Everest In Two Billion Pixels

280px-Everest_kalapatthar_cropCheck out this site and see Mount Everest in two billion pixels. Be sure to use the button to zoom in.

This is part of a project by David Breashears, who has already climbed the mountain five times. This is part of a project called GlacierWorks by Breashears, who made the much-acclaimed IMAX documentary “Everest.”

Who needs Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay now? You can get a pretty good pixelated view from your own couch.

28 thoughts on “Everest In Two Billion Pixels”

  1. C Everett, that is so awesome. Thanks for the guidance.

    Idealist, look at the link Everett provided to answer your questions.

  2. In spite of havinng a great orientation capability, for example, can always find my way back to a cactus I peeed on some years ago, I can not orient myself here from words. Other than the tent/cupole camp, I am lost.

    Is it Everest the furthest back between the V slopes?
    Then where is the high camp? Duh

  3. I looked for the World’s Most Interesting Man, but I guess he had already gone to warmer climes to hang out with the babes when this was taken.

  4. My ENT Dr. has climed that hill twice. Don’t know how he does it. I get winded checking the mail! jk Here’s something to try, zoom in real close and tell someone you are looking at an alien landscape or something, then start freaking out when you see people walking. You could probably have someone going for a while!

  5. Juris: Anyone know where to find a good reference in the photo to show the scale of this pic?

    if you look zoom in on the bottom of the photo you will hundreds of tents, some people, prayer flags etc.

    you can also see lines of climbers in various places and one of the higher base camps between the peak in the middle and the “v” below

    here is a link to a post on Fark with a map of the route from the same viewpoint
    the south col route

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  7. if you look way to the left you can see some a$$hole writing his name in the snow. let me see it’s G-E-O-R-G-E-W-B-U oops looks like he ran out

  8. BarkinDog, it’s a good thing it wasn’t one of them flying monkeys from Oz.

    Sadly this species of monkey are nearly extinct. Ever since their owner melted they’ve been dying off.
    I do hear rumors though that Jan Brewer has the last three under her care. :o)

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