New Picture Emerges of George Zimmerman

imagesA new picture has emerged of George Zimmerman following the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. The picture shows a bruised and bloody Zimmerman, though such pictures do not establish who started the fight.

The picture however will clearly add to the claim of the defense that Zimmerman was engaged in an intense fight when he said Martin tried to grab his gun. The standard remains guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and these photos will be used to create such doubt in the mind of the jury.

The picture was taken by a Sanford police officer on the night of February 26th after Zimmerman killed Martin.

Source: CBS

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  1. Shano, If the photo is genuine, it seems to show the right side of his nose is what got banged up. This would be consistent with the recoil of the gun that was fired with his right hand.

  2. “A 17 year old has an advantage over an older guy. You slow down when you hit age 30. And get slower thereafter.”

    Ceteris paribus. An example of extreme training doesn’t apply, aka Geroge Foreman.

    There’s a lot of emotional baggage on both sides regarding Z v M.

  3. Murder by the free press should be a capital offense. Leo Frank, John and Patsy Ramsey, Paula Jones.

  4. Zimmerman’s big problem is the NEN call.
    He has his story, but it does not match the NEN call.
    The timings of the NEN call and the first 911 call are absolute, as are the words and sounds we hear in the calls.

    There is more to ‘credibility’ than simply not having another person to contradict it.

    He ends the call with a last-minute change from meeting the patrol at the mailboxes to one of the patrol ringing him to find out where he will be.

    NEN call ended at 19:13:41
    First 911 call connected 19:16:11
    That’s a gap of 2 minutes 19 seconds

    The woman who put that 911 call in sounds like she was quick-on-the-draw to call. Even if you allow 19 seconds for her to notice the sounds of a load argument and dial, that’s still a gap of 2 minutes betweem the NEN call ending and the fight starting.

    Zimmerman says he was standing at the East end of the footpath on RVC when the call ended. He says that he started to walk back to his truck then.
    It would take 30 seconds to walk to the point just past the T-junction where he says Martin attacked him.

    Quite apart from the mismatch between the NEN call content and Zimmerman’s walk-through and statements, he’s got a minimum of 1 minute 30 seconds completely unexplained.
    His story is not credible.
    Perhaps if he were pressed on this, he might say that during this one and a half mintes he was “going in no direction” as opposed to “going in the same direction”. He just stood still.

    Flavor of the day is his bloody nose – now brought to you in color.
    So what?
    He was in a fight, he got a bloody nose and some minor cuts on his head.

    His particular gun, even when held two-handed in a proper prepared stance, packs a very significant recoil. “Yup. It’s a jumper!”
    To get that shot in, he would be holding it one-handed and at an awkward angle – right in front of his face.

    His nose was bleeding.
    He says that Martin had a hand over his face and nose, smothering him.
    You can see blood running from his nose in glorious tecnicolor in the photo.
    Why are there no smears?
    Why isn’t his blood/dna on Martin’s hands?

  5. George socked his own face when his gun recoiled.

    He will never, ever tell anyone this.

  6. The primary witness is Zimmerman himself in his non-emergency number call and his walk-thru. His walk-thru and his statements contradict the call in many ways.

    There is a 911 call from a neighbor that captured the screams for help and another quieter deeper voice saying “…f@ck..”. (As in “shut the f@ck up”). The screams stop abruptly at the shot.

    There is Trayvon’s body and the forensics that show that the shot was a contact shot against his hoodie and an intermediate shot against his body. The shot went straight into his body, not at an angle. This to be compared against Zimmerman’s account of him lying on his back with Trayvon on top of him, reaching behind his hip to pull the gun, aim (so as to miss his left hand which was extended in front of him), and fire.

    There are the forensics that show that there were no wounds (except the bullet hole) or dna on Trayvon that support Zimmerman’s story.

    There will undoubtedly be a witness who will testify about the recoil from the gun and the trajectory of the bullet casing and where it was found relative to Trayvon’s body.

    Zimmerman is the only one who can say that Trayvon attacked him and gave him some rather superficial wounds that could have come from other places. Since the NEN call and the forensics say it just couldn’t have happened the way Zimmerman says it did, why believe his story Trayvon attacked him such that he feared for his life?

    One other point that I find a bit scary: Zimmerman’s vital signs were all normal after the incident.

  7. We will never know what happened. We all show our own prejudices assuming we know what happened. It will come out in the trial that we will never know for sure.

  8. Who are the witnesses that are available at trial. Parents can say why Hoodie left the house. Person on phone can say what was heard. Hoodie is dead and aint talking. Then there is Zimmerman who will stick to his story and his photo. No one will testify what was going thru the mind of dead Hoodie.

  9. The kid was taking his dog out for a walk.
    He heard shouting and saw what he thought was one person lying on the ground.
    He assumed that ‘the person’ had slipped and fallen.
    His dog then slipped the leash so he had to go after the dog.

    His evidence is significant in that he says
    – It was really dark. Only one porch light on in the vicinity. This would have been ‘John’s porch. John says his light is permanently on. There is no public lighting in the area.
    – The pair were both horizontal on the ground – hence his impression in the dark of there being a single person
    – No straddling. The fight was not as Zimmerman described.

    In his (in the cold light of day) second statement, John says that there was no MMA-style punching or straddling. He says they were both wrestling horizontal on teh ground. He says it was too dark to see hands or faces. He assumed the one underneath was doing the shouting as that seemed logical to him.

  10. I remember some kid saying he saw Zimmerman trip and fall. Maybe Sling Trebuchet has this statement?

  11. I can’t say that Trayvon didn’t hit Zimmerman in the nose, I don’t know how that happened and there are other possibilities besides Trayvon doing the deed. Keep in mind that it was very dark and the grass was probably quite slippery from the rain.

    Zimmerman claimed that Trayvon was on top of him with Trayvon’s hands on Zimmerman’s nose and mouth. Now with all that blood you’d think that there would be traces of Zimmerman’s DNA on Trayvon’s hands and clothes. Nada. Only one small scratch on Trayvon’s hand, one small bit (drop?) of Zimmerman blood on Trayvon’s shirt, none of Zimmerman’s DNA under Trayvon’s fingernails or anywhere else, and, of course, the bullet hole that ripped through his heart and lungs. No defensive injuries on either Trayvon or Zimmerman.

    If the photo is genuine, how serious is the injury if the swelling has gone down in less than 4 hours? Why no black eye? Why were no official photos taken of Zimmerman at the scene? Why did the SPD allow Zimmerman to go the bathroom and get cleaned up before being interviewed? They were at SPD at about 8 pm but the photos of him weren’t taken until after 11, after the initial interview. Why the delay?

    Zimmerman says that after the shot he leapt on top of Trayvon to restrain him, moving his hands to a spread eagle position. Trayvon’s hands were found under his body by the second officer at the scene who turned him over and began CPR. How did Trayvon’s hands get moved from far away from his body to under it? If Zimmerman thought Trayvon was still a threat, why did the screams stopped at the shot? Why did detective Serino tell a witness that the screams were from a kid that it was Zimmerman who was screaming “help”? (Serino is now on late shift patrol duty.)

  12. Here is what was posted on another blog re: the photo. It suggests that there was no modification. The create date is 2/26/12 at 7:31 pm and the modify entry is 12/3, yesterday, at 9:10 am, by GIMP.

    File Type JPEG
    MIME Type image/jpeg
    Exif Byte Order Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
    Image Width 650
    Image Height 870
    Encoding Process Progressive DCT, Huffman coding
    Bits Per Sample 8
    Color Components 3
    Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling YCbCr4:4:4 (1 1)
    JFIF Version 1.01
    Make Apple
    Camera Model Name iPhone 4
    Orientation Horizontal (normal)
    X Resolution 72
    Y Resolution 72
    Resolution Unit inches
    Software GIMP 2.8.2
    Modify Date 2012:12:03 09:10:06
    Y Cb Cr Positioning Centered
    Exposure Time 1/15
    F Number 2.8
    Exposure Program Program AE
    ISO 160
    Exif Version 0221
    Date/Time Original 2012:02:26 19:31:00
    Create Date 2012:02:26 19:31:00
    Components Configuration Y, Cb, Cr, –
    Shutter Speed Value 1/15
    Aperture Value 2.8
    Brightness Value 1.45021059
    Metering Mode Multi-segment
    Focal Length 3.9 mm
    Subject Area 1295 967 699 696
    Flashpix Version 0100
    Color Space sRGB
    Exif Image Width 650
    Exif Image Height 870
    Sensing Method One-chip color area
    Exposure Mode Auto
    White Balance Auto
    Scene Capture Type Standard
    Sharpness Soft
    Compression JPEG (old-style)
    Thumbnail Offset 712
    Thumbnail Length 5314
    Date Time 2012:02:26 19:31:00
    Date/Time Digitized 2012:02:26 19:31:00
    Flash Pix Version FlashPix Version 1.0
    Aperture 2.8
    Flash No Flash
    Shutter Speed 1/15
    Thumbnail Image (Binary data 5314 bytes)
    Focal Length 3.9 mm
    Image Size 650×870
    Light Value 6.2See Less

  13. Officer Wagner held the photo for 3 weeks. The photos at the SPD were taken about 3 hours after the cell phone photo. Is it plausible that the apparent swelling shown in the cell phone photo would be completely gone in 3-3 1/2 hours?

  14. Florida law requires that all potential trial evidence be released to the public. Names of individual witnesses are redacted, but their statements, including audio recordings are released.

    A black and white photocopy of the above photo was released to the defense and the public in one of the first evidence dumps.

    There is fairly credible speculation that SPD had no intention of charging George Zimmerman, i.e. corruption. The officer who took this photo held it for several days (weeks?) before turning it over. The speculation is that it was used to help the argument that Zimmerman should not be charged.

    If the defense chooses to use this photo in the SYG hearing, the officer who took the picture will have to be on the stand to give the when and where. I expect the prosecution to be able to do an effective job of cross-examination, including questions of the photoshop job.

    There are software tools that can determine exactly how and by what program the photo was manipulated. A couple of computer classes, one being taught by a former LEO are already working on it.

    We’ll have to wait and see.

  15. “Zimmerman followed and confronted Martin, despite being told by a 911 operator told Zimmerman that an officer was on the way and he should not approach the teen.” -CBS article

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