What So Proudly We Hailed at Beyoncé’s Lip Syncing . . . (Part II)

220px-Beyonce_Knowles_with_necklaces220px-The_Star-Spangled_Banner_-_Project_Gutenberg_eText_21566We previously discussed the insulting decision of Beyoncé to lip sync the national anthem at the Inauguration.  The story has only gotten worse with time.  First, it turns out that the Marine band also faked playing to match her fake singing.  Second, and more recently, we have learned that Beyoncé decided to lip sync the day before after showing up late and not rehearsing. It appears that gig was not important enough to her to either show up on time or work a bit later. It is not the Superbowl after all.

An inaugural official is quoted below as saying that Beyoncé decided the night before — removing the excuse that the Marine Band was caught off guard and yielded to a celebrity conceit. It turns out that Inaugural officials had plenty of time to tell her to take a giant leap off the Capitol Building and find someone who was willing to actually sing at the event.

She made the decision after showing up late Sunday and missing rehearsal times with the U.S. Marine Band. The official said “[b]ecause she didn’t have time to rehearse with the Marine Band, she decided to use her recording with the Marine Band. It was all Beyoncé.” No, it was not all Beyoncé. The Marine Band and Inaugural committee could have refused and said that this is meant to be an authentic and live event. That rather obvious position should have been reinforced when Beyoncé then was able to pre-tape a perfectly good rendition of the song.

I am confused why there is not equal condemnation and discipline for the officials who went alone with this fraudulent performance.

This is an important event for many Americans as the symbol of the peaceful transfer of power in a democracy. It is an honor to appear at such an event. Beyoncé treated it as if it were a commercial take for a used car dealer. It replaced a symbol of unifying patriotism with a symbol of fabricated authenticity — the Disney version of an Inaugural event.

As an avid football fan, I have no interest in seeing Beyoncé perform at the Superbowl. I do not know which will be worse: her lip syncing that event or her doing it live because if is simply more important to her than the Inauguration of a president.

Source: Orlando

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  1. I just feel sorry for her. It was her moment to contribute, to BE THERE, she chose to treat it like she was producing product for customers.

    Like a drag queen of herself. Which would be OK if that were her act and her performance art, but it’s not.

    Like Aretha’s hat – hideous but lovable, memorable and unique – if she’d croaked out a sincere off key forgotten word garble. if she’d done it sincerely and in real time there would be fans for which this would have been their favorite performance. Seriously. To be so successful and talented and yet have no clue, no class, nor manners, it’s just a shame.

    Everyone’s heard a perfect Beyoncé performance. *Yawn.* How about what she sounds like in the moment of national honor, of consecration, secular / interfaith as it is / is supposed to be? I bet she doesn’t lip sync in church…

    In the immortal words of Bill O’Reilly “Do It Live!” (Or don’t F—in’ do it.) Seriously. 50 years from now Beyoncé will remember a fraud gone wrong and a once in a lifetime opportunity missed rather than the experience of singing for all she was worth for good or ill, risking just as politicians and statesmen (/women) should, and how the wee people must do every day. If she ever reaches wisdom with age. It’s just a shame.

  2. Don’t care. Not even a little. Why is this on your blog JT? Are you shooting for Perez Hilton’s audience now?

  3. Actually, I don’t like the Star Bangled Banner and refuse to sing it. It’s all about war. Unfortunately, it’s fitting as our national anthem but I’d prefer a country that lived up to “America”

  4. This is a perfect case to cite as an example of our “knowledge” being a lot like going to Ben & Jerry;s to buy the best ice cream.

    “This is the best, no that is the best, no this that and the other is.”

    According to a certain social science, you gotta trust someone as the basis of your “knowledge”, because nobody can eat all of that ice cream baby.

  5. Anytime you see or hear a Big Deal singer perform and the music seems or is more predominant than the singing, you’re listening to an “entertainer” who characterizes herself as a singer, but is really just another booty-scooting poseur.

    If Beyonce, Britney et al. are talented SINGERS, then salute me – for I am
    a General in the PRC army.

    That is all. The Smoking lamp is now lit.

  6. “This is an important event for many Americans as the symbol of the peaceful transfer of power in a democracy.”

    Democracy is but an illusion so, as I said in the comments section of your first posting, it’s fitting that it would be lip-synced.


    “Lip-syncing is common at live performances”


  7. Frank,

    I think the movie was well done. I’m sure there are other aspects of the Lincoln presidency that should be presented as well. Ted Turner did an excellent job on the civil war as well.

  8. “the Disney version of an Inaugural event.”

    It always comes back to Disney or the airlines for JT doesn’t it.

  9. The performers lip-synced on American Bandstand for decades and generations of americans were able to survive.

  10. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt but this latest bit of info changes all that.

    Just another poorly educated, poorly disciplined piece of fluff.

    Poorly educated in that she didn’t realize the honor bestowed upon her that required a genuine performance and poorly disciplined in that she did not give herself the time necessary to properly prepare.

    The final insult was to Obama but I’m sure she can buy her way out of that by contributing a large amount to his I LOVE ME library.

    One thing I can repeat with certainty … Pepsi ain’t too happy about all this. They’ve spent a hell of a lot of money on the Superbowl halftime show and it’s all centered around her.

  11. Oops. Now CNN is saying it is officially confirmed: lip sync. At least now I can order the staff to stand down from super secret world threat alert and zombie watch.



    Yeah. I’d pay a dollar to see that one too. It would also be great for another reason. I’ve got a buddy in KC that I can’t get interested in politics but he’s got a major thing for Ashley Judd. He just might end up being a C-SPAN junkie if she got elected.

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