Newspaper Closed After Editor Asks Putin An Embarrassing Question

225px-Vladimir_Putin_official_portraitLife under Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to return to the old Soviet standards this month after a Chechen newspaper was closed following an embarrassing comment by the editor-in-chief in the presence of the Russia strongman. Worse yet, people actually laughed when Belkis Dudayeva, the editor-in-chief of Kadyrov’s Path, asked a question that began with “Thank God that Chechnya has now become a region of peace and prosperity…”

250px-Ramzan_Kadyrov_December_2011-1The laughter appeared to have barely subsided when Ramzan Kadyrov (right), the head of the Chechen Republic, announced later that the newspaper would be closed down. So much for free speech and press freedom in Russia. Putin is not known for his sense of humor despite being the laughing stock of the world for his pathetic efforts to develop of cult of personality around his claimed superhuman abilities.

Of course, there is little funny about Valdimir Putin who has stripped Russians of hard-won civil liberties, destroyed press freedoms, reestablished the Tsarist entanglement of the Russian Orthodox Church in politics, and massively increased military spending. It was a true accomplishment for Ramzan Kadyrov to get anyone to laugh at anything during the Putin era.

Kadyrov’s people insisted it was not censorship but that the name of the publication was the problem. Kadyrov was a former Chechen rebel who became the republic’s president under Putin and the government insisted that the publication could not use his name. It just came to that conclusion hours after embarrassing Putin.

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16 thoughts on “Newspaper Closed After Editor Asks Putin An Embarrassing Question”

  1. Now if you ask the omnipresent president of he US an unscripted question….. Is it still true you won’t be asked back?

  2. There is really something to be said about putting warmongering world leaders into a boxing ring and letting them duke it out, saving the countless lives and suffering by the citizens of both countries. If they want to fight, let them alone do it, most I would venture to say would back down; cowards at heart who are shielded by their military.

    Put both in the ring, and whoever is left comes out the victor. He gets a trophy. We have our lives. And frankly, nobody has to care if they don’t want to.

  3. I agree with Working Man lets have a few examples of how Obama has closed Fox News or imprisoned Mr. Allies or Mr. Hannity. Fox News isn’t even a news channel it is the PR arm of the Republican Party but they seem to be exercising their freedom to make things up pretty well.

    Putin is a dictator and we should stop treating him as anything else.

  4. Beverelliee

    Please provide an example or two of how Obama has constrained the freedom of Fox News or Fox News Corp so I can try to be sympathetic to your comment.

  5. Although I completely disagree with censorship, with respect to Chechnya I am not so sure that this powderkeg and bastion for terrorism is the best example to use when trying to persuade anyone that Putin is acting unreasonably.
    Since being given limited autonomy by Putin, Chechnya has a terrible human rights record and it’s government has silenced (murdered) many opposition members, including the press.

  6. Sounds like the treatment the Obama administration reaps upon Fox News. As with Putin, I think Obama should be ashamed. Free press my eye.

  7. Thank you for the article Tony Christmas Eve. It makes me appreciate the country I live in more.

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