YouTube Sensation Gets NFL Tryout

Havard Rugland_0YouTube has resulted in a range of arrests, singing contracts, and other recognitions for their virtual celebrity status. However, Havard Rugland may be the first to get a NFL tryout from a YouTube posting. The Norwegian posted this video showing his incredible kicking skills. It went viral and now he has had a tryout with the New York Jets.

Kicking coach and former NFLer Michael Husted worked with Rugland in San Diego. Rugland felt it went well — it had to be better than the last season for the star-crossed Jets.

The 27-year-old Rugland would like to secure an NFL contract for 2013. He would not be the first Norwegian to make the cut. One of the three kickers in the NFL Hall of Fame is Norwegian Jan Stenerud who kicked for the Chiefs, Packers and Vikings for 19 seasons. He also was a four-time Pro Bowler to boot.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Nice kicking but in the words of John Wayne in that fine movie, The Shootist, “Nice shooting there kid, but that tree ain’t shooting back at you.”

  2. The NY Jets signed Tim Tebow for publicity and didn’t use him. They are the only team in football right now that believes piblicity is better than winning. This guy might be a great kicker but their contact with him wasn’t about making the team but getting it PR. The owner Woody Johnson has all the integrity and business skills of Trump and also hit a triple when he was born on 3rd base. I should know since I’ve despaired as a fan for fifty years. An exercize in masochism.

  3. Woosty, I’m with you on this. I haven’t watched a game in decades but I would looooove to watch this guy.

  4. ok, I would watch football for skills like that…..and with the Dropkick Murphys playin along…..

  5. I think “of 4th down” should be “on 4th down”. All those 2 letter words look alike. : )

  6. Nick,
    Ray Guy is the only punter ever to go as a first round draft pick. Here is a short video of John Madden advocating as to why Ray Guy ought to be in the NFL Hall of Fame.

  7. OS, I have longed believed that teams don’t compete for great kickers is collusion. Keep them in their place. Don’t give too much credit for winning games but hang them out there to dry when they lose a game. “They’re not football players” mentality permeates the NFL. This keeps salaries down. For what they contribute, placekickers and punters don’t get paid shit.

  8. Incredible control and accuracy. If he can operate under pressure, he’ll be a star for sure.

  9. Those last two kicks would have done Calamity Jane credit. Any team that is not beating down his door with a contract has oatmeal mush for management brains.

    And I agree that Ray Guy should be inducted. The University of Southern Mississippi has turned out some awesome players. Besides Ray Guy, Brett Favre comes to mind. There have been others as well.

  10. Nice anecdote, Gene. I moved to KC toward the end of Jan’s career. He is one of the few kickers who have gotten the accolades from football that he deserved. Placekickers and punters are considered like stepchildren by the nasty owners, GM’s, and coaches. They realize intellectually these guys can win[or lose!] games for you, but they just don’t admit that. There’s a punter for the Vikings[Jan’s last team] that has been fined for wearing a handmade patch on his uniform saying Ray Guy should be enshrined. Of course, he’s been fined. I would need to check it out but Jan may be the only sole placekicker in the Hall. Before the advent of soccer kickers the kicker was often another position player, as you probably know. My take on Jan was he is a soft spoken, nice man.

  11. I met Jan Stenerud when I was a kid. He was (in retrospect) a really good person. It was my 8th birthday and we were having the party at a now long defunct restaurant where part of the deal was an artist made small individual caricatures for the party guests. When Stenerud was recognized, he came over to the table and talked to all of us kids and signed every picture (which the artist drew with football helmets). In today’s celebrity mad culture, I don’t think you’d find many if any footballers willing to spend 20-30 minutes out of their day doing something like that with a random bunch of kids he ran into while having lunch.

    So that being said, best of luck to you Havard Rugland. If you are fortunate enough to get that NFL contract, you could do a lot worse than to follow the example of Mr. Stenerud on how to treat your public.

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