Hello Kitty, Bye Bye Kiddie: Pennsylvania School Suspends Kindergartener For Bubble Gun

200px-Hello_kitty_character_portraitimage4722682lWe have yet another mindless enforcement of a zero tolerance rule. A 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl was suspended from kindergarten after she who told another girl that she was going to shoot her with a pink Hello Kitty toy gun that blows soapy bubbles. Originally, the charge was “terroristic threats” against the student. The Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania reduced the charge but still suspends the kindergartener to end her reign of soapy terror.

We have previously discussed these zero tolerance policies on drugs and guns which have routinely resulted mindless charges and suspensions against students.

imageA psychologist actually examined the girl to determine that she was not a threat — though she does threaten others with spontaneous cleaning and rinsing.

The teacher actually confronted the girl in class and told her that police would be called. She was then “interrogated” by these adults while crying in fear.

Once again, there is no talk of disciplining the teacher or officials for this traumatic and moronic treatment of a young child.

Source: WTVY

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  1. Pete:

    Your comment reminds me of the Simpson’s Episode “Monkey’s Paw” (source http://everything2.com/title/Kang+and+Kodos )

    Homer buys a monkey’s paw that gives him three wishes. Of course, all his wishes go horribly wrong, in particular the world peace one. All weapons and war are banished, which leaves Earth open to invasion from the pathetic aliens with their feeble weapons. Homer gets rid of the paw, and Flanders picks it up and decides to sort things out:

    An alien chases Moe down the street.

    Alien: Kneel before my slingshot, puny earthling!

    Ned makes his wish to get rid of the aliens – suddenly, Moe is chasing the alien, brandishing a board with a nail in it. The aliens are defeated, and fly off to lick their wounds.

    Kodos: Well Kang, it seems the earthlings won.

    Kang: Did they? That board with a nail in it may have defeated us. But the humans won’t stop there. They’ll make bigger boards and bigger nails, and soon, they will make a board with a nail so big, it will destroy them all!

    They burst into maniacal laughter.

  2. OS

    Haven’t read the book but I just ordered it. Sounds like a good read. 🙂

  3. Darren,
    That would be a good idea, but how would you choose between one psychopath and another psychopath. Have you read Stanton Samenow’s excellent book, “Inside the Criminal Mind?” It describes both the average politician and their owners, the banksters.

  4. yep, today a bubble gun, by second grade she’ll have graduated to water pistols and when she’s ten years old, a super soaker.

    best they nipped this one in the bud.

  5. OS, please have them screen them also for having tasers. They are out of hand with the way they use them, and I think many of them should not be allowed to have tasers.

    Eric, what you said is SO wrong! I’ve worked for state government almost 30 years. NOBODY I know at work would even THINK of doing things like this. It’s insane! I hate to break it to you, but plenty of nice, decent, smart people DO work for government. Actually, the people working for govt are just like the people that don’t work for them. We are all in this together. some people are normal, and some people are insane! This teacher is insane! (Notice I didn’t say ALL teachers are insane!)

    I think it’s an act of terrorism against a child for them to do something like this. As long as we have to have the NDAA and no due process, let’s put it to use here! What is WRONG with this country? How can this many people be this insane?

  6. I had a conversation with my business partner today. We are of mixed feelings about requiring mental exams in order to buy a gun since both of us are certifiable “gun nuts.” However, since I have been screening police officers for thirty-five years for fitness to be issued a firearm, we can see a niche for our consulting business. I don’t have any major objections to becoming independently wealthy.

    We would also be happy to screen school administrators for sanity and common sense, but that would be like getting a Navy contract.

  7. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/01/kindergartner-suspended-over-bubble-gun-threat/

    “The mother has tried to get the girl in another school since this time, and they won’t take the little girl because of this mark on her record,” Ficker said.

    The Mount Carmel Area School District told ABC News, “We are confident that much of the information supplied to the media may not be consistent with the facts… The Mount Carmel Area School District takes the well-being and safety of students and staff very seriously.”

  8. Some decades ago there was hope that teachers were finally seeing children not as “miniature adults” but as exploring, growing, developing little psychological beings with emotions, thoughts, a willingness to learn, and a tenuous grasp on “reality” as adults perceive it. Then 9/11 happened and every rational thought about age-related behavior has been tossed into the hopper. Kids of all ages are bombarded by guns and people with guns every day in the news and on action programs. They have little idea what it all means but a savvy adult can gently explain what is good, bad, and useful about them and pretending to have them, Then the kids can say, “Okay, got it,” and move on in theur development. As a young child I lived in fear and those fear-related experiences and their impact never totally goes away. I know it’s asking a lot, but how about a little reason, emotional sensitiveity, and COMMON Sense in deal with children and “gun” issues.

  9. This case makes me think of what I call “cowardaction.” Something real happens in the world that makes everybody feel helpless (a bunch of kids get gunned down in school in Connecticut, for instance) and then a collection of spare a55holes do things THEY THINK or even just pretend address that problem. So some damn stupid moron teacher in another state hauls off and humiliates and terrifies a little girl who didn’t do anything and who doesn’t even probably KNOW about the problem of mass murder in schools. They are cowards who would never take REAL action about anything. It has irritated me the most in the child abuse field. You get, from time to time, a story about some child who is horribly abused and/or killed. Then you get people doing all sorts of ridiculous things THEY justify by talking about the terrible child abuse problem, but of course, none of what they do addresses the problem and the problem continues to get worse while they do all their useless, stupid, mean-spirited, and wrongful “cowardactions.” Disgusting. Even worse, there is often lots of nonprofit and even government funding for the cowardactions, with the idiotic “justification” that it is necessary in view of the terrible problems. Still, no common sense solution and no honest dealing with real problems.

  10. Her family’s attorney says she was at her school bus stop last week when she told a classmate she was going to shoot him and herself with the bubble gun – a gun she did not have with her. -from the linked article

    So she was going to shoot herself, too… with bubbles, for cryin’ out loud…
    What a bunch of idiots.

  11. Hopefully the parents of this girl fight this in the legal arena all the way to the end. Any punishment this girl faces is an injustice. Hopefully the school district will pay out a considerable sum of money. Maybe they will then be deterred from doing this again. But I personally doubt it.

    Hopefully this issue will come up in the next election of the school board members.

  12. Bravo Bettykath! Has everyone gone mad? Kids say and do stuff that would not be acceptable by adults constantly; that is why we ordinarily think the adults should be in charge. However, in this case, the little girl only THREATENED to do something bad to another kid; the teacher (et al) actually DID something bad to a kid. Which one should really be getting punishment? Damn!

    Is there no mention, however, of the rehabilitation needed for the poor neglected victim of this little girl’s terroristic threatening? Why is that kid not being given therapeutic assistance, and why is no foundation being set up to support that child’s recovery? Are we monsters? 😈

  13. My first thought was that the teacher should confiscate the bubble maker, give it back at the end of the day and request that it not be brought back to school. All in a non-threatening tone of voice. Not possible if the offending “weapon” was not even in school.

    Telling a 5 year old that certain language or certain behavior isn’t acceptable is far preferable to moving them to tears by scaring them. Isn’t that what kindergarten is for? Learning letters and colors, etc. and how to interact with other children in a classroom environment means that the teacher is to TEACH using techniques that are age appropriate. If the teacher can’t handle 5 year old imaginations in the classroom without the help of the cops, it’s time for her/him to resign, she/he is in the wrong job.

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