Happy New Year!

Happy New Year’s Eve to all of our blog family. We will be spending New Year’s Eve at home this year — preparing for our annual New Year’s party on January 1st. I will be toasting to everyone on our extended blog family.

Tonight Leslie and I will share our traditional bottle of Schramsberg Sparkling wine. This is my wedding anniversary. Thirteen years ago, Leslie and I eloped on New Year’s Eve after eight years years of dating. (There is an ongoing dispute over calculating the event, I insist that this is our 22nd anniversary but Leslie insists on not counting the eight years of dating). We always celebrate with a bottle of Schramsberg. This was the bottle I bought after we got hitched at Alexandria City Hall. I used my house school ring to seal the deal.

The kids made it to midnight and watched the painful display of Anderson Cooper trying to restrain Kathy Griffin. It turns out the Mayan Apocalypse merely predicted Griffin’s appearance on New Year’s Eve. This included her attempt to throw cash into the crowd – a moronic idea that had to be physically stopped by Anderson to avert a disaster. If this was Griffin’s idea of a joke, it came across as an unhinged, unfunny person trying to fill time. The kids insisted that we turn to NBC instead.

We are expecting 200 friends to share in Wasabi Bloody Marys) and our traditional soup: The Bowl of the Wife of Kit Carson Soup. I have smoked two turkeys to put into the soup. I also have enough Wasabi to light up Tokyo.

Everyone drive carefully and have fun. I will be giving a toast to our entire blog family tonight (and, of course, my marriage).

308 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Bron,

    That arguments are lost by bad evidence and bad logic isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact.

  2. Darren:

    Let me second rafflaw. You find good people where ever you go and your friend sounds like an exceptional one. Please accept my condolences.

  3. rafflaw:

    I had forgotten that we have been commenting since at least 2008! I am getting old!”


    You mean “refined,” my good man. Refined! 😀

  4. Gene H:

    there you go again proving my point. You have your opinion and I have mine.

    By the way, as usual, your logic is impeccable. I have lost every argument I’ve ever lost.

  5. Darren,
    I am late, but I am sorry to hear about your friend. As you suggested, he is in a better place now.

  6. It’s nothing personal though. Bad evidence and bad logic are how arguments are lost.

  7. Bron,

    That you’ve lost almost every argument you’ve ever lost (which is quite a few) being due to having crap for evidence is simply common knowledge among the regulars.

  8. Mike S.,

    Elizabeth Warren said she didn’t take offense when Senator Brown kept referring to her as “Professor Warren” pejoratively during his debates with her last fall. It didn’t work out too well for Brown. I don’t take offense at being called “School Marm.” I take pride in my former profession. I loved working with young children and young adults. It was a rewarding and successful career for me. Nick didn’t have the long career that I had in education. Now he denigrates teachers and the profession every chance he gets. His attempts at insulting this little ole school marm roll off me like water off a duck’s back.

  9. Bron,

    Considering how many times you’ve been pummelled with evidence after making a specious or cherry picked claim, it’s not surprising you’d feel that way.

  10. mike spindell:

    your post at 11:45 am today is an indictment of the entire human race not just of one man.

    Our own truth is as sweet as a June breeze gently blowing through the honeysuckle.

  11. nick,

    You brought up teaching and what you learned from it–yet, somehow, I’m castigated for doing the same thing. I wonder why that is? I guess there are different rules for different folks in the “World According to Nick.”

    I guess I’d be a good PI. I report things accurately. I even provide proof!

  12. Elaine, More evidence that you confuse me w/ being your student, something you have empahtically denied in the past. That’s how you got the moniker, “School Marm”. First rule for being in a hole..stop digging. And, if you read my staterment about empathy, I was not speaking of my empathy but that of others.

    1. “That’s how you got the moniker, “School Marm””

      Who exactly calls Elaine “School Marm” and why is the term being used pejoratively?

  13. leej, I respect you and take your comment as honest. The only difference I would say is I in no way wish to “force diversity” I merely would like to see it encouraged. Otherwise we’re in agreement.

  14. nick,

    My last comment was a lecture? It thought it was an explanation. I provided you with more information on the poll that you had requested. You didn’t do the same for me.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t say how sorry I felt for you because you felt so bad about that past mistake you had made. My bad. I guess we can’t all be as empathic as you.

    Something I learned from my years of teaching both elementary and university students: You always check the sources/to see if there are sources when students write informational reports.

  15. ID I hope the results of the blood test were good and Darren, I am sorry for your loss and that was a lovely tribute.

  16. (In case that may be read as snarky, it is not. Just felt I needed to respond to the issue.)

  17. I learned from teaching and coaching the connection we all make when we are empathetic. I also learned, that while you can teach respect, you can’t teach empathy. I confessed to you I made a mistake. I told you how bad and guilty I felt. And from you I got a lecture. And..I got no respect from you that the info I gave you was reported accurately, and that is what being a PI is about, Elaine. I reckon you’ve never made a stupid mistake. Wow!!

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