Head Room: 17 Severed Heads Found At O’Hare Airport

220px-Traditional_Ethiopian_pictureThis headline captured my interest from my home town: “17 human heads found at O’Hare; no foul play suspected.” It appears that the Customs and Border Protection staff made the gruesome discovery which may not be “play” but certainly are “foul.”

The heads delivered to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office were still covered in skin. They are likely specimens but it is unclear why they were not claimed. The involvement of Customs may indicate that these are imported heads. If so, it is not clear why our own domestic head market is not sufficient to supply this need and why we are outsourcing our market demand for severed heads. The other possibility is that an airline is shipping the heads to claim added head room in its marketing pitches.

This could also be a direct result of such added head room:

9 thoughts on “Head Room: 17 Severed Heads Found At O’Hare Airport”

  1. just for the record i want to state i have not been in or around o’hare airport since nov. of 1978.

  2. Weird story. You are right Professor that it is an insult that they we have to outsource our severed head business!
    Hilarious video by the way!

  3. I think I would refer to them as “severed souls”. What kind of a society are we that the heads of dead poor people get sold by foreigners to American doctors so that they can play with real dead heads instead of fake dead things? I would like to see a head count of those who comment here as to whether this is civilized behavior and whether or not we should petition our head of state to head this thing off before another one lands with even more non talking heads. They are headed this way. Someone has to head them off at the pass. Two heads are better than one on this topic so please chimine in. Those of you who are Grateful Dead fans have a special insight into this problem since you are already Dead Heads. One would think that after going through a life of risks and near misses and one is quietly passing on into another life safely in bed that the next day some schmuck is not going to sever thy head and sell it to some doctor in Jersey. “Rest in peace” may have been the last thing that these seventeen heard in their lifetimes. How can you rest in peace without a head? Anyone who would buy such a thing and then play with it is a creep. Sorry doc, learn your trade some other way.

  4. These heads were probably first discovered by baggage handlers looking for shit to steal. I had a kid I coached work his way through college as a baggage handler. A good, honest kid who couldn’t believe what he saw.

  5. There were also American heads, from purged Tea Partiers. But they don’t show up on the xray machines, so they got through unnoticed.

  6. Didn’t you have a thread about a Southwest Airlines flight that heads came out of a bag……

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