Chinese Newspaper Denounces Long Lines For Americans In Choosing Their Leader

My colleague and well-known China expert Donald Clarke sent me another ironic nugget from our friends in China. China’s Global Times has run a story entitled “Seven-Hour Wait to Vote; This Election Is Shameful.” Since I blogged on this disgrace myself, I would normally be heartened by the outcry, but coming from China, where citizens are denied the ability to choose their government, it is nothing short of absurd. It is right up there with the Iranian government calling for the investigation of the mistreatment of protesters in England.

The article proclaims “The U.S. claims to be free and democratic, but the rights of the people are far from guaranteed. It is increasingly difficult for a U.S. citizen to cast a vote and for that vote to be counted”

You know the best thing about authoritarian rule? No lines.

My favorite response online is:

ZhaoHanqingJason: What is a ballot?

then there is . . .

UncleDingdang: If it’s a shame for American voters to wait for seven hours, then what should it be for Chinese people to have waited for over 60 years?

Clearly the irony is not lost on the Chinese people.

Source: China Digital

25 thoughts on “Chinese Newspaper Denounces Long Lines For Americans In Choosing Their Leader”

  1. The long lines appear “mysteriously” in places where Republicans could not think of any other way to win.

    Their rejection of science was a rejection of the methods that would have given them a more clear view of what was happening.

    Things that those who embrace solid science could see coming.

  2. Darren,

    You’re a sweet guy, but sometimes that is not enough.
    Radio Moscow is a strawman, I belive, even if it lived today. But have you tried RT? It’s claims are less than laughable.

  3. bettykath: “But why would Bill Koch own a functioning tank?”

    Guns are phallic symbols, yes? Maybe the wealth isn’t sufficient compensation?

    That was an interesting article you linked to bettykath, he apparently collects stuff and has more than one military vehicle.

  4. I’m appalled @ this Chinese comment about our election. However, I’m not going to boycott Chinese food. Maybe I just won’t eat lo mein for a year.

  5. Hopefully the Chinese gov’t will fulfill my need for laughable propaganda that the demise of the Soviet Radio Moscow left unsatiated. I miss Radio Moscow. I hope the Chinese step up to the plate.

    The last great one was Comical Ali out of Iraq. Ministers of Information of repressive regimes should aspire to be such fine orators.

  6. What a laugh! China critizing us because people had to wait in line to vote.
    Iran being concerned about the treatment of protesters in England is also a real knee slapper. Having said that, when the US. And UK put peaceful protesters in pens, pepper spray them, tase them and arrest them and subject them to intimidating and intrusive searchs it is hard for the UK and the US to claim a high moral ground. Is there a difference, yes, but only of degree. We really need to clean up ou act.

    As for the lines, hey CHINA, at least we get to vote.

  7. Anonymously Yours 1, November 8, 2012 at 10:11 am


    Are you sure…..


    I’ll second that. From where I’m sitting….

  8. Former Paonia councilman Sid Lewis holds a protest sign in front of a tank owned by billionaire energy magnate and Paonia-area ranch owner Bill Koch.

    Read more: ‘Tiananmen Sid’ faces down tank in Paonia’s Fourth of July parade – The Denver Post
    Tanks rumbling down the street in a parade doesn’t just happen in China. But why would Bill Koch own a functioning tank? Intimidation comes to mind.

  9. Also, think a little bit about the racial divide in this past presidential election…. I try to sweep those facts under the rug. But they are disturbing. It shows you the main motivations people vote on. Never a reasonned process based a theoretical analysis of policy. Emotions dominate these events. “White” people that have no idea what kind of companies Romney owns vote for him out of fear that the country might be taken over by dark aliens. Black people are assuming that a black president will somehow protect them from bullying by a rising angry white mob….
    These are far from this ideal prophecy called the electoral process.

  10. Oh, and by the way, congress has about 9% of favorable ratings, and if you conduct a surprise polling on a normal day, only a tiny percentage knows who their house representatives are…
    We seem to disregard these fact as we keep swimming in our illusion.

  11. Elections don’t mean anything. Any wise person would know that.
    The only time when they could serve a purpose is when you have 3 people on earth, starving with no food in sight, and a genie shows up and gives them only one choice between a ton of vanilla icecream, and a ton of apple pies.
    Otherwise, elections only serve the purpose of given you the illusion that you are deciding your fate…

  12. Well in a country where only 17 are permitted to vote you won’t have the same problem.

  13. HELL even in Stalins Soviet Union they had elections. Of course, they did NOT have much choice, but they did have them.

  14. Prof Turley, your observation on the inherent ironies is also relevant to our lack of authority to criticize other nations – for having thorough corruption, for having poor human rights records, for having war criminals hold high office, etc. We seem not to recognize the ironies that are apparent to a good part of the world. I believe one thing both we and China have in common is that we set the bar low.

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