yes even customers. Well we are right so far.

    But there are other layers of control of the company:
    Board of Directors appointed by…
    Major owners ie investors and….
    The market composed of large but not major invesrors: finance, insurance and in Europe pension funds.

    Now all ot these look at one indicator: ROI Return on Investment.

    If the company has bad ROI, then the money leaves, the stock price goes down, and the major owners take a hit, board members get fired, and so do executives.

    So who steers the company? The market.

    Just recently Bill Clinton was linked here from an interview on Fox News. One of the first things he mentioned was that upon becoming President that he found out that the USA was in bad money shape, and he did not have room for the things he had promised and hoped to do. He had to fix the money problems first or the ship might start sinking.

    So it works all the way up. All are competing on the same ROI market. Go to it execs, beat the slaves.
    Stop listening to customer complaints.

    Now TonyC will come in as he has done before and show how he as a CEO would do it better.

    Welcome TonyC. Take us for a nice airplane ride.
    Thinking of JYs: things that tick me off—-for example.

    Am on the wrong thread again. Just following GeneH and Bron with my nose to the ground, like a beagle with the rabbit 5 yards away in clear sight, but the nose does not see it.

  7. I think what you don’t want is a communist outcome, Bron, but that extreme system is just as unworkable as laissez-faire capitalism albeit for slightly different reasons that are primarily rooted in the reality of human behavior. As far as socialism not working, well, you’ve previously been pointed to examples were it has worked just fine as part of a blended economy. However, since you admit that “there were problems”, you need to realize that those problems were rooted in a lack of regulation and exacerbated by a lack of social programs and that somewhere between the extremes of non-functional communism and the open invitation to abuse that is laissez-faire capitalism is where the answers reside. It’s a choice on a spectrum, not a binary choice of all one or the other. And like the dynamic between maximized freedom and justice, it’s a balancing act.

    To relate this back to the topic at hand, the order to fire is a perfect example of what happens when the interests of business (in this case the business of war) conflict with both the freedom and the will of the people. Laissez-faire capitalism has no duty to the freedoms and the will of the people. Its only duty is the bottom line of profit and it isn’t shy about making blood money.

  8. I dont deny there were some problems with industry during the growth of this country but a good many people were raised out of poverty and given a fantastic standard of living because of capitalism.

    Socialism doesnt do that and cannot do that. The “socialist” countries which do well, do well to the extent they allow free markets to work.

    I dont want a socialist outcome, I want laissez faire capitalism and I dont think paying workers well has anything to do with socialism. Why wouldnt you pay your people well so that you can beat the competition?

  9. “When you voluntary pay your people well, that is not socialism.”

    Yeah, Bron, because history shows that laissez-faire capitalism did such a good job paying their workers a living wage and looking out for the employees interests so well that instituting a legal minimum wage became political and economic necessity. Oh, and child labor laws. And safety standards.

    Yeah. Those capitalists have a heart of gold alright.

    Free doesn’t mean free to exploit and generally screw over whomever you please in the name of profits while trusting that you as a laissez-faire capitalist will simply “do the right thing” without coercion when a profit is to be taken.

    Your statement indicates you want socialist outcomes (workers should be involved in the bounty capitalism has to offer) without some of the necessary costs (social systems and restrictions on market behaviors) based on the belief that is simply contrary to what human nature and history have shown to be the case.

  10. Gene:

    no, it is called freedom. That is what capitalism is all about. In a free market would you want to be the guy in your industry who paid crappy wages?

    When you voluntary pay your people well, that is not socialism.

  11. If I had any doubts about how this country is run then Russ Baker’s Bush book is one source.
    The other source touches on Bush as President maker, not “Dubja” but Romney. I think it urgent that all see it. so reposting tho link, which I believe Anonymouslyt posted put up.

    Take the time. More thrills, strike that, chills than you’ve had for a while.

    The question remaining is how do they share power? And how do they control all the elements like the thousands (alleged here) black op groups. One of which did JFK.

  12. This will be brief, my supper is warm.
    Read it all from Dredd’s response to my queries, and MikeS reference to me.

    I have to re-read it all from Dredd’s mind-opening first comment.

    But let me assure MikeS, that I have not given up, neither the fight nor the hope that the Obama-way will give us more time to fight. I say at times, it is hopeless, not to defeat the life-energy of others, but to AROUSE it. To touch on that spot within us that says as long as I live, I will fight to live.

    But, perhaps that is a bad tactic to judge from your reaction to it.

    Am I the oldest here? And is ARE the only vet besides me? Where were you and when ARE.

    And to KF, keep it on the carpet. No FOS please.
    And OS, full of his stuff comes in with an absolutely important thingy that others ignore.

    Thank you all for keeping the noise and blood pressure down. As one said of me: it was easier to hear when I spoke. So be it with you too (collectively).

    PS to Dredd. Never mention disease symptoms in the presence of some people. They immediately get them as well as to all else that they have “caught”.
    Now what was it that persons with toxo did???????

    Is that why I love cats?

  13. Mike,

    Free and fair elections do mean something. Our elections are becoming ever less free and fair. That being said, elections also only have meaning if those elected to represent actually represent the people in an egalitarian manner and not a corporatist oligarchy with a greed distorted agenda and no duty whatsoever to the general welfare.

  14. “Bron 1, October 28, 2012 at 1:09 pm


    except that you have many capitalists like me who believe that workers should be involved in the bounty capitalism has to offer.”

    Eh hem . . . that’s socialism, Bron. Some kind of fantasy voluntary socialism that depends on the largess of private ownership and privatized infrastructure, but socialism at its core nonetheless. And I don’t think “many” was an accurate word choice.

  15. Dredd:

    except that you have many capitalists like me who believe that workers should be involved in the bounty capitalism has to offer.

    No man can do it all himself, to build a business it takes people who are willing to help you build your dream. Granted it would not come to reality without the entrepreneur but he still needs the help of other people to implement his dream.

    Look at most of the tech companies, they pay well to attract top talent and have nice perks to keep talent.

    Although you could also make the case that there is high demand for good tech workers and so high salaries would make sense.

    But paying your people well makes good sense not only from a business standpoint, you can hire the best, but also from a sense of fair play.

  16. Mike Spindell 1, October 28, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    “All of the GIANT antiwar marches during Vietnam were largely organized by the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) and the broad coalition they mustered called NPAC (National Peace Action Coalition).”


    From their and your perspective it may have seemed that you were leading the parade, but your faction was merely one of the players. Now that you’ve admitted it, I’l explain why I have great distaste for you of the Marxist persuasion/analysis (perhaps Trotskyites may be more exact in your case). You are like the blind-men and the elephant. Depending on what you touch upon you have clarity, but the blindness in your case is the rigidity of your analytic tools. You are constrained to see the world in terms of economic perspective and therefore you miss that the driving force in tyranny of all sorts is psychological. …
    Also Dredd seems to have understood that I used the word “some” for a specific reason:

    “But in Mike S’s defense he agrees with us to the extent he wrote “some” of them hated troops who did not resist, indicating that not all of them did.”

    Interestingly, despite your protestations to the contrary, most of that hatred was expressed that hatred was expressed ….. by the many Marxists that I knew at the time, after their recruitment efforts failed, as they hated me for the same reason.
    I don’t know about Karl’s political persuasion, but I have pointed out that Karl Marx had a brighter expectation of American resistance to the Plutocracy than I had, and still do have:

    Economic theorists who are aware of the criticism that Karl Marx leveled at American Capitalism point out:

    Marx argued that at capitalism would succeed in its initial stages quite well in promoting growth by means of capital investment in new technology and improved means of production. Everyone would prosper. As capitalism developed, however, he argued that capitalists would appropriate to themselves more and more of the profits or income from the economy and that laborers would come to have increasingly less.

    Over time, in time and such circumstances, Marx claimed that, first, capitalistic economies would undergo ever more vicious cyclical swings from boom to bust. These cycles and the on-going process of capitalism would, second, result in ever richer capitalists and ever poorer working classes, until, finally, at some point, laborers would revolt and take over the means of production, causing Socialism to ensue as a result. Socialism, in turn, was merely a transitional step to Communism.

    (Seeking Alpha, K. Corson, bold in original). A wide variety of commentators from the “Tea Party II” all the way to academia, essentially agreeing with Marx, say that our current phase of American capitalism will lead to “socialism”.

    They urge this eventuality because “at some point, laborers would revolt and take over the means of production, causing Socialism to ensue as a result”, quoting Corson, summarizing Marx, and citing perhaps revolt in Wisconsin and Ohio as examples.

    This is essentially a rehash of the cyclical rebirth ideology advanced by various ancient religious doctrines, discussed at various times in various contexts here at Dredd Blog.

    Rebirth of the pure comes about eventually by rebellion of the oppressed, ad infinitum, goes their theory.

    The toxins of power theory says, to the contrary, that it is more likely that American capitalism will lead to totalitarianism, at the end of its imperialistic militancy phase.

    Fundamentally, this is because mental damage has been and is being done to the populace on a massive scale, which 19th century thinkers such as Marx could not comprehensively take into consideration.

    (The Impact of Toxins of Power On Evolution, links removed). I can say that your observations of Karl Marx which formed your criticism (Marx’s perception that relevant problems we are addressing are all economic, rather than psychological) is well informed IMO.

    For one reason, as my quote points out, Karl Marx’s study and writings preceded Sigmund Freud, the significant cognitive revolutionary who got that psychological analysis ball rolling.

    1. I suggest that KF read Fred Halstead’s book OUT NOW! an insiders account of the anti-Vietnam war movement. Fred does NOT make the claim that the SWP was the main force in the anti-war movement, but it was the main organization that kept all elements together and focused on the war. The Moratorium was the largest anti-war demonstration in our history with Apr 24 under NPAC coming in a close second with over one million people. The SWP respected other political points of view and sought to incorporate them into the mass demonstrations. We even had anti-war Republicans involved since the only two Senators to vote against the Tonkin Gulf resolution were Wayne Morse and Ernest Gruening. The SWP was without question the glue that kept this coalition together and provided the cadre to make it work. We were NOT the main force though which came out in those demonstrations. The SWP probably could have put forward its program as the focus of the demonstrations since we had more than enough people and votes at conferences to do that. Instead the united front principle was used to great effect as opposed to the popular front of the CP.

  17. Karl:

    you have some interesting ideas on some issues.

    I even agree with you on a couple of your points on this thread.

  18. Mike Spindell 1, October 28, 2012 at 10:32 am


    I agree with much of what you write, not convinced on microbes, but then ultimate causation has never been my interest, rather my focus is on the effect.
    Well, I will be the first to say that I have not yet found the link between the toxins of power and microbes.

    However, I have found that world renown professors, who are also practising scientists in cutting edge laboratories which they manage, have found an undeniable link between microbes, the human brain, and more specifically insane behavior:

    The parasite my lab is beginning to focus on is one in the world of mammals, where parasites are changing mammalian behavior… Toxo instead has developed this amazing capacity to alter innate behavior in rodents… If you take a lab rat who is 5,000 generations into being a lab rat, since the ancestor actually ran around in the real world, and you put some cat urine in one corner of their cage, they’re going to move to the other side. Completely innate, hard-wired reaction to the smell of cats, the cat pheromones. But take a Toxo-infected rodent, and they’re no longer afraid of the smell of cats. In fact they become attracted to it. The most damn amazing thing you can ever see, Toxo knows how to make cat urine smell attractive to rats. And rats go and check it out and that rat is now much more likely to wind up in the cat’s stomach. Toxo’s circle of life completed.

    …part of my lab has been trying to figure out the neurobiological aspects. The first thing is that it’s for real. The rodents, rats, mice, really do become attracted to cat urine when they’ve been infected with Toxo. And you might say, okay, well, this is a rodent doing just all sorts of screwy stuff because it’s got this parasite turning its brain into Swiss cheese or something. It’s just non-specific behavioral chaos. But no, these are incredibly normal animals. Their olfaction is normal, their social behavior is normal, their learning and memory is normal. All of that. It’s not just a generically screwy animal.

    You say, okay well, it’s not that, but Toxo seems to know how to destroy fear and anxiety circuits. But it’s not that, either. Because these are rats who are still innately afraid of bright lights. They’re nocturnal animals. They’re afraid of big, open spaces. You can condition them to be afraid of novel things. The system works perfectly well there. Somehow Toxo can laser out this one fear pathway, this aversion to predator odors … Toxo preferentially knows how to home in on the part of the brain that is all about fear and anxiety, a brain region called the amygdala … Toxo knows how to get in there.

    Next, we then saw that Toxo would take the dendrites, the branch and cables that neurons have to connect to each other, and shriveled them up in the amygdala. It was disconnecting circuits. You wind up with fewer cells there. This is a parasite that is unwiring this stuff in the critical part of the brain for fear and anxiety… It knows how to find that particular circuitry… Meanwhile, there is a well-characterized circuit that has to do with sexual attraction. And as it happens, part of this circuit courses through the amygdala, which is pretty interesting in and of itself, and then goes to different areas of the brain than the fear pathways … Toxo knows how to hijack the sexual reward pathway. And you get males infected with Toxo and expose them to a lot of the cat pheromones, and their testes get bigger. Somehow, this damn parasite knows how to make cat urine smell sexually arousing to rodents, and they go and check it out. Totally amazing … So what about humans? A small literature is coming out now reporting neuropsychological testing on men who are Toxo-infected, showing that they get a little bit impulsive … And then the truly astonishing thing: two different groups independently have reported that people who are Toxo-infected have three to four times the likelihood of being killed in car accidents involving reckless speeding Maybe you take a Toxo-infected human and they start having a proclivity towards doing dumb-ass things that we should be innately averse to, like having your body hurdle through space at high G-forces. Maybe this is the same neurobiology … On a certain level, this is a protozoan parasite that knows more about the neurobiology of anxiety and fear than 25,000 neuroscientists standing on each other’s shoulders … But no doubt it’s also a tip of the iceberg of God knows what other parasitic stuff is going on out there. Even in the larger sense, God knows what other unseen realms of biology make our behavior far less autonomous than lots of folks would like to think.

    (Hypothesis: Microbes Generate Toxins of Power – 6, quoting Dr. Robert Sapolsky). This microbe induced behavior is absolutely not “wired” genetically, rather, it is surgically instilled by a microbe that can do what “25,000 neuroscientists standing on each other’s shoulders” cannot do.

    I will keep searching for that missing link that causes honorable, faithful soldiers to keep repeating the same murderous, heinous, inhumane, and degrading behavior such as shooting down innocent American students at Kent State in the name of “holy warrior freedom fighting.”

  19. Karl, Many of us are going to very unhappy if Romney wins, and he very well could. I guess you and Donald Trump will be celebrating. I sure hope you are very very rich.

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