Postal Worker Accused Of Stepping Around Dying Man In Denver In Delivering Mail

A Denver family has a notable complaint about their mail service. The Porch family alleges that a carrier delivered mail to their house and walked by the body of Dale Porch, 46, who collapsed on his porch after working “the graveyard shift” at his job. The carrier reportedly said and did nothing.

Hedy Porch reports that her husband collapsed after returning from work at the Regional Transportation District. He collapsed on the stairs, requiring the carrier to step around the body.

Notably, postal officials defended the actions — or inaction — of the courier. He said that the courier thought that the body was a Halloween decoration. If so, this would not be the first time that people have walked by a body thinking it was art (here) or a decoration(here). Indeed a few years ago, there was a case strikingly similar in the claim of confusion. A lawsuit appears inevitable after a tragic accident in St. Louis where a 17-year-old girl is in a critical condition after she became tangled in a noose at a Halloween haunted house called Creepyworld. The girl was working as an actress at the attraction and was found unconscious. What is particularly chilling is that people appeared to have walked by her hanging in the house and thought she was a realistic prop. Notably, the attraction had people walk through to check on the well-being of actors and she was discovered but not for some time after the accident. She is in critical condition. Creepyworld employs 100 people and can expect a negligence lawsuit.

Given the explanation, I am skeptical of the chances for a lawsuit. The fact that it occurred around Halloween works to benefit of the courier who can claim to be clueless but not culpable.

Source: Denver Channel

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    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or
    if it’s the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Morally, the carrier was lacking. Legally? I don’t see how from a legal standpoint the carrier or the USPS could be held for this omission. If he was dead, there is not law that I know of where a person is required to report a dead body. Concealing it is one thing, reporting it another. If the man was in obvious need of medical attention that would be another matter.

    Sometimes the law ban be as bit cold hearted, if it actually had a heart.

    Usually, it is just better to do the right thing and avoid the fallout. Thinking from just a practical point of view.

  3. walked by the body of Dale Porch, 46, who collapsed on his porch

    good thing the mans name wasn’t thomas crapper.

  4. bettykath, So correct. I worked @ a resort hotel in Wildwood, NJ during 2 college summers. The second summer I had swing shift. We worked 6 days a week and I worked 2 days on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift. My circadian rhythms were screwed up the entire summer.

  5. The mail carrier somehow had a responsibility to check on the health of all those on his route? How does that go?

  6. There are three things to consider :
    1. What time the man arrived home from work
    2. What time the mail was delivered.
    3. What was the time of death.

    This happened about 2nd November when some Halloween decorations would have been in disarray. It was reasonable for the mail carrier to make the assumption this was a Halloween decoration.

    What about the family? When their loved one didn’t arrive home on time, why didn’t they go and check? It’s possible the man was dead before the mail was delivered. The family are making a mountain out of a molehill.

  7. Raff… I’m in agreement with you and the professor on this one…. Timing is everything…

  8. We have not been given a description of the neighborhood. In some areas it is quite common for people to sleep on steps at doorways, whether they live there inside the doorway or not. They dont always snore and why should one bother them. It would be as if you were trying to shoo the poor, hungry, street people away. Let em be. If they are dead then so be it. They got a right to die in peace just like you. Step around em. I cant believe that you are even having this conversation. What, do ya all live in Georgetown or the Hamptons? Get a life– or step over a dead one.

  9. We have “the mails must go through in spite of….”.

    We also have the Good Samaritan which translates here as “if what appears to be a dead person or a person in distress is encountered, then ascertaining same and giving assistance accdg to bla bla will be provided and notice given of this condition to the bla bla public agency.

    If the body has begun to putrify, then mail deliveries may be suspended until such time as the body has been removed.”

    Hope the sarcssm is noted for what is was meant to be.
    Pass it on to the Post Office if you like, no copyright claimed.

  10. It is VERY sad that the man died… and I think they carrier should have done something…..
    BUT… NOT liable for damages…

    I’m kinda getting sick of people trying to make money off peoples death….

    I can’t help but notice the many ironies in this post….. Starting… with them getting their mail on time, as Rafflaw points out…. 🙂

  11. Isn’t he under no duty to act anyway? Even if he did see the man dying, doesn’t the law say that you are free not to act?

  12. The family should be happy that they got their mail on time!
    I agree that the carrier should not be liable for any damages.

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