Definitely On The Naughty List: Two Men Arrested For Stealing Holiday Deliveries In Long Island

albert-munoz-freddy-benavidesEver wonder what type of low life would steal Holiday presents from people’s porches? How about from an area ravaged by a hurricane? Well, according to police in Long Island, you need to meet Albert Munoz, 21, and Freddy Benavides, Jr., 20. The two men were arrested after an off-duty New York State Trooper saw them allegedly following a UPS truck and stealing holiday packages from the porches and front doors of homes.

The men were then followed to a post office, where police believe they were planning to follow a postal truck for the same purpose. Stealing holiday packages from front doors has become a growing problem.

Munoz and Benavides have been charged with criminal possession of stolen property. Munoz is also charged with the unlawful possession of marijuana. Criminal possession seems an odd charge standing alone as opposed to theft, but I assume charges will be added later. The possession charge may have been the most obvious and documented offense. If these allegations are true, it would seem a case for multiple charges.

Source: CBS


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  1. AY, I had my head up my ass..I was commenting on the Detroit post. I’m getting old.

  2. Nick,

    Unless you’re talking about employment opportunities… You’re geographically confused…. Due Motown is due South and West of L.I……

  3. nick, ups employees in ny are union. in tx fedex employees are not. in nys fed ex drivers are contractors, not employees, with a take it or leave contract.

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