Three Men Charged in Plot To Kill And Castrate Justin Bieber and Three Others

3f1e963e4c0c8291b771a9282817These two men are accused in a truly bizarre plot to kill and castrate teen pop star Justin Bieber. 41-year-old Mark Staake, 41, (left) and his nephew Tanner Ruane, 23, (right) hatched the plan with another man who was a prison inmate with Staake. The plot reportedly involved killing four people in total and castrating them, according to New Mexico police.

The plot even allegedly include strangling them with a “paisley tie” which only reaffirms how out of touch these individuals are since paisley ties have been out of style for years.

bieberInmate Dana Martin, 45, became involved in the plot after being transferred to the Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility from Florida. Martin was serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl and was so obsessed with Bieber that he had a tattoo of the singer on his leg. Staake noticed the tattoo and somehow the conversation allegedly moved from his love for Bieber to “why don’t we castrate and kill him.”

103000It was Martin who is charged with recruiting Staake. The plot even allegedly specified that Fiskars “Durasharp” brand garden clippers would be used for the castration and that there was a bounty of $2,500 on each testicle.

The plot allegedly involved two murders in Vermont and two in New York. However, the two would-be killers missed their exit on the highway and stopped at the border crossing where a U.S. border agent arrested Staake on an outstanding New Mexico warrant. Ruane was then recorded in prison calls to Martin discussing the arrest and how he proceeded to New York with him to put down the “dogs” and go “snip, snip.”

Martin then went to police and ratted on Ruane, who was arrested. It is interesting that it was Martin who allegedly recruited the others and then ratted on them. It is not clear if he realized that the telephone calls were recorded and that plot was now known to police. In any case, it is doubtful that Staake or Martin will ever see freedom. The question will be the length of the sentence of Ruane if found guilty. He did reportedly take steps to carry out the plot and a maximum sentence is likely to be sought.

All three are charged with several counts of conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery.

Source: Star

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  1. All this talk about some weenie named justin. Just In, from New York! The Just Inn has a special on one night stands. You can get a view of Yankee Stadium from the roof but just in the 9th Inning. And so on.

  2. No one has put more impediments in my path than I.
    It was my efforts and good fortune to have come to this realization.
    Two therapists were helpful guides, and many other things. I and my choices are no longer my worse enemy. Fate, fortune, chance, and me driving my “own bus” with my own eyes is the most freeing self determining actualization of my adulthood. WooHoo !! Any ruts I drive into are my responsibility. So simple, it’s my responsibility to drive out of them. …. Of course it’s best not to get stuck in them in the 1st place :o)

  3. Mike, my only excuse for liking the Monkees is I was younger than you when they came out :o). …. I did watch their TV show too!!!

    I have a youth movie story. My buddys and I were all born in 54. We saw The Green Berets in 66 (?) … We all left that movie Gung Ho, America love it or leave it. Then we all saw Easy Rider in 69 (?) maybe 70 Why the injustices displayed in that movie to the guys just exploring and experiencing were outrageous!!! I became open to being anti authority. These two movies really had great significance in my life. ….. and then of course Billy Jack came along. LOL.
    Then the TV show Kung Fu with David Carridine.
    I in my youth saw and interpreted meaning through my youthful eyes and tools of life within me. One of my great advantages was the crew of buddys I was a part of. We all had good ethics. ….. Not necessarily good sense.
    We did seek higher goals and I am grateful for my friendship with them all.
    Archie Bunker, and MASH came along too.
    I no longer have a youthful brain, it is much fuller now. I do recognize that youth sees the same today as I did. Have you watched easy rider lately? I tried but it just did not hold my attention. Yet I did find positive value in it, that authority can be real wrong at times.
    These media viewings I bring up, aided my ability to question and think . My friends and I talked about our opinions and we had many a good discussion. I hope the youth of today experiences similar things.

    The Monkees had their own intrinsic value, but their successful media creation began a huge ball rolling that I see no sign of stopping. The created Idol. The managed celebrity. The prepackaged investment in Pop culture. The media Moguls are choosing the direction of youthful fads. The media owns, controls, and profits tremendously. Where is Kwai Chang Cane when you(th) needs him?

    I become more cynical. I see this exact type of packaging entering the political fields today. This election was one line of BS after the other.
    Managed, prepackaged, controlled, designed, manipulated, all catering to a low denominator.

    The media learned how to make and sell pop stars to our kids. Now they know how to sell pop politicians to them when they grow up.
    PM (Political Motors) is the new power in this country. Don’t ask-We sell- You buy. I hope I am way wrong, but I think the power of a manipulating media is way too sophisticated for youthful minds to easily pierce.
    And the media is getting so rich and powerful, I don’t think they will ever give it up. Billy Jack…..come back…..We need you :o)

    PS. I classify this as a ramble. I needs workins on my organizins.

    1. David,

      I could see how being younger than me when you saw Easy Rider could have made an impact back then. I was 25 when it came out and had already experienced the 3 murders of JFK, MLK and RFK as a young adult. They radicalized me and I’ve stayed that way. I hated the movie’s plot though loved its stars. I liked the Monkees music and watched the TV shows, even though it was a manipulation of artistry.

      Packaging of all sorts has become humanity’s way of life in this information age. However, mythmaking and propaganda are very old manipulative arts, whose effects are more obvious today than in the past because of the technology explosion. In my life I ‘ve been fortunate to allow myself to enjoy pop culture, while understanding its phony underbelly and I see you are in a similar place. That is why I can enjoy some of the crap on TV, while being always alert to the phonyness and manipulation. We need to understand the enemy and to paraphrase Pogo’s Walt Kelly: sometimes the enemy is us.

  4. Having already reached adulthood, isn’t it a bit late to try to make Justin a Castrato?

    I guess this is what happens when you play too many Alessandro Moreschi recordings over prison loudspeakers.

  5. I’ll take a pair of black wing tip shoes. They never go out of style.

    Advice on getting the best shine ever. I bought a nice pair several years ago when vacationing in San Francisco. Just after I bought them, and without wearing them other than to try them on, I took them to a very skilled shoe shiner and bought the full treatment. The result was a beautiful shine. I took them home and worked on them for a while longer until they were mirror like.

    The key is to shine them with a professional before you wear them because I suspect they develop pits and tiny wrinkles that are difficult to shine out once set in. You then get a clean, smooth surface that is easier to maintain.

    You won’t be disappointed.

  6. I have one paisley shirt left I refuse to part with simply because it is ridiculously soft and comfortable.

    1. “As I’ve aged I’ve come to realize that my reaction to certain music reflected my rejecting some out of hand and not allowing myself to listen to it.” = Me

      “Mike Spindell for your listening and music appreciation pleasure.” David Blauw


      I listened to both the track with lyrics and to the video. My critical review is that it was awful. Lyrically repetitive and musically bereft of anything but a driving beat, which led me to a monotonous experience. The language was fine since I’m a firm believer in openness of expression. Now perhaps were I to seek deeper meaning in the repetitive lyric: “Bitches know sh*t and they don’t say nothin”, I might suppose it was an ironic commentary on the fact that most people blow smoke out their behinds when they speak of deeper things. The question though is does the lyric convey to me some new information on the human state, or even Ms. Minaj’s consciousness? Frankly, it doesn’t resonate with me. Only knowing Ms. Minaj by name my mind was open to the tune, but after listening I find I’m not begging for more of her work.

      Compare the production/music of Nicki with Kanye West for instance:

      Kanye’s music is itself is far more complex and interesting and while his lyrics too are somewhat repetitive (one of my complaints about Hip-hop in general) but show a much greater range and depth.

      Take all I’ve written above though, with its pretensions of musical knowledge and the verdict must be that I’m blowing smoke out of my own behind. I can’t even carry a tune and my wife and children long ago banned me from singing to them since I do it so badly. As for playing an instrument I can’t and probably lack the ability judging from my failed guitar lessons years ago. In the end it all comes down to what sounds good to the individual and little else. After all back in the day I also liked “The Monkees”. 🙂

  7. “i would die for hair like that” has become “I would castrate and kill for hair like that”.

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