United States Accused Of Fueling Protests . . . By Israel

200px-flag_of_the_united_statessvgisrael1Israeli officials are being quoted today of accusing the United States of fostering protests against the decision of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to build 3,000 settlers’ homes and develop an area of the West Bank. The renewed settlement plans are widely viewed as destabilizing the area and attempting to undermine a viable Palestinian state.

What is most striking is the suggestion that the Obama Administration does not have the guts to confront Israel directly and must politically use surrogates. Five European countries, Australia and Brazil joined other countries in denouncing the move. Netanyahu has responded in his signature way by refusing to yield and going on the attack. His aides have said that the real country opposing the move is the United States. The obvious suggestion is that the Administration does not want to trigger a backlash in Congress by opposing Israel directly so it is using allies to push the issue.

The plans to build 1,700 homes in Ramot Shlomo in east Jerusalem and another 2,600 in Givat Hamatos are moving forward. The Ramot Shlomo development was shelved in 2010 after it provoked a row with the US.

The result is we can now add Israel to Iran, Syria, and Russia as countries claiming U.S. inspired protests.

Source: Telegraph

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  1. That thug behavior should be prosecuted to the max! Thanks for the video; I had not seen this. I’m sending a message to the Embassy about it (not that they listen but I’m used to that). 👿

  2. The answer to your questions (relative to Jewish people) can be found in the Holy Bible, both Old and New Testament.

    Dear Mr. Teji Malik:
    You have asked the question on 1, December 5, 2012 at 8:53 pm
    Why were the Jews expelled or disdained and forbidden to buy lands or other things all around the world?
    Does the fault lie in the world or perhaps the Jews are responsible for this?
    I do not claim to be a Bible scholar dear Mr. Malik, but perhaps you are asking a valid question. I (as you may know, am a Black woman from Barbados, but living here for the past 37 years).
    I do not want to be simplistic and say that the world is jealous of Jewish people: And although there is some truth here, it is not 100% correct.
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  3. Waldo: facts, the truth, nor logic nor reason will convince any Islam-pandering leftists about anything. You did read the part about them wherein I aptly described them as being stupid, submoronic, cretinesque?

  4. If you had only written “Islamo-pandering” a little more, I think you would’ve convinced me.

  5. It is simply astonishing how stupid, moronic, and subcretinesque the Islamo-pandering leftists are on this mesage board. But that isn’t suirprising, since the host of this board is as well.

    I note that Turley, the pseudo-legal-scholar does not dare to tackle the recent Islamo-pandering decision of the US Army Court of Criminal Appeals to force Judge Gross off the case against the Muslim Murderer Major Nadal M. Hasan, who was PROMOTED and PROTECTED by the Army so that he could murder and maim US soldiers with absolute ease.

    (There are already multi-millions civil suits against the U.S. Army for its traitorous conduct and for its “failure” to act on their knowledge that Hasan was an Islamo-Nazi working with his fellor terrorists to commit terrorist acts against Americans–and Turley won’t talk about those either.)

    Thanks to infiltration of Islam-pandering leftists into the highest levels of government, the Appeals Court forced Judge Gross off the case for ordering Hasan to shave his beard. (Hasan argued that shaving his newly acquired beard was against the “principles” of his “religious” cult). The Appeals Court relied on a legal pretext thinner than a piece of paper crushed by a steam roller to remove Judge Gross.

    At any rate, I’m sure all of you Islam-pandering leftists will take delight in the news that one of your own, Hasan, is getting such wonderful legal protection from the US Government, whose powers you want to see even further expanded. Enjoy.

  6. Look up shtetl in Wikipedia. Look up Josephus and the history of the jewish-roman wars by him. Get some facts. They are so available.

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  8. Would it be unlawful (a fantasy) to form groups composed of mixed ethnic minorities to go around to hand out on the street information pamphlets regarding racism and bigottry?
    Each group could contain what was available for the day, each wearing vests clearly identifying their ethnic group: I am a….mexican, jew, asian, etc.
    If need be and lawful they would bear appropriate weapons with written notice on that too.
    Would this persuaded folks to better ways of thinking?

    It might start a useful discussion in the media and other places.

  9. Tej,

    FYI…. If you don’t like Jews…. Then by all means never, ever go to the doctor….. I’ll bet over 85 percent of medical technology is based on something a Jew did…. Take for instance penicillin….. Yeah…. Gets rid of the clap….. Try some…

  10. Tej,

    What about the native Americans here in the USA, the Mayans in Mexico…..the Roma’s in Europe….. Why be exclusive in your narration of Jews…… When a mind set is made…. Sometimes, no one can do anything different….

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