Definitely On The Naughty List: Two Men Arrested For Stealing Holiday Deliveries In Long Island

albert-munoz-freddy-benavidesEver wonder what type of low life would steal Holiday presents from people’s porches? How about from an area ravaged by a hurricane? Well, according to police in Long Island, you need to meet Albert Munoz, 21, and Freddy Benavides, Jr., 20. The two men were arrested after an off-duty New York State Trooper saw them allegedly following a UPS truck and stealing holiday packages from the porches and front doors of homes.

The men were then followed to a post office, where police believe they were planning to follow a postal truck for the same purpose. Stealing holiday packages from front doors has become a growing problem.

Munoz and Benavides have been charged with criminal possession of stolen property. Munoz is also charged with the unlawful possession of marijuana. Criminal possession seems an odd charge standing alone as opposed to theft, but I assume charges will be added later. The possession charge may have been the most obvious and documented offense. If these allegations are true, it would seem a case for multiple charges.

Source: CBS


25 thoughts on “Definitely On The Naughty List: Two Men Arrested For Stealing Holiday Deliveries In Long Island”

  1. I do get it. Saying they are Christmas presents is inflammatory though.
    It just isn’t necessary to add it to the story.
    These 2 clowns have obviously been doing this little crime spree for awhile.

  2. indio007, you’re not really getting it are you………. Doesn’t matter whether they were Christmas presents, what matters is that these two clowns had the gall to do it.

  3. How sad to read this about my former home… Grew up in Oceanside, lived in Long Beach for 28 years……. We had safe neighborhoods when I lived on Long Island. Why has it gone downhill….. or is this just local.?

  4. mattcarmody, I have heard those complaints about UPS. However, we’ve had the same UPS driver for years. He seems happy. I realize that’s hardly dispositive. FedEx drivers hustle as much as UPS, but I think they have better pay and benefits.

  5. UPS expects superhuman output from its drivers. Instead of the natural tendency for the body to slow down with aging, UPS constantly monitors the amount of stops per hour its drivers make regardless of the number of packages per stop.
    If a driver in a rural or exurban area was required to get a signature where previously a drop-off was made, the number of stops per hour would decline and the driver would be subject to punitive actions by management.
    UPS is the worst company for workers btwn unrealistic stop-count expectations and forced overtime.

  6. It would have been fine form for the local police to hold back until the suspects followed a postal service truck and see if they stole any mail. A gift that would keep on giving, that is federal charges from the Postal Inspectors.

  7. Let me guess, they came from dysfunctional families, the devil made them do it–release them and give these two guys to the people they stole from

  8. This is a nationwide trend. UPS and FedEx have asked their drivers to keep out eyes out for being followed and report. I’ve been told they’ve also hired PI’s to follow their trucks for this reason. But, as others have said, the receiver can simply just sign a form w/ these companies that states only deliver if someone is home. That will apply to all deliveries. When I ran my biz[out of my home] I did that w/ FedEx because the overnights I received were confidential. That means sometimes having to go to the office to pick up, but it’s secure.

  9. These guys are really low but I can think of a bunch of thieves who have stolen life savings from millions and receive kudos from their corporate friends and bail outs from us. Lets put the package thrives in the same prison and base the time on the value of what they have taken both monastery and otherwise

  10. If you are sending someone a gift by UPS or US Mail, make em sign for it on the receiving end or pick it up at the UPS Store or US Post Office. This leaving gifts on the front steps is a dumb move.

  11. Nothing like smoking weed and pulling a Grinch on folks. Lock up these budding socialists for a year to think it over, and take away their weed. If convicted, of course.

  12. I constantly have a pile of packages on my front porch as all my kids and neighbors, who are at work during the day, have their packages sent to my address since I’m home.

    I live in a small town with little crime but the big city is right next door and even in small towns the lure of packages tempts many an impulse drive by thief.

    I pay no attention to the sounds of constant opening and closing of car doors and footsteps on the porch between the hours of 6-9 pm. Which, come to think of it, would be the perfect time for a thief to strike.

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