Ballots For Bailouts: Detroit City Council Member Demand “Quid Pro Quo” From Obama

PresObamaWatsonDetroit Councilwoman JoAnn Watson is nothing if not direct. Watson is quoted this week as demanding a “quid pro quo” from President Obama — a bailout for the ballots used to reelect him. We have run a long serious of stories of the meltdown in Detroit — one of the worst run cities in the nation and a city council that often seemed to have more members either in jail or under criminal investigation. Now the council seems to be looking for a bailout and Watson is reportedly telling Obama to pony up.

Watson explained that “[a]fter the election of Jimmy Carter, the honorable Coleman Alexander Young, he went to Washington, D.C., and came home with some bacon. That’s what you do.”

The problem with a bailout is that Detroit voters have repeatedly shown an utter disregard for corruption and incompetence in office. While it is certainly true that Detroit has been hit by forces outside of its control with the decline of the automotive industry in the United States and the economic crisis, the elected officials in Detroit have remained a national disgrace. Giving these officials hundreds of millions of dollars is not a prospect that most people relish.

Source: Huff Post

22 thoughts on “Ballots For Bailouts: Detroit City Council Member Demand “Quid Pro Quo” From Obama”

  1. Darren, Patrick Fitzgerald is leaving as US Attorney in Chicago. Maybe he can take on this third world regime.

  2. How about sending them a payback they deserve: a team from the General Accounting Office and the US Attorney.

  3. The Councilwoman is an idiot, quite frankly. However, America history is replete with examples of the “bacon being brought home”. This has been part of the American Way since the beginning. Both parties and indeed all politicians share guilt in this. Why is the Kennedy Space Center in Houston, for instance? Where she is an idiot though is this is the type of stuff that’s never made public, but is referred to at re-election time. She’s an idiot also for being too honest about her expectations.

  4. They just need to get some Chicago Machine consultants in there to show them how it’s done.

  5. Not that I agree, but comedian Andy Borowitz posted on his FB status: “My wish list: 8 years of President Hillary; 8 years of President Michelle; then 8 years each for Presidents Chelsea, Sasha and Malia.”

  6. Blouise, I got that one too.Had not opened it. There was one from Chelsea, too. 🙂

  7. SwM,

    No … those stopped a while ago. This is just a meet Bill Clinton lottery. It wasn’t upfront … just the kind of thing I was talking about a few weeks ago when we were all discussing who might be running in 2016. Bet this was a see how many responses we get toe in the water.

  8. Methinks the Councilwoman has that backward. Mr. Obama was the one who took the first action, went far out on a limb for Detroit and the auto industry. They OWED him the votes as the quid pro quo for his courage to save their bacon.

  9. SwM,

    Just got my first after-election-fund-raiser-for-Hillary email. Looks like 2016 is a distinct possibility.

  10. Giving a candidate 10s of thousands of dollars in donations seem to be a better guarantee of quid pro quo.
    Lobbyists get paid to cycle money around. This is defended and promoted in Washington, It is the accepted business of politics today.

    Votes smotes. they mean nothing anymore. (or much less than money)

  11. It seems an emergency manager is imminent for the city….. Been getting updates… well as the right to work…. They are both in the legislature for today’s action….

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