9 thoughts on “The Criminal Kitten Mind”

  1. The cat thinks:

    “It is not that I raise my hands in surrender, it is so they will let down their guard. I will have them. Revenge shall be mine. Time for a nap.”

  2. I always wish my guys (my cats) would do that, total sense of relaxation, peace, joy, and security.

  3. Cats dont have antipathy to dogs or vice versa. That cat is dreaming of wet cat food, shreds of white fish in his bowl. A bowl of dry cat food right next to it. A full bag of dry cat food next to the bowls on the floor. Sixteen cans of wet cat food up on the counter in full view. And, the cat claw rug nailed on the wall. And, a few fluffy cat toys on the sofa.

  4. He’s dreaming of cuddling a minuscule Bond villain in his paws.
    “No, Snoopy. I expect you to… die!”

  5. No, no no… Cats think much more grandly than that. Imagine a costumed super villain standing on the balcony of a huge baroque lair, raising his arms in victory while he gloats to the world he enslaved. THAT is what the cat is dreaming.

  6. AY, can I top that? Nope, but anyway……

    Looks like he is acting out the story of a white ghost cat for a little kitten. You know scary ghosts………boooooooooo!

  7. Or this time of year….. A Christmas Tree and lots of ornaments…… Could be the subject of malicious destruction of property….. Scratch that…. The cats own the master…..

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