The Master Criminal Plan Had Worked Brilliantly Until . . .

GBtVrThis feline felon was inches from the caper of the century when he realized that he had missed on a small detail.

What distinguishes masterminds like Professor James Moriarty and conventional crooks is planning, planning, planning. Of course, if this were a dog, he would have been found passed out from exhaustion after playing with the feather duster at the scene of the crime.

8 thoughts on “The Master Criminal Plan Had Worked Brilliantly Until . . .”

  1. after his last catnip binge fluffly awoke from a blackout in a cheap motel in Albuquerque with a featherduster.

    he vowed never to take catnip from hunter thompson’s house again.

  2. He just opened the catdoor so the dust from the inside where he was dusting would not come inside the house. Brilliant strategy ((*_*))

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