New Picture Emerges of George Zimmerman

imagesA new picture has emerged of George Zimmerman following the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. The picture shows a bruised and bloody Zimmerman, though such pictures do not establish who started the fight.

The picture however will clearly add to the claim of the defense that Zimmerman was engaged in an intense fight when he said Martin tried to grab his gun. The standard remains guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and these photos will be used to create such doubt in the mind of the jury.

The picture was taken by a Sanford police officer on the night of February 26th after Zimmerman killed Martin.

Source: CBS

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  1. rafflaw,

    Sometimes you just have to scratch a little to actually find out what’s behind the veneer. Does Zimmerman’s brother actually think he’s helping him by doing this?

  2. I saw that article this morning Elaine. The gene pool in the Zimmerman family seems a bit shallow!

  3. George Zimmerman’s Brother: ‘Black Teens’ Are Killers
    By Aviva Shen on Mar 25, 2013

    Since he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year, George Zimmerman has been trying to convince the public that he was not acting simply out of racist aggression but because Martin attacked him. Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr, is not helping his cause. On Saturday, Zimmerman went on a Twitter tirade against “black teens,” equating the boy killed by his brother with De’Marquise Elkins, the 17-year-old suspect in the murder of a Georgia infant.

    As highlighted by Mediaite, Zimmerman tweeted a photo comparison between Elkins and Martin flipping their middle fingers with the caption, “A picture speaks a thousand words…Any questions?”

    Zimmerman tweeted the photo at Michael Moore, the NAACP, the NRA, and a editor. He followed it up with another comparison between the two, tweeting “Teen to West: “Do you want me to shoot your baby?” #TrayvonMartin to #GeorgeZimmerman: You’re gonna die tonight Motherf**ker.”

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  5. THIS PICTURE HAS BEEN AROUND ALMOST SINCE THE BEGINNING. IT WAS JUST SHOWN IN BLACK AND WHITE RATHER THAN COLOR. DON’T KNOW WHY SUCH A BIG DEAL IS MADE OF IT. It very much appears to be a photo shopped copy of the original showing a crooked nose and bright red blood in color photo. His nose could not have been this crooked and then by the time you see him in person after it was supposed to be made, the nose was no longer crooked. Miracle of miracle’s. DUH!!!

  6. Malisha kicks a dog who deserved it for once. Well done.

    Thanks for all the work you have done on this case Sling, actually both Sling and Malisha.
    Great insights from both of you.

  7. The structure of my own mini-blog got messed a bit in June following the release of the walk-through videos. I did some quick updates before disappearing off on a field trip.

    One of these days, I’ll go back and redo it.

    In the meantime, I have little explosions of verbiage elsewhere.
    The latest ones have been in a Stately Manor.

    Here’s my latest on credibility…

  8. I only noticed this thread today.

    BarkinDog, it is gratifying that you have stopped calling the deceased victim Trayvon Martin “choirboy” and that you have moved on to “hoodie.” Look at this, though:

    “Zimmerman had a perfect right to follow this perp on a dark street and to carry a loaded weapon.”

    Interesting. “Perp” did what? Perpetrated what?

    “The punk is dead because he attacked Zimmerman.”

    Interesting. This Black youth has now become a “punk” when in fact Detective Serino pointed out to Zimmerman in a recorded interview, “not a punk.” You still have him down as “punk,” though. Hmmm. And you say he is dead because “he attacked Zimmerman.” We know that because he’s a punk? Or we know that because his hands had Zimmerman’s DNA on them? Or we know that because George Zimmerman, being a “decent American,” would never have attacked the “punk”?

    “I want someone watching out for my safety and property in my neighborhood”

    You do? Hire someone to do that. Make sure the person has no history of attacking law enforcement officers, though. And make sure they’re not on Adderall or have a history of alcohol abuse.

    You say: “and I dont want hoodies creeping around stealing and mugging.”

    Course you don’t, course you don’t. So go kill some hoodies yourself, oh superior being who wants to be able to protect himself from stealing and mugging. Don’t bother checking whether the “hoodies” you kill have ever stolen or mugged first, however; that would involve unnecessary amounts of FOIA requests, fact-checking and so forth. Just assume if they’re Black they’ll do.

    You advise, “If you have ever lived in a neighborhood that “went South” then you might know where I am coming from and know where I am not going back to.”

    Well now we begin to see what happened to you to give you this “kill’em ’cause’n we gots to norder ta protect ours sacred a55es” sort of take on life. You, like GZ, are sure somebody’s out to mug and rob you and steal your stuff and beat you up and so forth… What happened, doggie, was mommy a b*tch?

    You opine: “Punks slingking around in the dark make life in America miserable.”

    Wow. You’ze juss mizzable here, huh? From “punks slingking around in the dark”? So let me ask you this: how come GZ didn’t tell either Sean on the NEN call or Hannity on National TV that the punk was slingking? He said that the punk was SKIPPING! You also scairt of punks SKIPPING AROUND in the dark? STAY HOME AFTER 6 PM, you yellow-bellied lab!

    And the crowning glory: “This dead guy has a family with a whining lawyer who is praying for a conviction so that they can sue the homeowners association and steal some more money.”

    OK, I usually don’t kick dogs but this one deserves a roundhouse in the soft underbelly. The “dead guy’s family” stole some money already? From whom, YOUM? And their whining lawyer, did he go on-line yet saying he’d send a hand-signed thank-you note to anybody who’d send him cash?

    Hey BarkinDog, you forgot to finish up with the moral of your story:

    “Bad Bad BAD Blacks: Stop stealing money from DOGS! See how much trouble you cause?”

    Seriously, BarkinDog, this comment you posted was offensive. Many of your comments are quite wonderful to read and you have, in the past, often been quite good to “know” on-line. But I am disgusted with this one. And I am telling myself that probably what happened to you was that some African American in some bad neighborhood in your past did something terrible and humiliating to you. And you are still angry, still smarting, and still snarling. But get this: it was not Trayvon Martin.

  9. The original photo was not formally taken as part of the evidence chain. One of the earwitnesses (Jeremy’s partner?) refused to come outside and identify Zimmerman.
    A cop took a photo of Zimmerman and brought it inside to show her.
    It was informal/incidental/accidental – explaining why it didn’t surface immediately – and was not part of a properly managed evidence chain.

    One would need medical expertise to explain the very remarkable difference in nose swelling between that image and the formal ones taken in the police station about three hours later.
    To a layperson’s eyes, there had been a miraculous cure.

    If there is controversy over this, medical opinions would be useful.

  10. anon, you’re right that the photo is the same as the black and white photocopy. If there was photoshopping it was done most likely before the prosecution got it. The chain of evidence is a bit sloppy. The officer that took the picture with his cell phone, moved it to his computer, deleted the cell phone image and waited 3 weeks before turning it over to SPD. During that 3 weeks there were frequent meetings within SPD about the case and discussions about whether or not to charge Zimmerman.

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  12. “That would be exceptionally out of standard practice for a handgun.”

    How close is Zimmerman’s description of the shot to “standard practice”?
    He’s flat on his back.
    Martin is straddling him, sitting on his hips and leaning down over him.
    Zimmerman manages to get that little gun out of its concealed carry holster inside and under his belt.
    He has to get it lined up for that shot.
    He says that after the shot that Martin sat up – reinforcing his story that Martin was bending over him while sitting on his hips/middle.

    Elbow very much sharply bent – nearly maximum
    One-handed grip.
    Wrist sharply bent down in order to get the shot straight into the chest.
    I think that this definitely qualifies as “exceptionally out of standard practice”.

    Equal and opposite reaction. The lighter the gun, the more it will behave like the bullet.
    That gun is only 0.8” thick and weighs only 18 ounces when fully loaded – which it was apart from the round that was then moving in the opposite direction to that in which the gun would be attempting to travel in an equal and opposite reaction.

    Look at that video (above) again. Those guys are calm, prepared and using ultra-standard. They remark on the force of the recoil action.
    Think about how Zimmerman would have to hold that gun in order to get that shot in the circumstances.

    It’s still possible that Martin punched Zimmerman, but the ear & eye witnesses, and forensics, don’t support his account of the details of the fight,

  13. To receive a cut to the nose from a semi-automatic handgun you would have to hold it within about an inch from the nose. That would be exceptionally out of standard practice for a handgun.

    Though I have seen novice shooters take large caliber revolvers and do this with .44 mag or higher where they hold it somewhat limp wristed and the gun is pulled backward from the recoil and gets them in the forehead or upper nose. Often it goes over their head.

    Idiot yuppies in Bellevue who have never before fired a handgun too often seem to want to shoot the biggest hand cannon they can find and stupid things happen. I took my wife to an indoor range there one time and there were many of them scurrying around. She barely knows anything about firearms and has only shot them a few times but even she knew these fools were an accidental shooting waiting to happen. She wanted to leave. She actually felt more comfortable with four friends and I shooting rifles and shotguns out in the field than even being in the same room with those other guys.

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