Researchers Identify The Remains Of Two Luckless French Kings

240px-Louis16-1775220px-HenriIVThere are two interesting scientific and historical discoveries this week. Researchers have identified remains from both French King Louis XVI and Henry IV. The discoveries began with a handkerchief found in a gourd found in Italy . . .

louis-xvi-execution-e1357165572206It was well documented that citizens collected the blood of both King Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette) after they were decapitated by guillotine. Scientists were intrigued by a gourd with intricate carvings of figures from the French Revolution. Inside as a stained handkerchief. After taking a sample for a known relative of King Louis XVI, the scientists matched the DNA of the handkerchief as late of the monarch. It also served to confirm that the mummified head was that of King Henry IV, a relative of King Louis XVI.

Henry IV SkullKing Henry IV king in 1589 after his predecessor, Henry III, was assassinated by a monk. Henry IV converted to Catholicism and took Paris in a siege. He was quite popular but he was also assassinated by a Catholic fanatic in 1610. Someone then cut off his head which was held privately until 2010.

By comparing the Y chromosome in both samples, the forensic team found that the two men were 250 times more likely to be genetically related than unrelated.

It is a bit chilling to think of someone first dabbing up the blood of Louis XVI and then putting it into a gourd honoring the leaders of the French Revolution.

Source: LIvescienci

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  1. Don,

    I think you’re right. Politics being what it is, it’s likely they’ll just keep doing what they’re doing until the train runs off the tracks. Then the mess is what it is.

  2. Whew, Matt, that’s encyclopaedic. There is not shortage of intelligence to indict the banking industry. Just a shortage of will and integrity . . . and perhaps intelligence after all. But I think it more likely that those in poser who could put the industry’s feet to the fire are rather too enmeshed.

  3. The story of kings is akin (not Todd) to the article on “rugged individualists” the other day. A King is the opposite of a rugged individualist. He is born with the silver spoon up the arse– a “scion” of pure definition. Bobby Kennedy without the mobster dad. A real born Christian, not born again. That a king would go downhill so far as to have a gourd up his arse instead of the spoon is beyond the Pale. The Pale in Europe and in royal talk is beyond the Paletinate. A “luckless” king is a contradiction in terms. A King is born lucky. He is lucky to have a crown, lucky to have servants, nitwits for so called citizens of his Kingdom. Louis was told: Dont push your luck too far Louie. He did not listen to his dog.

  4. DonS 1, January 3, 2013 at 11:49 am

    “It is a bit chilling to think of someone first dabbing up the blood of Louis XVI and then putting it into a gourd honoring the leaders of the French Revolution” (JT)

    Perhaps, but perhaps some of us are a bit more angry than other. at the way the current aristocracy is dancing on the grave of the middle class. JT has previously decried the apparent blood lust to “eat the rich”.which pops up here frequently. I don’t know in what universe one can watch the middle class being driven into the ground and not have complete understanding of the feeling that the PTB deserve to be vanquished, whatever the modern day parallel.

    This is a long article pertaining to the banks. Perhaps this is the parallel, but it isn’t modern.

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