Man’s Best Friend Or . . .

There is something fundamentally creepy about this animal . . .

I am not clear if the dog is Satan or showing anti-Satan responses. Either way, I would be sure to rub his stomach on demand.

14 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend Or . . .

  1. My sister’s dog exhibits such duality.

    Her dog is almost always very docile and well behaved, seldom barks or anything. But, when she brings out a realistic looking cat doll, walks in front of the dog and begins petting the cat while saying “Nice Kitty” the dog goes ballistic. It jumps up and down and barks like crazy, it then snatches the cat away and thrashes it around like its most mortal enemy. It clenches the cat in its mouth and shakes its head back and forth and rapidly then begins pounding the cat on the ground like its hammering a nail. It’s quite humorous.

    Take the cat away, and the dog quickly returns to it’s normal, harmless self.

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