What? Is There A Problem Here?

I love this picture on Reddit since my dog Molly will immediately go for the softest surface in the house and there is nothing better than warm, freshly folded towels out of the laundry.

The funniest habit of Molly is that she considers the rule against lying in one of the beds suspended if they kids have any sleepovers. Once we pull out a bed for a visiting kid, Molly immediately claims the bed as if saying “hey, I am a family member and, if this guy gets a bed, I get a bed.” Often we will find visiting kids sharing the bed with Molly in the morning.

16 thoughts on “What? Is There A Problem Here?”

  1. Here’s a dog that just might get warm towels every day.


  2. While I recognize this as a moment of warm love for dogs, but if my old Bernese (she’s well past the expected longevity) or my younger German Shepard Chow had sat on my clean warm towels, I’d be spitting fur until the next washing and that washing would be moments after that picture. I love dogs, and Iove, more accurately put up with, my cats, but on my clean towels never. Not one gets that moment. Figuratively, death ensues (like drug dogs, they so want my approval; my cats just give me claw or finger, show butt and move on with no regard to my feelings, it’s the only reason I like them).

    After “Big Sur and the Oranges of Heironymous Bosch”, “A Thousand and One Uses for a Dead Cat” is my favorite book, only because “A Thousand and One Uses for a Dead Dog” makes no sense whatsoever. Dogs aren’t as flexible as cats.

  3. Well nick….. If you listened to bad to the bone….. And momma had a squeeze box…… You’re probably as good …… At being non PC as I am….

  4. We had 2 gordon setters when I was a kid. It was often a fight with my mother as to which one of us would get the dogs for the night. (One was good but two was infinitely better.)

  5. Ay is “Bad to the Bone…bbbbbad, bad to the bone!” I have often wondered if the George Thorogood’s “bbbbad” is non pc?

  6. Often we will find visiting kids sharing the bed with Molly in the morning.

    bet no kid has ever complained either.

  7. Dogventures are interesting and provide lessons for all of us. The Good Lord has given us all kinds of, and degrees of, guides to help us navigate the dark journey.

    Thanks for posting this one.

  8. What carbon based life force doesn’t love to put on, or sit on in this case, clothing right out of the dryer? I will time my shower after a workout to go to the dryer w/ only a towel on, and put on my clothes right out of the dryer. Seinfeld had a great episode involving Kramer obsessing on this, tied in w/ calzones for Steinbrenner.

  9. OUr cats do that to, nothing better than to step out of the shower, grab a towel and cover yourself with cat fur that sticks like glue to wet skin!

  10. It is so nice, so refreshing to read about pets, and see the “mischevious’ picutres that go along. Such a wonderful and welcomed break from the corruptions

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