New Jersey Man Takes Woman Home Only To Wake To Find Himself Without Necklace, Diamond Ring, Cash, and Chicken

300px-Friedchicken220px-Wedding_and_Engagement_Rings_2151pxThe police in Toms River have an intriguing crime on their hands involving a mysterious woman, a chicken, and a diamond ring. A married man met a woman at a bar and took her home where he offered her some chicken and gave her $20. She gave him a piece of paper with her telephone number on it. However, after the man fell asleep, he woke to find the paper gone along with $55, his necklace, and his wife’s diamond ring.

I would love to see how he explained this one to the wife. He says that he just invited the woman home when she said that she needed a place to “hang out” and then fell asleep after feeling ill after eating the chicken.

The suspect is described as 45-year-old white woman, about 5 feet, 3 inches tall, weighing about 170 pounds.

She may be wearing a gold necklace and a really nice diamond ring. Avoid eating chicken in her presence.

Source: APP

27 thoughts on “New Jersey Man Takes Woman Home Only To Wake To Find Himself Without Necklace, Diamond Ring, Cash, and Chicken”

  1. Sure, nick. Blame the fried chicken. You deli guys are all alike. Everyone knows the chicken was just asking for it.

  2. Nick “Mythbuster” Spinelli – Thought you couldn’t say “shit” on WordPress. Nice to be proven wrong, shamus-brother!

  3. He is probably one of those right wing nuts who thinks it ok to trade for some sex while the old lady is off to the Hamptons to visit aunt Sally.

  4. Whenever a man “takes home” a woman and then things happen that he did not expect, I really wonder what he had initially planned. I also wonder why this particular case (it sounds like an opportunistic burglary under $6,000) is so very significant. Is it because of the chicken? Would this have been less newsworthy if she had stolen a tuna sandwich?

  5. Remember John Bolaris, the TV weatherguy, he got taken twice by taking women home with him. I guess men (at least some) never learn. Hopefully this guy did.

  6. Adamo, Don’t give up your day job. You’ll be laughed off the stage as a comedian w/ that lame ass shit.

  7. pseudoidealist: you are so “creative” to “think” of that response. But you’re too dumb to recognize that I’m being sarcastic when I call you “creative.” As leftist extraordinaire, you’d be a mental case if you weren’t so dumb. In fact…..

    You’re so dumb, when you had a brainstorm it was just a drizzle.

    You’re so dumb that when someone told you that we live in the Milky Way… You thought it was the candy bar.

    You’re so dumb, you took a ruler to bed to see how long you slept.

    You’re so dumb, we locked you in the bathroom and you still peed in your pants.

    You’re so dumb, you looked into the mirror to see if your eyes were open.

  8. He should have eaten takeout Chinese. He wouldn’t have gotten so full and fallen asleep.

  9. I don’t think I would have ever told anyone about this if it happened to me. Call me crazy but sometimes it’s best to take your lumps and learn from them.

  10. One example of “you’re better off to not cheat on your wife.” or anything closely resembling.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all. Just like thieves stealing from each other, no honor among them.

  11. If I were he I would have been surprised had she not stolen from him. Guess she was helping herself to christmas presents.

  12. One of the oldest scams in recorded history. The victim was probably a leftist, who wanted to feel “just so good about himself” that he “just had to give comfort to the needy woman.” As leftists now comprise the clear majority of the population, these scams and far worse will be de rigueur. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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