Indian Woman Goes To Police To Report Rape And Is Allegedly Raped By Two Police Investigators

India flagAs the government deals with ongoing scandal and protests over the gang rape of a student in New Delhi, another woman has come forward with an equally horrific account: she was allegedly raped by the police inspector after she went to report a rape. Maan Singh, a senior sub inspector (SSI) posted at Akbarpur police station in Ambedkar Nagar has now been arrested.

The arrest occurred after police were told that Singh had brought the gang-rape victim from Ambedkar Nagar to the hotel and was raping her. The victim also accused Inspector AK Upadhyay of raping her.

Reports indicate that the woman was told by Singh that she should accompany him to Faizabad and appear before the deputy inspector general (DIG) Faizabad Range. He then allegedly took her to the hotel and raped her. She was somehow able to send a message to a neighbor. She says that she was raped previously by Upadhyay who is the immediate boss of Maan Singh. The victim also says that she has been threatened not to testify.

The report is of course deeply upsetting but only highlights the continued plight of women in India, which has a poor record on the investigation and prosecution of rape.

Source: Times of India

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  1. NB The raped woman was a student. Many students participated, mostly from the sidelines if coverage shown is to be believed. Inter-religion violence is a characteristic of India, but not only there but even in our own history.
    To say more is not motivated, Just a short list of victims:
    Gnostics, greek academies, hellenic temple worshippers, Cathars, those subject to the Inquisition, and then the endless conflicts between protestant fractions—-stopping there.

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