Hello Kitty, Bye Bye Kiddie: Pennsylvania School Suspends Kindergartener For Bubble Gun

200px-Hello_kitty_character_portraitimage4722682lWe have yet another mindless enforcement of a zero tolerance rule. A 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl was suspended from kindergarten after she who told another girl that she was going to shoot her with a pink Hello Kitty toy gun that blows soapy bubbles. Originally, the charge was “terroristic threats” against the student. The Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania reduced the charge but still suspends the kindergartener to end her reign of soapy terror.

We have previously discussed these zero tolerance policies on drugs and guns which have routinely resulted mindless charges and suspensions against students.

imageA psychologist actually examined the girl to determine that she was not a threat — though she does threaten others with spontaneous cleaning and rinsing.

The teacher actually confronted the girl in class and told her that police would be called. She was then “interrogated” by these adults while crying in fear.

Once again, there is no talk of disciplining the teacher or officials for this traumatic and moronic treatment of a young child.

Source: WTVY

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  2. Leejcaroll

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