13 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest”

  1. I was looking for the cross in the road and it appears to be up high. I thought it was supposed to be a vortex of two roads. The kitty was easy to spot but why was he not in church? It is Sunday morning.

  2. bettykath, For girls in the ages 2-7 Hello Kitty is all the rage and there were many girls wearing Hello Kitty costumes. That’s all.

  3. i found it but i had help. i just expanded the picture and showed it to b#tchkitty and when she started hissing i looked were she was looking.

    i should also note that i was highly offended by the 1st century torture/execution device icon over the doorway at the end of the street.

  4. nick, huh? I think there’s a joke or a snark or a something in your comment but I’m ignorant of the context.

  5. bettykath, I had several “Hello Kitty’s” show up @ my front door on Wednesday.

  6. I usually need help but this one and the last have been easy to find. Maybe it’s b/c of all the kittens that show up on my fb page.

  7. I’ll be honest….. I thought it was in the second eave on the right….. Not all who wonder are lost…..

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