Houston Man Given Life After Eighth Conviction For DUI

Cornelio Garcia-Mata, 45, has the rare distinction of being sentenced to life in prison for drunk driving. Garcia-Mata has been arrested eight times for drunk driving and has been sentenced as a repeat offender to spend the rest of his days in prison.

Garcia-Mata’s final DUI showed him with a blood alcohol level that was nearly 6 times the legal limit — the equivalent to consuming 23.5 beers. That was number eight for Garcia-Mata. His first came in 1990 and his second came while he was on probation for the first.

The video below shows the arrest from the dashcam on the police cruiser. On the film, Garcia-Mata insists “I’m not drinking.”

The jury returned the life sentence.

What I fail to understand is why Garcia-Mata still had a license. In 2008, Garcia-Mata served only two years on a six year sentence and clearly was able to eventually get a license. Shouldn’t that be the first step before the life sentence? This is akin to letting a person who drives on the sidewalk around a bus to resume driving so long as she wears a humiliating sign for a couple of days. I am astonished that Garcia-Mata was allowed to drive at all. None of the stories suggest that he is driving without a license.

Source: CBS

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  1. Law abiding people and those in law enforcement find it discouraging to see so many criminals who commit serious crimes and then to have them pled down with a slap on the wrist.

    It’s nice to see that someone is stepping up to try to make sure justice is served up!



  2. There is nothing in any of the articles I read related to this incident that indicate Cornelio Garcia-Mata is anything other than a U.S. citizen or here legally.

  3. requestmail did I miss something? He has a “Mexican” name but I didnt see where he was not born in the US

  4. This man will now cost Texas taxpayers $748650.00 for his prison stay. I say we send him to Mexico and revoke his entry back into the US.

  5. Jonathan said:

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  6. Jonathan:

    This also is written in the King James version of the Bible, and is also ascribed to Jesus:

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    Now with no sarcasm at all, I repeat the same question I asked you 8 months ago:

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  8. Malisha wrote:

    “Wait, how come such a high alcohol content is not DWI? DUI is a lesser charge; isn’t it?”
    DUI or DWI is just a matter of the name. Probably most states use DUI while others, such as Texas use DWI. Driving Under the Influence vs Driving While Intoxicated. DUI seems to have become more commonly used over the years. DUI in my view typically is better from a legal standpoint as it defines the influence of the substance more clearly which is more or less at the heart of the law.

    1. God who made all that people use, see, hear, touch, smell, and eat will determine who gets what.

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  9. Jonathan Hughes,

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  10. Normal people don’t drink and drive in Sweden. We are apparently influenced by campaigns here.
    It limits life, but we survive.

    Holier than thou, naw, just I can’t hold my booze and don’t overindulge after youthful indiscretions.

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