Serbian Mayor Issues Public Health Warning On Vampire Outbreak

220px-NosferatuShadowI wonder if Homeland Security has a color coding for this particular warning. A Serbian village, Zarozje, is in full panic after its mayor issued a serious public health warning of an outbreak of vampires. One particular vampire actually: Sava Savanovic, which by the way is a great name for a vampire.

220px-Bela_lugosi_draculaThe mayor suggested people stock up on garlic and crosses after an old water mill collapsed. The story is that Sava Savanovic used the mill to prey upon unsuspected visitors. Apparently, the town allowed visitors to be vampire fodder to keep Sava Savanovic away from the local denizens (This may explain why Zarozje is not a popular tourist spot). The family that owned the mill refused to enter it because Sava Savanovic lived there. The mill rotted and recently collapsed. This really really ticked off Sava Savanovic, who, as a vampire, was already pretty ticked off.

According to the mayor, this has left Sava Savanovic without a home and looking for midnight snacks.

Somehow I am convinced that behind this story is a garlic farmer who was facing a sales slump.

Source: The Week

39 thoughts on “Serbian Mayor Issues Public Health Warning On Vampire Outbreak

  1. Ooo. That is a really good vampire name. But I too must look to the garlic farmer in peril before buying some metal collars and wooden stakes.

  2. Maybe they should rebuild the mill. Not only would it give them something useful to do they could include a lot of garlic in the concrete and crucifixes in the art work.

    Or they could try joining the 21st Century & give up on all the superstitious mumbo-jumbo . . . nah!

  3. I guess now that the debate over bigfoot has gone mainstream every town that has weird cryptozoology myths will try to attract tourists by exploiting them, from vampires, to nessie, werewolves to . Movies like twilight sensationalizing the vampire story encourage this.”Why go to boring old bermuda when you could come here and win a chance to live forever, though 1/1000 die overnight!”

  4. A lot of Serbian families migrated to the U.S. The keep mum about the vampires. Stay away from Serbia itself if you know whats good for ya. If your are gonna be a tourist, drive the Dalmatian Coast, Macedonia and up thru Croatia. Dubrovnik, is one of the finest looking cities in Europe. Rent a sailboat. Stay the heck away from Serbia.

  5. Actually I am more likely to stay away from Croatia because of their political situation. While I love Germany, I would not set foot there if they started glorifiying Hitler or the Nazis. Unfortunately, Croatia has decided that the Ustashi were their models and good examples for their people. The Ustashi were the puppet rulers of Croatia under Hitler in WWII. They were so brutal and savage that even the SS was appalled. Now when you can gross out the SS, you have really accomplished quite a feat. I have already been to Yugoslavia in 1984 and had a nice time and enjoyed the place, though the people were still civilized even under the Communists. Now is another matter.

  6. It’s risky, but try first putting up aa ad on the net, advertizing a vampire museum cum disco- The ad might be a way to test the waters before building it.

    If things continue, it will be an eternal source of income for the family. Even Euros go for this stuff.

  7. randyjet,

    Why is it worse now? There are several countries. Was that judgement for all of them?

    And people don’t choose savagery or fascism unless there are special reasons. Right?

    For example, why do we drone Swat valley civilians and have a neofascist government with unseverable links to corporations?

    Your opinions interest me, so do please answer with your insights.

  8. If the US was neofascist, I would be either dead or on the run and using my guns instead of my computer. To say the US is even close to being fascist is absurd, All the more so since I know what the Houston was like when I first moved here. I and others were arrested for simply passing out anti-war leaflets, our headquarters were bombed and shot up by the cops and their buddies in the KKK. A friend of mine house was shot up by them a number of times. The cops would raid parties that we held and arrested many of us. So don’t give me this crap about how the US is so repressive now.

    The problem with Croatia is that they openly laud the Ustashi and shield their war criminals who committed genocide against the Serbs and others who are not Coats. THAT is my probem with them.

    Using drones to attack the Taliban and their supporters is not a bad thing since we are at war with them. If the US were sending out assassination teams as the Israelis did after the Munich massacre, or using drones in Western Europe, THEN I would be upset. We use drones for the simple reason that the US and/or the ruling regime in those countries cannot nor will not bring those terrorists in for trial or even fight them. It is easier tor the US to save those countries government casualties and money by letting the drones do their dirty work for them. That is NOT fascism by any means. It is called WAR. Bad things happen to all people in such situations, especially when one opponents use their innocents as shields.

  9. randyjet,

    suppression is accomplished in different ways and against different groups. Your earlier experience is not relevant today.

    I’m not too hep on fascism, but as I understand it, it requires giving power over the government to corporations. Do explain how this does not fit the USA. You do accept the fact that it is corporations who steer this country through bought laws and bribery??

    It was savagery, which had been mentioned, that I was pointing out. Our attacks in the Swat Valley is willfully against the wishes of the Pakistan government. And many Pakistan soldiers have been killed by Talibans there. The real figures on civilian casualties. taps of burial ceremonies, two-tap attacks have we discussed too. So that pretty well fits a description of savagery, I feel.

    Our use on drone attacks have no support in international laws and treaties that we have signed years ago.

    Pakistan is a sovereign nation whom we pay support to, both military and civil. We are not at war with them.

    You worded your criticism of former Yugoslavia in a way which I thought was a blanket condemnation of all nations there. Apparently not meant so.

    Do you suppose that if you visited Croatia, that you might meet some people that you could like and respect?

    There are fascists in many countries, even Sweden.

  10. “If the US were sending out assassination teams as the Israelis did after the Munich massacre, or using drones in Western Europe, THEN I would be upset.”


    Hate to say it but you outed me here. As a Jew, not Israeli, I think the assassination teams after Munich were quite appropriate, since all of those responsible for the gratuitous murder of the Israeli Olympic athletes were going to get away with their crime. Your equating that specific actions with drones is I think unjustified.

    “Using drones to attack the Taliban and their supporters is not a bad thing since we are at war with them.”

    I guess then your delineation on the drone issue comes down to whose ox is being gored. I would think that the “Munich Massacre” was an expression of warfare by terrorists as much, if not more than the our war with the Afghanistan terrorists the “Taliban”. You are forgetting that for better or worse, the Taliban came to power with the support of a majority of the Afghan people. I loathe them for their aberrant beliefs, but it was not the Taliban who attacked us on 9/11, even if they allowed the attackers to base themselves in Afghanistan. Your equivalency’s don’t add up.

  11. MS While some of the murders the Israelis carried out were justified in some circumstances, such as attacking those beyond the reach of law enforcement and courts. they went WAY out of line in Western Europe where they did have that option. The Israelis alsm managed to MURDER a niumber of people who were INNOCENT. The most egregious case was in Norway which the Norwegians let them off the hook Had the Israelis bothered trying to use the legal system instead of being terrorists themselves, they would have found out the guy they murdered had NO connection to terrorists at all.. Killing the terrorists in Arab countries was perfectly justified since there was no possiblity of using the law to get them. The SAME is true of the drone strkies since they are being done in an active war zone, and the Pakis are not too upset with them either since they could easily SHOOT THEM DOWN! They do NOT. The same is true for Yemen and killing the American citizen who was around the Al Qeada group when he shared their same fate. At least he can share the virgins with them now, so he should be quite happy and we should not mourn or protest his demise. He got what he deserved and wanted.

    As for the Israeli athletes, one can make a good case that they were legitimate military targets since they were all military personnel. I knew when I was in the military, I was a legal target at all times, on duty off duty, in uniform or out, even in reserve or active duty. That is a fact. Of course, there was no justification for the atrocity, but they were not innocent civilians. The terrorists got what they deserved too.

  12. ID707, You need to know what fascism is before you start slinging the term around. i hate those on the left who call everything fascist at the drop of a hat. Fascism is a mass movement of jingoist nationalism primarily from the petite bourgeiouse. It uses nationlist symbols and views to create a unity of the political spectrum around this nationalism to subject the lower classes to the will of the large corporations which fund such movements. It is also called corporatism since the state has a major interest in the operation of corporatioins as well as serving the interests of the private capitalist owners of that property. This necessitates the crushing of all opposition of political parties and unions. The workers organizations are destroyed and in its place there are established company “unions” which are run by the companies.

    As for wealty interests controling the politics, that is NOT fascism since virtually every government based on private ownership of the means of production have done the same. This runs from the mercantile era of British power to the present. So saying that wealthy interests control the state is nothing new nor is it fascism.

    While I am sure that there are probably fascists in even Sweden, and as was proved in Norway recently, the governments of those countries are NOT. The government of Croatia is as close to fascism as one can get without being fascist outright. As I said, if Germany decided to honor Hitler, I would not set foot in Germany again, even though the government might not be fascist.

  13. While I am not a fan of Milosevic, he was overcharged and framed up to say the least. ALL of what he did was done by virtually ALL of the nations he was being judged by. I really got a laugh out of the “court” being in the Hague of all places since the people in that country should have been the FIRST ones to be on trial for the atrocities that were FAR in excess of anything Milosevic was accused of. Just remember what the Dutch did in Indonesia after WWII. Then we can all recall the FACT that Holland provided the most volunteers for the SS of any country in WWII by far. Those folks are REAL nazi genocidal murderers. They might be called experts at it in fact. As we found out later,most of the reports were lies fromt he NATO types about the so called war crimes. Then of course, this overlooks the FACT Milosevic was in HIS OWN COUNTRY at the time. He did not travel half way around the world to mass murder a people who did nothing to them as the dutch did or the US did in Vietnam. The US established free fire zones in Vietnam in which anyting living was killed on sight. ALL the villages were destroyed and the people forcibly killed or moved. The Serbs did none of that. Most to the people in Kosovo left on their own for the simple reason that NATO was threatening to make war there. I would get out too if I were facing such a thing. War zones are NOT a healthy place to be for anybody.

  14. Darren Smith,

    The list of vampire politicians is very long. Only now in America we have several. Hope you have lots of ink in your pen. If you want to start with the Balkans, I can do one on USA, starting with the Bushes.

  15. Randyjet,

    Thanks for your definition. Exactly what I needed to expand on my thesis. Fits American system extremely well. All three branches of government are infiltrated by commercian interests/vorporation lobbyists/etc.

    It is also called corporatism since the state has a major interest in the operation of corporatioins as well as serving the interests of the private capitalist owners of that property. This necessitates the crushing of all opposition of political parties** and unions. The workers organizations are destroyed and in its place there are established company “unions” which are run by the companies.

    If elected, they have to be bought because they can’t pay their way. If appointed for lifetime, they are impatient to get on the corporate teat as quickly as possible.

    I did not say totalitarian***, although we get closer for every passing day. But fascist, definitely. And liberl leftist I am not. Try again.

    **Reagan killed the labor unions, and you tell me how a meaningful difference between the Dems and the Repubs disappeared, and when business buying whatever they needed: power, laws, wars, regulating welfare, education…… infinite list.

    ***We can still decide where we buy groceries.

  16. nick spinelli 1, November 30, 2012 at 10:36 am

    Dredd … You do know his sister was Surgeon General
    No, I did not know.

    Of the U.S., or the Army, or what?

  17. Mike S says: “Hate to say it but you outed me here. As a Jew, not Israeli, I think the assassination teams after Munich were quite appropriate, since all of those responsible for the gratuitous murder of the Israeli Olympic athletes were going to get away with their crime. Your equating that specific actions with drones is I think unjustified.”

    I’m with Mike S here, and perhaps it is because genes are thicker than water but perhaps I would be with him on this one even if I were a non-Jew. See, the action against the Israeli athletes was definitely, without any doubt, both an act of war against a sovereign nation that had participated with other nations in an international cooperative game, but was, in addition, an antisemitic (therefore hate-motivated) crime — and this, unfortunately, is one of the functions of Israel.

  18. Excuse me, dumb grammar (preoccupied): RESPONDING to such hate crimes is unfortunately one of the functions of Israel.

  19. I can say that the reaction to the massacre was like a lightning shock in Sweden. Appalling to all.
    We, the nations, just don’t do such things.
    And then came Lackerbie, etc.
    The arabs were soldiers. They were killed like soldiers, hiding or in the open. Fully legitimate.

  20. Dredd, My wife just corrected me. Antonia Novella was the first female US Surgeon General, appointed by the old man Bush. However, she was the SISTER-IN LAW of Don Novella, the actor who played Fr. Guido Sarducci.

  21. I don’t see much difference between this vampire stuff and all the zombie raids that the US government is always preparing for.

    Also, I thought this took place in Serbia, not Croatia. They ARE different countries aren’t they? Or did I miss something . . .

  22. Mike S and Malisha, The problem with the Israeli assassination team was that they murdered an innocent man in Norway. His only crime was that he was Arab and had the same name as their target. He left behind a Norwegian wife and child. So according to you, the Israelis should get a pass on this murder. I agree with you on killing the perps in countries where there was no possibility of bringing these people to justice. A good example is the capture of Eichman in Argentina. At least they took enough care to make sure they got the right man and gave him a trial.

    Mike S simply says that the drones are different without saying why. i know that ones uses an aircraft, and the Israelis used assassins, but similar principles apply. The drones are in an active war zone with the tacit approval of the host countries. The Israelis did NOT get that from Norway, or italy where they DID have recourse to courts and a judicial system that would be a fair one. In fact, the drones are acting legally as war planes, and the US has declared those places as such. So any American who decides to go there against the express prohibion of the US, can have NO claim to non-combatant status. Thus if you get killed by the US, you knew the risks, you are acting in concert with active combatants of the US, so you get to die. That most certainly is NO violation of any US or international laws. If the argument is made that the countries involved do not approve of the drones, they have the simple expedient of shooting them down. All they need is a Cessna 210 and a good hunting rifle and a box of ammo. Problem over.

    If one approves of assassination teams to go anywhere, any place to execute your opponents, then you will have to say that the Israelis will be justified in killing any American citizen who does a hate crime against Jews in the US. I think that is a dangerous idea to say the least. I really object to the idea that genes are thicker than water, since it places ones being determined by ones ancestry rather than ones own self and merits I guess that Gen. Eisenhower should have said the same thing about the Germans and not fought them in WWII? I hope that you consider yourself Americans first, and anything else second and of far less importance..

  23. Herr Erb,

    MikeS and Malisha, permit me the pleasure of addressing him in your discussion.

    Herr Erb, is as usual unable to discern both the principles of national sovereignty, international law and treaties, and the laws and subtleties of warfare.

    There was a distinct and clear message given, IMHO, in assassinating these assassins. They were not criminals to be tried, but they were soldiers who would be sought and killed on the world stage that they had decided to fight on. Dispersing and disappearing in the world populations would offer no refuge. They were undercover officers of a foreign power and had in all likelihood a military grade, but whatever, they were warriors in any case.

    As for Norway, shit happens, just as it does using drones. But this was only one person, not thousands.

    For the sake of brevity I retire for now.

  24. The fact is that the terrrorists who carried out the Muhich attack were indeed criminals on so many levels it is hard to see how you can call them warriors. In that case, according to your definition and principles, the Israeli athletes were legitimate targets too since they were ALL members of the IDF. Sorry, but I totally reject that for both parties. Since I AM a military veteran, I also take umbrage at the notion that the killers are part of any military group or organization. They are criminals pure and simple under international and national laws. Thus to ignore and refuse to use available legal remedies is simply vigilantism at its worst, with the ensuing result of dead innocents.

    The drones are being used in territory where there is NO law or even national control of any kind. Thus there is NO legal way to bring the terrorists and their support to justice or to stop them. Thiose who live in such places are doing so knowing full well that it is a war zone, and any civilian or innocent victims while unwanted, are the result of the actions of themselves and of their group. The murder of an innocent man by Israel cannot be justified by any of those circumstances. He was only guilty of being born Arab with the wrong name. If you think that is justifiable, then hope like hell that nobody with YOUR name does a terrorist act. Then when Israel or the US sends an assassination team to kill YOU, I will yawn as say tough, shit happens.

  25. Arthur,

    ID707 summed up my position succinctly in 10:21am comment and Malisha’s previous comment does so to. There is though one other matter where I take issue with you:

    “As for the Israeli athletes, one can make a good case that they were legitimate military targets since they were all military personnel.”

    Almost all Israeli citizens are required to be in the military services. when you are a country of 6 million surrounded by a population that could easily mount a million troops against you, compulsory military service is needed. However, you argument that they all were soldiers, thus legitimate military targets competing as Olympic Athletes, is facile at best. They were killed not because they were soldiers, but to make an international point against Israel. People killed in Israel by suicide bombers and hit squads were killed randomly. Many of them were not Israeli citizens but tourists. I guess terrorists can justify themselves by saying their presence in Israel was a show of support, but then humans are capable of justifying anything.

  26. If you would read my post I did NOT say that they were legitimate military targets at the Olympics. I simply said that IF you say the terrorists were legitimate military persons, then the same applies to the Israeli athletes as well. The ONLY time and place the Isrealis athletes could have been considered military targets is in Israel or the occupied territories. All other times and places in other countries they fall under the law and PROTECTIONS of that law and police forces of that country. Thus under national law the terrorists are criminals, NOT military persons engaged in armed combat. The SAME holds true for the Israeli asssassins. They were criminals as well, especially when they targeted an innocent man and murdered him for no good reason other than his simply being Arab and having the wrong name. You would scream bloody murder if that had happened to a Jew in France or any other country.

    As for the drones, they are targeting military subjects and any collateral damage is unintentional. The terrorists on the other hand target innocents. I see that some folks cannot see any difference. If you wish to condemn the drone strikes, then you have to condemn the Israeli strikes against Hamas in Gaza. I do not. I think Israel is fully justified in what they are doing there. Again, they are targeting military facilities, and incidentally kill civilians. Hamas on the other hand targets civilians and incidentally kill military targets. There is a BIG difference!

  27. He was not talking to you, RandyJet, but I am.
    Tell us by what right that you feel that you can speak FOR the military. And what military esperience has given you such knowledge to expound on what a military person is or is not.

    A simple esample: A sniper, un-uniformed and undercover—is he/she a military person. Not being in uniform he falls outside of the international treaties, and can be summarily executed, but he can be military for that. It depends on whether the country of origin decides that he falls under military command and is given a rank according to their rules. It is not up to international law to decide at all.

    I thought that I had taught/taunt you once to think before speaking.

    The rest you wrote I won’t bother with.

  28. I’ll weigh in again on what I meant when I spoke of the Israeli assassination of the Olympic athlete slayer-team. FIRST OF ALL YES, killing the wrong guy was wrong and all that goes with it, no argument.

    Then back to the main point. Is it right for a nation to send out a swat team to avenge the murder of its representatives at an international event? I won’t go all the way yes and I won’t go all the way no on this one. I’d say look at the particular event that is the stimulus.

    A gang empowered by no sovereign authority slays the Olympic team of Israel on non-Israeli soil?

    Is it OK (whether internationally legal or not) to go kill them wherever they hide?


    Why? Because it’s quick, real, and final. It says, not so much “this is justice” and it says, “DON’T DO IT AGAIN.”

    And that’s my whole moral, religious, political and other position on it.

  29. “Why? Because it’s quick, real, and final. It says, not so much “this is justice” and it says, “DON’T DO IT AGAIN.””

    Malisha put both the Israeli and the Jewish perspective right out there where it belongs. The Shoah taught Jews two valuable lessons that unfortunately they have had to learn over and again throughout history.

    The first lesson is that because of our modest numbers and our refusal to give up our identity (tribal, religious, ethnic, etc.) we will always be considered to be convenient scapegoats for ignorant people.

    The second lesson draws from the first. Despite the stereotypes Jews are pretty tough people and we are tired of being kicked around. We are quite capable of protecting ourselves. Given the almost total lack of aid provided to the Jews of Europe worldwide, with notable exceptions from some righteous individuals, we must care for ourselves. Due to our numbers it may yet still be possible to destroy us through genocide, but this time it will be at a very dear cost to those so inclined. Never again will we be marched passively to our deaths, we’ve been taught a terrible lesson.

  30. I see you are totally ignorant since snipers ARE uniformed and DO have rank and are NOT considered illegal or terrorists. Though most troops hate them, and snipers are not usually taken prisoner, though they are supposed to be.

  31. Herr Erb,

    Out of contact with reality again. Dogma above all.

    There are irregular snipers, guerilla snipers under military control, and even JSOC snipers in civil clothing. Reality does not follow your presumptions.

    Not to speak of CIA officers who carry military equivalent rank and do take out people, as do Pentagon officials if in extreme circumstances, such as Ellsberg was in the paddies of Vietnam, etc.

    How little the world corresponds to your illusions. Sad.

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