FBI: Arizona Attorney General Hit Car But Left Scene To Hide Affair With Employee

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has attracted national headlines recently with his spirited appearance in litigation defending the “sanctity of marriage” by blocking basic benefits for same-sex couples. That defense however may be more theoretical for the top state lawyer. Horne was reportedly being followed by the FBI investigating alleged campaign finance violations. The agents say that they watched as Horne struck another car causing $1000 damage to avoid disclosure of an affair with his passenger. The passenger has been identified in news accounts as Carmen Chenal, who works for Horne.

Chenal is the former state superintendent of education and is paid $108,000 in working for Horne in handling foreign extraditions. Chenal has been described as a suspended lawyers with a history including “DUI charge pleaded down to reckless driving, a bankruptcy, and a history of mental and physical issues.” She has been suspended as a lawyer for four months and ordered to pay $2,500 in restitution to a client. She was later placed on probation for two years by the bar.

Horne was allegedly driving a borrowed vehicle and ran into a white Range Rover in the parking garage of a Phoenix apartment complex. According to reports, Chenal left the Attorney General’s Office that day in a Volkswagen she’d borrowed from fellow employee Linnea Heap. Five minutes later, Horne left in his own gold Jaguar and met Chenal in a parking garage. He switched cars and left with Chenal “wearing a baseball hat,” according to the FBI. When they could not get into the entrance of the apartment garage, the agents say that Horne “attempted to back up to exit the parking structure and hit the front passenger side of a white Range Rover with the rear passenger side of the Passat.” They then entered the resident entrance gate.

Horne was not exactly helped by statements from Amy Rezonnico, AG Public Information Officer: “It was a Monday morning. He came in and he looked like a ghost and he, um, um, I asked him what was the matter. I said why did you do that and um, he didn’t really have any good answer other than they looked and that there was they couldn’t see any damage.” That was the AG’s own public relations person.

Horne insists that he did not realize that he caused any damage — though he acknowledged that it caused damage to his car. He further denies that claim by FBI agent Brian Grehoski that he didn’t leave a note for the other driver in order to conceal an extramarital affair. He insists that a grand is nothing for him and he would have simply paid for the damage.
Horne has gone on the attack and asked why he was being followed and surveilled.

There is considerable doubt raised by Horne over the estimate for a little paint and scratches. Here is a statement published from Horne:

The FBI report states: “Montano [the owner of the other vehicle] advised that he was unaware that his vehicle had been hit by another vehicle until FBI Agent Grehoski called him to arrange for the interview. Montano advised that the black mark on the front passenger side of the bumper came from when his son was parking the vehicle in the garage.” The incident may have caused no damage to that vehicle. At worst, pictures show nothing but some scratched paint. “Hit and Run” is a misleading image for, at worst, paint scratches with no dents.

If I had been aware there was damage, I would have left contact information. The parking area is the main parking area for people who have lunch at Pita Jungle and other restaurants in the immediate area. Leaving contact information for a paint scratch in that area would have been irrelevant to whether there was a passenger or not, and the FBI agent’s speculations are without basis.

No one has explained why FBI Agents, investigating whether there were alleged campaign finance violations in 2010, were surveilling me in 2012.

That could very well be true, but the scratches might not seem as pressing a question for a family values politicians than the alleged affair with an employee with greater detail.

In August, Horne filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court to defend the ability of the state to repeal the domestic partners insurance for state employees. Stripping these couples of basic protections in his view “furthers the State’s interest in promoting marriage.”

Indeed, he could add that such benefits do not even scratch the surface of the controversy.

Source: AZ Star

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    Now maybe you approve of the breeding of horses solely for amusing us for their racing qualities, but it is doubtful to me, as those qualities are not bred for the benefit of the horses quality of life.

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  4. Whenever I hear one of this mental midgets yammering against same-sex marriage due to the “sanctity” of the relationship, I truly want to vomit.

    The most depraved gay couples on the planet could scarcely damage the “sacrament” of marriage, to anywhere near the extent that men & women have inflicted upon it, for centuries.

    I suspect in the dim future, a new paradigm will exist, and the comparisons of gay vs non-gay sucess rates will be remarkable indeed.

  5. Blouise, I will check out Rita Mae Brown. I stole the “lady balls” from the character played by Julia Louis Dreyfuss in VEEP. It’s a hilarious show and she talks often about the prez, “He’s just bustin’ my lady balls!” She delivers it perfectly. I’ve alway been attracted to tough, intelligent, funny women.

  6. nick,

    “As a woman, I find it very embarrassing to be in a meeting and realize I’m the only one in the room with balls.”

    That’s a quote from one of my favorite ever women, Rita Mae Brown.

    She also said: “Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides” and “The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself.”

    Check her out sometime

  7. Elizabeth Campbell, I hope you will understand my irony and also sympathy for your plight in my comment to Professor Turley.

    Dear Professor Turley,

    Are you also beginning to notice the rising numbers of plaintiffs against justice undone, or badly done, or freakishly done?

    Does this redound well to the renommé of this bastion of civil rights to have these needy forlorn faces hanging around as living posters of the need for reform? Surely a better facade would be in better accord with the indifferent faces they meet here; would it not?

    Now to another matter.

    Meanwhile, assuming you live in the swing state of Virginia, how can the Turley vots be allowed to not defend us against the terrors of Romneyism?

    Jefferson was a man of principle, many would say. But he enjoyed his slaveholder privileges. And so should those enjoying the remnants of democracy under the rather nominal protection of the Democrats.

    Vote for your needs and our needs, not as a stand for civil rights.

  8. Blouise,

    Don’t say that you are in Phoenix. Now I am confused. Last I heard it was blowing Sandy in Lake Erie shorline. Do you too have a Concorde?

    If you are in Phoenix, then I have an Irish mother to a jewish boy in Tucson that yuu have a lot of Republican hate to share together.

  9. Blouise, I know it’s just a local Fox affiliate. I’m just busting your lady balls. You’re one of the few here who can take it.

  10. ID, It’s pretty obvious that they had nothing substantive. Campaign finance violations are their purview and I don’t have a problem w/ them investigating crooked pols using surveillance. So, having nothing substantive they do this. It makes me wonder just how much probable cause they had to do the surveillance. I’m skeptical both left and right..ambidextruous as it were.

  11. So typical of Arizona. Again, the triumvrate of evil: Texas, Florida and Arizona.

  12. Trouble is, Why isn’t the FBI following the New hampshire attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid? She sent porn to my son (a 10 yr old boy) for years, and in an attempt not to allow the Hopokset School District which did not give my son a FAPE (Fair and Appropriate Public Education) according to the Report & Recommendation of Magistrate Judge James Muirhead (now retired).
    It is interesting that the FBI can pick and choose who they will follow: Why did they not follow Sandusky of Pennsylvania when they got the news…O they are football fans and did not care…until the public did!
    The Hypocrisy, lies and “family values perversities do not stop with this whore, they actually seem to start at the top where in 2007, the United States supreme court voted by a majority that parents (See Winkleman Decision) have a right to take up their child’s rights as their own (see 14th amendment liberty and property rights, See goss v Lopez)!
    kincaid whose telephone rings each time i sign onto the internet, answers my writings here by pretending that i am crazy. this whore knows that i have lots of evidence but she is receiving cover for crimes.
    dear audience, can you guess who is providing the cover?

  13. Investigator to Chenal: “Where were you and Mr. Horne going that day?”

    Chenal: “I really don’t remember.”


    The FBI loves it when a witness or suspect does that. Martha Stewart and innumerable others have learned that the hard way.

  14. OT OT OT OT

    Election night plans?

    If Romney loses, then they still got their power and money to console themselves with. Meanwhile, they can always stall as they did the last four years.
    Meanwhile “Kent” will get 4 years wrinklier.

    Even more OT OT OT

    I went to the Jewish Community Center for first time to buy some stuff at their deli. Seems I could not come in if not cleared by the synagogue. So it has come to that. Sad, but necessary.

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