Truth From The Mouths of Babes

The Gettysburg Address was 272 words and yet stands as one of the most iconic writings in history. We now have a type of Gettysburg Address of our generation. In just 137 words (almost 40 fewer words than Lincoln), this elementary student writes a moving call to arms coupled with a sense of deep sorrow. Like Lincoln, the student expresses profound pain of a nation with simple penetrating prose.

Matthew 21:16: And Jesus saith unto them, Yea; have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?

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  1. Blouise, You have a good heart. Holidays can bring out the best and worst in families. We headed up to Mn. to have a 2nd dinner w/ our new inlaws on Saturday. I expected traffic to be light but it was quite heavy. I surmise it was families who were over fed and fed up, making a break early. But, it’s mostly good, and gestures like yours are that make them so.

  2. Once I had my NYC bagels every other bagel store, forget Sara Lee and lenders, (if a bagel could sue for defamation of the name of bagel…), has been just a purveyor of poor cousins.
    I have made bagels myself (did taste like them but still they were not like a really good NYC bagel) I did nto realize how long you boiled them made a difference.
    Put the right stuff on it (: and Im with you with the bialy..

  3. When I lived in NYC I brought a baker’s dozen bagels from H&H bagels (sadly gone now). They were so big and heavy that as I walked from the train and through the station I ended up giving away one then 2 then 3 then 4 because the bag was just so darn heavy.

  4. Gene H.
    1, November 26, 2012 at 12:49 pm
    You were the Queen of Hearts, Blouise? 🙂


    Probably a really nasty general. Only the :mrgreen: knows!

  5. nick,

    You can say that again!

    The trick is to find the small, family owned deli, restaurant, corner-grocery, bakery, butcher, bar and patronize them. That and reading the Turley Blog where upon one will uncover some wonderful recipes and cooking hints. It’s serendipitous to a legal blog.

    BTW … interesting experience this Thanksgiving. We had a large gathering at my daughter’s and one of my son-in-law’s relatives, a quiet and unassuming fellow who I knew slightly, was there. His wife approached me during the hors doeuvre/cocktails and quietly asked me if I would ask her husband to do the turkey carving. Realizing that this was some kind of male, ego ritual … I decided to forge ahead and do it being a strong believer in don’t seek permission/apologize later school of manners.

    I asked him and he whispered, “I’d like to if no one else minds.” He then explained that several years ago, while recovering from an illness, he had been stuck at home with nothing but the TV for company and had channel surfed to a cooking show and learned how to carve a turkey.

    When the turkey was ready I announced that Uncle ___ would be doing the carving. I gave him the carving set and went to another room. The men all gathered round him and started oohing and ahhing. He zipped through that turkey with a speed and perfection none of them had witnessed before. It was carving perfection for which he received several slaps on the back and was designated the “carver” forever.

    He was quite talkative for the rest of the day and his wife was literally beaming. Hidden talents.

  6. SWM, I shop @ a grocery store in Madison that has many Mexican employees and customers. They sell Mexican Coke and it does taste like the soda of my youth. I don’t drink regular soda, but bought a couple just to see if I could taste a difference.

  7. Corporate America has increased the size of a bagel by 70% from the original sized Jewish deli bagel. They have massacred pizza and pasta and eviscerated Mexican and Chinese food. They are satan trying to kill us w/ large amounts of sh!tty food. And they are winning.

  8. Now that I am starving for lox and bagels, my son wants to go eat Mexican food at MI Cocina on the way to the airport. Maybe I will have the Mexican coke, Blouise.

  9. Some would say they are the foundation of the pyramid, raff. They are, after all, made from grains.

  10. Mike,

    What a dunderhead … and yes, I see nothing wrong with chopping off the head of the messenger … probably a habit left over from one of my past lives.

  11. SwM,

    The corner deli here is the best place for bagels. They do their own and next time I’m in there I’ll ask where they learned.

    As to Einstein’s, never had theirs. Walked into one and it didn’t smell right so I left.

    ap is a fellow addict!

  12. Great.

    Now I want a bagel and doughnuts.

    And somewhere, the patron saint of baked and fried breakfast breads, St. Homer of Springfield, gets his wings . . .

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