15 thoughts on “Dog Dreams

  1. raff, my lab is the same way. he can run, growl, whine, twitch and scratch and never wake up. but one good fart and he’s wide awake and looking around.

  2. Farts are intentional. Like when some member of the family starts blaming the Obama Administration for the price of gas in Chile.

    That dog is dreaming of a day at the races. His dog is in first place.

  3. Oro Lee-

    Outstanding! That is the exact video I was thinking of when I saw the picture and comment at the top of this story. You saved me the trouble of searching for it on YouTube. Thanks- it’s classic!

  4. My son’s dog would sleep beside him. My kid would dream of something and his dog would dream he was protecting my kid from that same something. I think at times it was a bicycle.

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