Find Out Whodunnit: UPDATE on The Case of the Confidential Police Confetti

Nassau_County_Police_SealSubmitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Last week, I wrote a post (The Case of the Confidential Police Confetti) about shredded Nassau County Police Department documents containing confidential information that were discovered among the colorful confetti that showered down upon onlookers of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The shredded documents included the “social security numbers and banking information for police employees, some of whom are undercover officers.” They also contained police incident reports. The Nassau County Police Department said it would launch an investigation into the matter to find out what happened. Well, it turns out that a police department employee was the culprit who tossed the confidential confetti onto parade watchers.

Find out more about the story in the following video:


Employee Record Retention and Destruction: A Lesson in Keeping it Confidential and Cleaning out the Clutter (

6 thoughts on “Find Out Whodunnit: UPDATE on The Case of the Confidential Police Confetti”

  1. Good to know KPIX is on duty, as the Nassau County PD certainly seems to be on vacation!

  2. Confetti? Why wasn’t that person out harassing street artists or people with Big Gulps. You know. The important things instead of attending a parade.

  3. So they are “considering” disciplinary action, and “considering” buying cross shredders. That is all code for “if this doesn’t blow over in a week, we will have to pretend to do something.”

  4. You’d think a police department would realize they ought to use a far more secure shredded.

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