Making The Case For Breast Control

By Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

ImageThe fight on Capitol Hill for gun control may be just a sideshow to the real threat to male security. Reports from Washington State suggest an even more dangerous weapon of choice. Fifty-one-year-old Donna Lange has been taken into custody for murder. Witnesses claim the Everette, Washington resident threw her boyfriend down in the trailer they shared and suffocated the man.  She was found straddling the poor victim with her ample chest completely covering his face. Lange outweighed her boyfriend by about 20 pounds in case you’re wondering. Arriving paramedics tried to  resuscitate the unnamed boyfriend but to no avail. There was no explanation for the curious smile on his face. (Ok, that’s a bad joke, sorry).

Source: Huffington Post

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

26 thoughts on “Making The Case For Breast Control

  1. “Careful! Those things might be loaded.”

    Or in the immortal words of Benny Hill

    “I bet you don’t get much of those by the pound.”

    Some jokes are breast left unsaid.

  2. I wonder who called the police, what the 911 caller reported, and how long it took the police to arrive. Was the COD determined? Were there any defensive wounds? Do you think the guy first said to her, “What’s your f0cking problem homie?” If she gets charged with manslaughter or murder will she play the sex card? What’s Hannity’s take on this? Was the guy a thug? Did they do drug testing on the DOA?

  3. Many years ago, long before my marriage, I was in bed with a rather large breasted woman, who turned over quickly and hit me on the head with one breast. It hurt.

  4. It was the breast of times it was the wurst of times.

    See, I can do it too. But just because I can, does not mean I should. There is nothing in this article that educates or uplifts society in any way…other than proving the fact that just because you can does not mean you should.

  5. Wow, how fixated men are on mammaries. Not me, but I lie lots.

    At 20 was working summer job, and porkin what I could get in the summer town size small.
    I was on top in the front seat (loaned car), and she was taking it between the mammaries.
    Seems she thought it quite a natural praise and use of her endowment.

  6. On last night’s news it was reported that a man in Canton tried to kill a woman by rubbing a fish on her face … he figured it would work ’cause she’s allergic to seafood. (As god is my witness … I kid you not)

  7. Beverelliee–you are correct; I’m so ashamed of myself and I deeply regret any offense to anyone’s delicate sensibilities. I should have left-tit alone.

  8. Bron wrote:
    I bet she didnt look like the woman in the attending photograph.
    Ne’er a more true statement could be said.

  9. Blouise17 contributed:
    On last night’s news it was reported that a man in Canton tried to kill a woman by rubbing a fish on her face
    Oh the effects British colonialism has even to this day:

  10. Many many years ago I saw a flick called “Deadly Weapons,” starring the unsurpassable Chesty Morgan. In the movie, Chesty played a woman whose husband was snuffed out by The Mob, and she swore vengeance…
    One by one, she lured the perpetrators to bed and suffocated them as only she could do. As each guy expired, the sound track gave forth a peal of thunder.
    Once again, art imitates life….

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