Pakistani Mob Beats To Death and Burns Mentally Ill Man Accused Of Burning A Copy Of The Koran

Flag_of_PakistanAnother religious group this month made a moral statement through an act of unspeakable violence. In Southern Pakistan, a mentally ill man was accused of burning a copy of the Koran. A mob proceeded to storm a police station and grab the man, beat him to death, and burn him to death.

We have discussed how Pakistan continues to criminally enforce its notorious blasphemy laws which reinforce the sectarian abuses of dissidents and religious critics. I have previously written out how the West is moving in the same direction. For recent columns, click here and here and here. Pakistan is one of the country’s pushing to make such laws an international standard.

The fact that the man was arrested for blasphemy in the first place should be the focus of the story. Critics have repeatedly objected to these investigations as little more than state-directed mob justice. It is not surprising that when laws reaffirm such religious doctrine that mobs feel empowered. In this case, 200 men stormed the police station in the southern town of Dadu and took the accused man.

The fact that this was a mentally disturbed person did not appear to factor into the religiously pure act of a mob killing for these devout Muslims.

Source: NY Times

17 thoughts on “Pakistani Mob Beats To Death and Burns Mentally Ill Man Accused Of Burning A Copy Of The Koran”

  1. Why get upset with the pakis on this when we will execute or incarcerate the mentally ill….

  2. It is now time to come into the 21st century.

    Disgraceful of this mob. The official response would be all telling of what kind of government Pakistan has. I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Give them billions of American taxpayer money. What is wrong with you people?

  4. everything will be okay when our new ambassador to pakistan, the rev. terry jones gets there.

  5. We are a kinder gentler prison nation that handles mentally impaired folk with either prison, homelessness, or high office.

    Pakistan will never catch up with the dream team.

  6. Many liberals are outraged at this type of behavior and the unbelievable ease with which the so called Arab Spring turned into an Arab Winter complete with Sharia and theocracy overtones.

    I for one believe that Pakistan is not a country to whom we should be gifting with weapons or money. I fel the same way about Afganistan and its corrupt and dangerous Mr. Karzi and Eygpt’s Morsi. No more money for these guys either.

    I am getting a little tired of being lumped in with what you call Islamo-Nazis but as it is Christmas I won’t explode. I will simply ask you to consider that your comments might be a tad over the top, somewhat intemperate.

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and the best of the coming year.

  7. Rule #1: Islamo-Nazis are bad people. Rule #2: When you support Islamo-Nazis and attack Israel, you are supporting Islamo-Nazis. Rule #3: When you support Islamo-Nazis, yo help them to get power. Rule #4: When Islamo-Nazis get power, they will institute Islamo-Nazi policies. Rule #5: Islamo-Nazi policies mean that bad things will happen because of Rule #1.

    I realize that this sequence of rules is shocking to the liberal/leftist “belief” system. But this is the way things really work. Yes, you can continue to support Islamo-Nazis, but don’t expect that the rules won’t apply.

    Thus, while Obama and his leftist minion were supporting the Islamo-Nazis in their “Arab Spring” campaign, the Islamo-Nazis took that as a green light to carry out even more extreme Islamo-Nazi policies. That was a stunning surprise only to the leftists.

  8. Man, Pakistanis should not be allowed to have books until they can handle them responsibly.

  9. Another illustration of the bigotry displayed by the MSM.

    A Pakistani mob lynching a mentally ill man is considered “newsworthy”, but not worth condemning.

    If it has been a western lynch mob, the MSM would have howled about the barbarism/racism/insensitivity of the culture.

    Leftists display their bigotry by applying lower standards to minorities – worse, they seem unaware of this bigotry.

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