Texas Family Captures An Actual Christmas Grinch Stealing Their Wreath and Christmas Lights

g258000000000000000807737d0a11bf609faa9f06a7decc060443ac898Police in Parker County are looking for this woman for a truly seasonal crime: she was caught on a security camera stealing the wreath and Christmas lights of a private home.

Ashley and Jon Starnes were surprised to have captured a picture of a real Christmas Grinch — the seasonal version of a Big Foot.

What is distressing is that the police have reports of multiple such thefts, including one house hit twice.

This picture however is pretty clear and the crime is so notorious that it is likely being shown all over the state. The woman better hope for a Christmas miracle because if she is caught, there is not a jury in the world who will show a modicum of mercy.parker-county-stolen-decorations-2

Source: CBS

17 thoughts on “Texas Family Captures An Actual Christmas Grinch Stealing Their Wreath and Christmas Lights”

  1. OS, As a prosecutor I worked for would often say, “Thank God we don’t have to prove they’re smart, we just have to prove they’re guilty.”

  2. NickS,

    Again a lesson in how to write. Obviously needed. keep it up.

    I meant of course she had back taxes for many years, amounting in total to ones equal to your yearly burden.

    My shorthand writing does not work.

    As for tax collectors, weren’t they one of the despised group that Jesus sat down to eat with, thus saying that they were not to be despised.
    But your hate is based on practical aspects. If I explained my tax situation you would cry.

    And no self-loathing. Not on any account. You’re a good guy.

  3. What a stupid thing to do from the theif’s perspective. Seriously, the value of used Christmas decorations can’t be that much, and it takes a bit of effort to drive around in the middle of the night and take down decorations. Hell, I hate the effort of putting them up. Now, with her prior history, she’s probably going to jail for a while. If you’re going to risk substantial jail time, I’d think you’d at least steal something much more valuable. Oh well, I guess there’s no explaining stupidity.

  4. ID, I would love to be able to collect taxes, but then I would have to hate myself. And, I’m not into self loathing.

  5. And if she has a skipout ex, five sick kids, no food stamps left, and owes NickS taxes? What do we do in that case.

    Be glad it was not a riot over consumerism at the expense of Walmart associates.

    Was this a small portion of media propaganda? A tad?

  6. If apprehended, I would suggest her barrister use the Ambien defense..can’t use Twinkies and I think the nocturnal crime better suits the Ambien scam.

  7. At least the actual Grinch did not have a solicitation of murder conviction, like this thief did.

  8. Query: Does the Texas “Castle Doctrine” apply to holiday foliage? If so, it’s Merry –BOOM,BOOM — Christmas north of the Rio Grande.

  9. AY, Bravo..Bravo!! And if the household makes more than 250k we want one of your cars and your lawnmower.

  10. She lives across the street and did not like the glare. She works for the State Police and needed some lighting for anal search and seizure patrols.

  11. Anonymously Yours wrote:
    She’s just using the governments approach….. You got it I want it….
    So True.

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