38 thoughts on “Why Are Cats So Judgmental?

  1. Aghast? Sometimes. Indifference and disdain seem to be the more common feline reactions in my experience. Throw in a dash of curiosity until they have figured out which of those other options to go with.

  2. The caption could read: “The first and the last experience of dismay, at which point all young cats thereafter become jaded, disinterested. It is the end of ideals and aspirations, for which there can be no return to the shelter of naïveté”

  3. Are you surprised that any self-aware superior feline being would be aghast at the foibles of the lowly humans who they allow to coexist in their world? You, sir, have not realized who really rules the world.

  4. I have had cats at various times and was grateful that they allowed me to stay in their home as long I kept the food and water fresh and the litterbox clean.

  5. nonsense.

    only rats think Cats are judgemental, cats are observant, not judgemental.

    Cats eat rats.

    rats think cats want to be boss when nothing could be further from the truth.

    Cats have a reputation for eating rats but in fact Cats know they aren’t tasty and taste similiar to possum.

  6. Swarthmore mom
    1, November 16, 2012 at 8:53 am
    Not mine, they value reproductive freedom.
    so do mine!
    they also understand that left only to the hypocrasies of political cavaliers that there would be no kittens in the world….or no safe, healthy Cats!

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  8. If you value reproductive freedom as you claim, then you are not a responsible pet owner as they would have gotten the animals neutered or spayed.

    Or, you may be talking about personal preferences. I think most States have laws against such activities.

  9. Nick, It started when Romney put his dog on the roof and drove him to Canada. It mobilized the pet lover vote.😉 Bobama is a cute dog that is treated well by the Obama family.

  10. Realistic One 1, November 13, 2012 at 8:59 am

    Miss Mom,

    You sound like a gloating winner. Exactly what did you do that caused Obama to win your state?

  11. Realistic One 1, November 15, 2012 at 1:56 pm


    Does your elevator go all the way to the top? I have read your comnents and am not sure of your motivation.

  12. SWM, We had annual vacations to Cape Cod when I was a kid. We didn’t have room in our car one August for our dog, Dutchess, a lovable mutt. We vacationed w/ another family that also had a very full car. So, myself and one of the kids from the other family took a bus from Hartford to Eastham, Ma.and dutchess got a spot in the back seat of our Chevy Belair. WE HAD A BALL on the bus! My mother got so much shit from her sisters for taking the dog and not her son. People can be so judgemental, don’t you think?

  13. No one is following you unless you think they are! Who are you to follow me? When you get called on your bullshit you get nervous.

  14. Realistic One, Some type of intimidation seems to be your intent as you only address me but I will ignore you from now on.:)

  15. pete, I had cats that would roll over for belly rubs. Milton Zenobia would always roll over and gently paw @ my hands as I rubbed his belly.

  16. Life is not as you wish, but what it has become. You either live in reality or you don’t. I’m sure you don’t but that is fine with me as it is your reality.

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